Diy garage makeover ideas

If parking or zoning restrictions mean a garage conversion isn’t a feasible way to give yourself some additional living space, consider a diverse renovation to add a room to your home.

Options include:

  1. A basement remodel.You’re still working with an existing structure, so you’ll still save money. However, converting your basement will mean potentially giving up even more storage space than converting your garage.
  2. An attic conversion. If zoning or building codes prevent you from converting your garage, check out your attic. There, you’ll own the ability to add ceiling height if needed while still saving money by working in an existing space.

Questions to Enquire Before a Garage Makeover

Before you start tearing off your garage door, enquire yourself a few questions to make certain a garage conversion is the best option for your home.

When is Converting Garage to a Room a Excellent Option?

If you’re looking to add living space to your home without starting from scratch, converting a garage to a room is an option to consider.

A garage remodel is the correct option for your home, if:

  1. The garage door is easily replaceable for your space: Will your new living space permit for patio doors or an additional entrance where the overhead door used to be? If not, make certain you can mix the new wall into your current home exterior and create a wall that doesn’t glance love it used to be a garage.
  2. Heating and cooling is in your budget: To hold costs below, discover out if your current HVAC system will support an additional room.

    If so, you can expand the ventilation to cover the garage. If not, you can update the system or purchase an independent system to provide a heating solution in the garage, but you’ll need to make certain you can afford one of these options.

  3. Plumbing is accessible (if necessary): If you’re hoping to add a bathroom or kitchenette to make your garage conversion project into an in-law suite or apartment, start with contacting a plumber. Adding plumbing lines, specifically drainage, is often the most expensive part of a garage makeover and could be exterior your budget.
  4. Adequate parking and storage are available elsewhere: Converting your garage means permanently eliminating parking and storage.

    Turning the garage into additional space will not be worth the investment if you no longer own a put for your lawn mower, toolbox or own insufficient or unreliable parking.

Because our home is little, converting the garage would mean losing storage space to acquire living space.

Diy garage makeover ideas

After much consideration, we decided the additional living space was more significant to us. The large benefit of doing so was adding the additional living space. As my children got older, having the garage serve as a family room gave them space to own friends over away from the main living room.

Roxanne Kwiecinski | The Honeycomb Home

Is a Permit Required to Convert a Garage?

Since you are changing how the space will be used, you will most likely need building permits, though this can vary by location.

Diy garage makeover ideas

To apply for garage conversion permits, contact your city’s Zoning Department for more information. You may need to work with an architect to provide a proposed floor plan when applying for a permit.

Permits will ensure your plans meet building codes and local ordinances for living spaces. Building codes may dictate the minimum number of windows in a space, the number of exits and entrances, the height of the ceiling, the number of outlets and other factors.

If you cannot meet any of these requirements, you may be capable to apply for a variance depending on the issue.

Garage conversion permits can range in cost, but the average price is often between $1, and $1, Expect to pay more if you need to apply for a variance.

Be aware, some city ordinances or home owner associations may require a certain quantity of covered parking that could prevent you from converting your garage.

If your space requires a permit, it will also require an inspection at the finish of the renovation to make certain you own met every building code and zoning requirements.

“We did need a permit.

Numerous townships will not permit garage conversions. At the time, ours did but theyve since changed it. We were grandfathered in because we were allowed to at the time we did it.”

Roxanne Kwiecinski | The Honeycomb Home

Does Converting a Garage Add Worth to Your Home?

As endless as a garage conversion is done correctly, with permits and obeying building codes, it will add worth to your home. The worth itself depends on how seamless the conversion is and the type of room you build.

Typically, you can expect to recoup about 80 percent of the project cost in home value.

A garage remodel can be detrimental to your home worth if:

  1. Your neighborhood requires covered parking or limits highway parking.

    If lacking a garage will make parking complicated, it will lower your sale price.

  2. The project is completed illegally or without permits. While permits may seem love a hassle upfront, they will assist to increase the project’s worth in the endless run.
  3. The project eliminates necessary storage. If your home is already short on storage, removing the garage will only exacerbate the problem and potentially lower the sale price.

What Type of Room Can a Garage Become?

Your project is completely customizable. As endless as you obey building code requirements, you can create any type of living space with your garage remodel. Depending on the zoning of your home, you may hit more hurdles when attempting to build an independent living space, such as an apartment, than you will when converting your garage into a single room.

Garage conversion ideas include:

  1. Playroom
  2. Studio Apartment or In-law Suite
  3. Office
  4. Bedroom
  5. Art studio
  6. Family room

The only limitations you own when converting your garage to living space are those set upon you by local regulations and budgetary restrictions.

How Much Does a DIY Garage Conversion Cost?

The average cost of a garage conversion is between $6, and $19,, according to HomeAdvisor.

The entire cost will depend on the size of your garage, the type of room you are constructing and the quantity of professional contracting assistance you need. A garage can be turned into a simple bedroom or living space for as little as $5,, but if you require plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen, the project can cost closer to $25,

Renovation Element Approximate Cost
Permits $1, to $1,
Insulation $1 per square foot of wall and floor
Wall framing $2, or more, depending on the size and number of rooms
Windows $1, per each added window
Ducts and vents $ to $2,
Electrical wiring $50 to $ an hour
Plumbing $ to $1,
Dumpster rental for waste removal $, average cost for a 20 yard dumpster rental

The day job

If you’re looking for a mid-level DIY job,redecorating your child’s bedroomis the perfect task.

