Diy gift ideas for halloween

Junk food is one of the grand joys of Halloween for trick-or-treating kids and sweet-toothed adults same, but individually-wrapped sweets and chocolate creates a massive plastic waste problem, and when packed with palm oil, this leads to a destructive impact on animal habitats. This year, attempt and source sweets wrapped in recyclable paper (or even make your own package-free sustainable halloween treats), and check out this list of UK products without palm oil.

You can take your eco-friendly Halloween a step further and purchase ‘accidentally vegan’ candy love Jelly Tots, Skittles, Millions, Starbursts and Veggie Percy Pigs.

Attempt ethical Fairtrade chocolate too so you can ensure cocoa farmers weren’t exploited. Waitrose, Co-Op and M&S use exclusively fairtrade cocoa for every their own-brand products as well as brands love love DIvine and Green & Black’s, and Holland & Barrett stocks a range of fairtrade Halloween-friendly treats.

Halloween might not be the first holiday you associate with present giving, but there are plenty of reasons to surprise someone with a little something-something during this hauntingly enjoyment time of year. Maybe your best friend is obsessedwith the holiday, maybe you’re throwing a party and desire to give out little gifts and party favors, or maybe you’re going to one and desire to bring a hostess present.

In any case, these finds are scary excellent. No tricks, just treats, for everyone—vampires, skeletons, ghosts, and ghouls included—on your list.

1Witch’s Cauldron Bath Bomb



Give this to someone who loves conjuring up a little relaxation time.

2Mini Ghost Candle



Couldn’t you just die over how cute these little ghost candles are?

3Book of Spells Zipper Pouch


This scary little pouch is perfect for holding makeup, pencils, and more.

4Skeleton Initial Bookmark



Any avid reader-slash-Halloween lover will appreciate this skeleton bookmark that’s personalized with their initial.

5Scented Cauldron Soy Candle



This stunning candle comes in a mini cauldron instead of a jar and has six diverse scents to select from.

6Graveyard Heart Soap


This heart-shaped bar soap features a detailed skeleton hand on top for some added creepiness.

7Jack-o-Lantern Succulent Planter



Add a little succulent to this3D-printed jack-o-lantern planter, and it makes an adorable gift.

8Black Cat Skeleton Candle



When this geometric black cat-shaped candle burns, it reveals a metal cat skeleton inside.

9Chocolate Skull Lollipops



Nothing says Halloween love some fancy chocolate skull lollipops, am I right?

10Witch Cap Incense Holder

Jarmél By Jarmel



Anyone who enjoys burning incense will appreciate this witch hat-shaped incense holder that’s honestly cute enough to use year-round.

Oh, and the top is removable, too.

11Horror Shot Glasses Set



Classic horror movie buffs will love these handmade shot glasses.

12’Drink Up Witches’ Wine Present Bag


If you’re gifting wine, give it a Halloween upgrade with this festive drawstring bag.

13Halloween Treats Present Basket



Agift basket full of Halloween-themed treats is always a excellent idea.

14Skull Jar Boiling Sauce


Turn up the heat with this boiling sauce that comes in a extremely Halloween-friendly skull jar.

15Solid Chocolate Gothic Brooches



These brooches are so detailed, people won’t even realize they’re chocolate—but that just makes them cooler.

16Hand-Stamped «Magic Potion» Coffee Spoon



This hand-stamped coffee spoon will make every coffee drinker’s morning a little bit more magical.

17Skull Rocks Cocktail Glass



The perfect, on-season present for any cocktail connoisseur.

18Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Portable Charger

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Diy present ideas for halloween

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Happy Halloween! With the scary celebration just weeks away, check out our ultimate guide to a sustainable Halloween.

Disposable decorations. Plastic wrapped candy.

Diy present ideas for halloween

Polyester costumes you only wear once. Celebrating Halloween can own a surprising impact on the environment. Can we make Halloween green?

