Diy garden project ideas

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While a lot of pallet gardens are created within the pallet, there are definitely other decorative ways to make use of a pallet as a garden. In this example, the pots own been altered so they can hang on the pallet and create an eye-catching design. Even if they were just in straight lines, the creativity here is amazing.

Consider painting the pallet and using multicoloured pots, or planting flowers in an array of colors to make it even more exciting when the flowers start to bloom.

You can even cut below another pallet to make a few smaller planters to line the bottom of the larger structure.


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No assembly is required here! You can use a pallet as is, simply adding something for ‘feet’ that assist it balance so it doesn’t topple one way or the other as you stand it on its side and load it below with the hanging pots and plants you intend to grow inside it.

Make certain you face your herbs, flowers, berries, and other growing things both directions, since that’s the whole point of a double-sided planter.

Diy garden project ideas

You’ll get twice the output and twice the beauty, making it four times as nice as a single sided pallet garden.


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Moving some of the boards on the pallet is an simple repair if you’re looking to own a certain style. Larger plants may need a thicker slot, and you can butt two boards directly against each other, covering a larger pot or screen and making more room for your plants to grow large at the same time.

You can locate your creation indoors if you love, on a kitchen wall, or outdoors, against the home or the fence where it may extremely well mix in.

Diy garden project ideas

Just remember to treat the wood if you intend to use the constructed masterpiece outside.


Some garden ideas with wooden pallets aren’t about growing. In fact, there are a grand numerous uses for them exterior of the actual garden area. Attempt creating some furniture for yourself and your guests, using pallets as a base with cushions on top.

It makes a nice seating area, especially when you continue the theme with a little table made from wooden pallets.

Diy garden project ideas

Don’t forget that you can also create artwork with these free and cheap pieces of reclaimed wood, including framing pictures or just painting them. Or, you can hang your herb garden behind your seating area for show!


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Everyone wants their own compost pile, but we don’t every desire to glance at it every the time. Still, you need to access it regularly to add to the pile, and you need sunlight to assist it ferment and stir.

Diy garden project ideas

So, create a compost shed with pallets – you’ll need four of them – and a few other simple to discover, cheap or free items.

Really, you just need some black garden fabric as a liner and some rocks to assist hold everything in put, and you’ve got the perfect little shed to assist ease the glance – and smell – of the compost pile you hold in your yard.


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One of the easiest ways to use ancient wooden pallets in your garden or other outdoor area is to create a nice planter box. This is especially useful if you’re looking to plant a little tree and worry that putting it in the ground will lead to disaster – animals marking it, soil not being firm enough, flooding making the base rot.

By inserting your tree into a pallet made box, you make certain that it’s in a healthy put with nutrient wealthy soil and no chance of Rover coming to make it his territory.

You also avoid bending and kneeling to care for the tree while also enjoying a beautiful wooden addition to your yard space that likely didn’t cost you a penny!


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Strawberries glance grand in a pallet planter, and the planter is simple to make. You can tug off individual boards and cut them to size, or you can take sections and simply nail them together.

Either way, you’ll desire to make certain to treat the wood if you intend to own it exterior.

Diy garden project ideas

At the same time, this works grand for indoor gardening as well, since it’s little and simple to care for. You can grow herbs in a similar setup, and you may even decide to create a pallet planter little enough to set in your window sills for decoration!


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