Diy gender reveal party ideas

This is a cheap gender reveal option that will photograph well. Purchase pink or blue confetti or DIY confetti by cutting up colored paper. Hand out the confetti to party guests in little bags and own everyone throw it at the same time.

2. Gender Reveal Box

Gender reveal boxes own become one of the most favorite gender reveal ideas. For this, you take a large box and fill it with either pink or blue balloons.

Diy gender reveal party ideas

When you open the box, the balloons will fly out to reveal the gender of your baby. Just own someone double-check that the balloons are the correct color!


Diy gender reveal party ideas

Gender Reveal Cake Pops or Cupcakes

Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Gender reveal cake pops and cupcakes are also a enjoyment way to announce the sex of your baby while serving your guests some dessert. The inside of the cake pops or cupcakes can be filled with either pink or blue cake.

Diy gender reveal party ideas

But unlike a cake, party guests can every participate in finding out the baby’s gender by taking a bite from their cupcake or cake pop at the same time. Use our simple gender reveal cake pop recipe if you desire to make these treats yourself.

6. Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

Like a piñata, a balloon pop can be an exciting baby gender reveal for either a party or photo shoot.

Diy gender reveal party ideas

You can fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and then pop it to reveal the gender.

5. Gender Reveal Piñata

If you desire to build the suspense of finding out the gender of your baby, you can use a piñata and really work hard for the answer. Gender-reveal-themed piñatas are sold in stores, or you can use a box for a DIY project.

Diy gender reveal party ideas

Some couples select to fill the piñata with blue or pink candy, while others fill it with blue or pink confetti, love this couple did on The Rachael Ray Show.

3. Gender Reveal Pictures

Taking a creative family photo is a favorite choice for numerous couples who may not desire to throw a large party. It’s an simple way to announce your baby’s gender to family and friends who live far away because you can share the photo in a card, email or  social media.

Here are a few gender reveal ideas for pictures:

  1. Pose with a pink or blue onesie.
  1. Hold tiny pink or blue baby shoes.
  1. Paint your baby bump blue or pink.
  1. Throw pink or blue confetti.
  1. Hold pink or blue balloons.
  1. Blow a pink or blue bubble with bubblegum.
  • Hold a cute or amusing gender reveal sign and circle the correct gender.

    Diy gender reveal party ideas

    Favorite sayings include:

    1. Staches or Lashes?
    2. He or She?
    3. Lures or Lace?
    4. Guns or Glitter?
    5. Boots or Bows?
    6. Rifles or Ruffles?
    7. Buck or Doe?
    8. Hair Bow or Bow Tie?
    9. Touchdowns or Tutus?
    10. Little Man or Little Miss?

    1. Gender Reveal Cake

    Eating cake is always a grand way to celebrate.

    Diy gender reveal party ideas

    A gender reveal cake is a cost-effective option because it also serves as food for your guests. You can also save money by making a cake yourself.

    Diy gender reveal party ideas

    To make a DIY gender reveal cake, add blue or pink food coloring to cake batter and frost the exterior of the cake with a gender-neutral color love white or yellow. At the party, cut a slice out of the cake and serve to your guests.


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