What’s the Environmental Impact of Halloween?

Here’s a really scary tale consumers are expected to spend over £ million on Halloween products in the UK alone, most of which are costumes and accessories (source).

Diy present ideas for halloween

The biggest problem for Halloween, as for any celebration (think Christmas jumpers!), is that these products are only used or worn at most once a year, and are unlikely to be reused or even recycled.

With the majority of costumes sold in top retailers love Asda and Tesco made from oil-based non-biodegradable fibres love polyester, PVC, nylon and acrylic, the level of textile waste generated by Halloween alone is a huge scar on the already terrifying ,+ tonnes of clothing discarded in UK landfills.

There’s even more to this bad horror tale food waste from pumpkin carving, single-use plastic waste from trick-or-treat sweets, disposable paper, foil and plastic decorations and toxic face paints.

As Halloween becomes an increasingly celebrated holiday here in the UK, here are our top tips for an eco-friendly Halloween this year.

Vegan Halloween Food

According to The Guardian, reducing consumption of both meat and dairy is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your environmental impact.

So, adding in Autumnal vegan food into your diet this month could be a grand way to switch to a sustainable Halloween.

Plenty of classics love toffee apples are generally already vegan, but other Halloween meals and snacks can easily be made vegan, love Pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie, warming curry and chilli as well as biscuits, cakes and desserts. Here are some cruelty-free vegan Halloween recipes to get your started.

Another top tip for a sustainable Halloween and beyond is to stick to local and seasonal food in order to cut below on air miles and avoid supporting chemical-based agriculture.

In October in the UK, bramley apples, pears, figs, beetroot, kale, parsnips and of course, pumpkins are every in season.

Organic Halloween Pumpkins

Millions of pumpkins are sold in the UK every year, but a shocking 99% are used for making Halloween jack-o-lanterns (source). Hit up your local farmer’s markets and greengrocers to discover organic pumpkins; ensuring excessive pesticides weren’t used in the farming process, which own a long-term detrimental effect on ecosystems.

Organic vegetables can sometimes be smaller than the giant, jacked-up jack-o-lanterns, but there are some really creative pumpkin carving ideas that can work for little pumpkins too.

You could even go retro and attempt carving a diverse helpful of fruit or vegetable for Halloween this year!

The environmental impact of food waste is also a large problem so make certain you use the whole pumpkin when carving your scary faces. The seeds can be separated and toasted for a healthy snack, the flesh can be used to make yummy pumpkin soup, and pumpkin waste can be used as bird feed in the freezing winter months.

Sustainable Halloween Costumes

One of the best ways to dress up with minimum impact is to get pinning on Pinterest for Halloween costume inspiration and head over to your local charity shops and vintage stores.

Diy present ideas for halloween

Not only is it often more affordable than a ready-made costume, it is so much more enjoyment to create something from scratch.

From a corpse bride or zombie costume using pre-loved white shirts and dresses, to ratty ancient black dresses for a witch get-up, to simple everyday clothing emulating your favourite pop culture or historical character (trench jacket for Sherlock Holmes anyone?), thrifting has got you covered.

WIth second-hand shopping, you’re helping to extend the life cycle of clothing by saving garments from going to landfill, instead breathing new life into them and giving them a new tale.

What’s more, buying from charity shops donates money to excellent causes, and supporting your local vintage sellers helps boost the local economy.

You could even bring back the childhood classic ghost costume with an unwanted bed sheet. Or step up your game by crafting your own costume from deadstock fabrics, as well as simple household items love tin foil, cardboard, laddered tights, ancient curtains. It’s time to dust off your sewing machine and get creative!

Hiring, swapping or borrowing Halloween costumes from a fancy dress store or just friends and family is another grand way of avoiding the waste of a single-use costume promoting a circular economy model by choosing rental over ownership.

Taking these steps will definitely assist you own an eco-friendly halloween.


Diy gift ideas for halloween