You can paint, create a feature wall that children can assist to design or build a little storage space to tidy up toys.

The minute makeover

Painting doesn’t own to be a endless, messy affair, thanks toa handy tinfoil trick. Before you give your wall or fence the once over, simply line your paint tray with tinfoil and fill your tray up with paint.

Diy garage makeover ideas

When you’re done, remove the foil – no messy washing out needed.

The one-hour job

Creating a featurewall is a enjoyment and simple DIY occupation where you can be a little playful. By hanging up a cluster of pictureframes you can add a new dimension to a room in less than 60 minutes. There are plenty of other grand ways to bring your walls to life, from painting your ownblackboard calendartobuilding a colourful storage wall.

Ready to Start Your Garage Remodel?

Before making a final call, consult with contractors and other professionals to determine whether a garage conversion is the best way to achieve your space-enhancing goals efficiently, safely and with the worth of your home intact.

Then, get started on your renovation by cleaning out your garage.

After years of neglect, you’ve finally decided to give your garage a much-needed DIY makeover.

Yes, it can feel rewarding when you’ve completed a home improvement project yourself, but beware.

Although you may consider yourself the handy type, doing a DIY garage makeover is a bad thought for a number of reasons. And if you’re every thumbs when it comes to using tools, tackling a DIY garage makeover is a downright terrible thought.

Diy garage makeover ideas

Here’s five reasons why.

A DIY garage makeover requires expertise

Even if you’re confident that your skills will enable you to successfully finish a DIY garage makeover, it’s highly likely you’ll discover yourself out of your depth. Browsing online home improvement forums and watching instructional YouTube videos will only get you so far.

They’re simply no substitute for the vast quantity of experience a garage makeover specialist love Garage Living has. We’ve completed thousands of garage makeover projects throughout North America since During that time, we’ve encountered just about any potential problem one could face when doing a garage makeover.

We also know how to make certain every aspects of your garage project are safely installed.

You’ll miss out on grand garage storage and organization solutions

Part of Garage Living’s expertise includes knowing which high quality products to carry and use in our projects. Your DIY garage makeover experience would probably involve using products purchased from a large box store.

Diy garage makeover ideas

They won’t own the same level of quality as our products, in terms of construction materials, craftsmanship, and longevity. That puts you at a disadvantage before you’ve even attempted installing anything for your DIY garage makeover.

Our garage professionals can also propose storage and organization ideas you’re probably not even aware of. For example:

Your garage cabinets and specialty storage racks need to maximize space and be safely hung

Adding garage cabinets and specialty storage racks and shelving to your garage will be a huge assist when it comes to keeping the garage organized.

You’ll discover that we own a extremely appealing selection of products in these categories, in addition to the ability to customize your garage cabinet system for maximum looks and functionality.

But where’s the best put to put them so that your garage storage space is maximized? What about existing wall obstructions that present an additional challenge during installation? And most importantly, how can the racks be hung safely? Our overhead storage racks can hold up to lbs., so knowing which part of the wall or ceiling to safely attach them to is of the utmost importance.

Floors from a DIY garage makeover won’t glance as excellent as our Floortex™ floor coating

A damaged garage floor that needs to be redone is commonly an instigating factor in deciding do a garage makeover. Applying a store-bought epoxy floor coating during your DIY garage makeover won’t produce the same impressive results that our Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating can. The application process also needs to be done perfectly, otherwise the floor will need to be redone far sooner than you’d love. This is why garage floor coating application experience matters.

Here are some advantages that a Floortex™ garage floor coating has over epoxy coatings:

  1. it can be applied in as little as one day and be ready for normal use by the following day (an epoxy coating can take up to five or six days to cure and dry)
  2. the UV stable topcoat helps the floor maintain its glossy sheen longer than epoxy coatings
  3. there’s more design flexibility to complement your garage decor (choose from 15 floor coating colours)
  4. it penetrates concrete surfaces better than epoxy coatings, giving the floor a higher level of surface protection
  5. it can be applied virtually year-round (epoxy coatings need a minimum application temperature of about ° C)

Installing your own garage door and opener can be dangerous

One of the best examples to illustrate the perils involved in a DIY garage makeover is the installation of a new garage door and opener. There’s little room for error when it comes to installing a new garage door and opener for a few reasons:

  1. the garage door needs to fit the doorframe perfectly to ensure proper operation and optimum energy efficiency by eliminating gaps
  2. a garage door system has lots of moving parts that need to perfectly interact with each other
  3. your garage door opener needs to be capable to handle the weight of the door, otherwise its motor will be overtaxed and own a short life
  4. the garage door springs will need to be adjusted to account for the diverse weight of your new door (adjusting these springs without having prior experience can potentially cause serious injury)
  5. your garage door is one of the most frequently used doors in your home and needs to be capable to handle a heavy workload safely and efficiently

Cancel your DIY garage makeover and select a garage makeover expert instead

Instead of attempting a DIY garage makeover, schedule a free in-home design consultation with Garage Living.

One of our design consultants can discuss your makeover plans and ideas with you. Choosing a garage makeover expert love Garage Living ensures your project will be done properly and with high quality, long-lasting products.

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DIY doesn’t own to be a bore or a chore. There’s a lot you can get done over a endless weekend, so what better time to rediscover your toolbox. Whether you’ve got an hour, half a day or the whole weekend to spare, completing just one of the under tasks will leave you proud as Punch.

DIY has never been so simple or so quick – prepare to feel extremely smug.


Diy garage makeover ideas