Diy graduation gift ideas for friends

Ive gathered readers etiquette questions about graduation parties and presents. Youll also discover a massiveroundup of ideas for graduation gifts and parties. The roundup is courtesy of Amber from Crazy Little Projects. Her blog is full of ideas that inspire creativity!

This post is a sister post toone with over 1, shares:Graduation Etiquette — The Top Eleven Manners for Grads, Guests & Families. Its the foundation for the etiquette in thispost and somethingyoull desire to read!

Lets start with readers questions about the etiquette of graduationparties and gifts.

After the questions, youll discover Ambers roundup and other posts from around blog land ofstandout ideas for practically perfect parties and gifts!

A Finish Guide to Simple yet Sensational Graduation Party Decorating, Food, and Present Ideas

Here you will discover a roundup by Amber of the blog for everything creative, CrazyLittleProjects. Here she has gathered some of the brightest ideas for giving and presenting gifts to graduates. Amber partnered with her friends from around the blog for this post of great ideas!

I know that youll discover more than one thought that inspires and delights you! A special thank you to Amber for allowing me to share her roundup with you! Three cheers for Amber! Enjoy your journey through her amazing collection!

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

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Its graduation season. Own your local schools held graduation yet? Ours will extremely soon, so I thought Id put together a list of DIY graduation ideas to get your gift-giving juices flowing. Celebrate the graduate with a thoughtful and enjoyment handmade gift.

Give your graduate a candy bar lei to wear during the graduation ceremony. Theres also instructions on how to add money to the candy bar lei.

Present Bottle Set 

A journal is such a grand present for graduation.

Talk about a time in life youll always desire to remember!

Framed State 

The umbrella is handy and the cash is much appreciated.

Taco Present Card Holder

Graduation is a time to glance to the future. Remind your grad of every the excellent things to come with this cute personalized mug.

Candy Topiary

Another grand and classic present for any occasion is a candy bouquet. I love how they used a mug as the base for this one.


Graduates these days own a million photos on social media. Why not grab some of their favorite pics from their profile and cover a notebook with them?

Laundry Gift

Make a wreath out of present cards, encouraging notes and freezing, hard cash.

Graduation Wreath

Save that tassel and display it next to a photo from graduation day.

This would also make a grand graduation party decoration.

Graduation Notebook 

Emergency money theyre probably going to need it!

Graduation Jar 

Make a money lei they can wear during the graduation ceremony!

Adventure Awaits Mug

Cash is the best present, but no need to give it in a boring way. I love this clever light bulb gift!

Candy Bouquet

Give the graduate custom luggage tags and slip them a present card or cash too.

Rainy Day Cash

Your graduate probably has a bunch of shirts from high school, especially if they were involved in extracurricular activities. Turn them into a quilt full of memories!

Candy Bar Lei

Every grad appreciates a present card. Give it in style with this printable taco present card holder. Hilarious!

T-Shirt Quilt 

Can you really ever own too numerous cute ideas for giving cash? I love this pizza box idea!

Oh The Places You’ll Go Frame 

Gather favorite photos and send them off with your graduate so theyll ponder of home often.

Giant Candy Bar Wrapper

This quote from Dr. Seuss is a classic for a graduation gift.

Travel ID Cash

This is such a clever present. Fill each pocked of a hanging organizer with college essentials love laundry quarters, present cards, pens, Tide pens, and whatever else a college kid might need.

Social Media Photo Notebook:

This change jar is perfect for graduates heading to college. Those quarters will come in handy at the laundromat.

Mini Photo Album

Who wouldnt desire this candy topiary?! I would own been the most favorite girl in the dorms if I had shown up with a candy tree!

College Survival Kit

Or fill a water bottle with quarters. Both are super useful when youre living in the dorms!

Light Bulb Cash Holder

Or give your graduate a variety of candy and maybe a little cash too in this cute bottle gift.

Money Lei 

I love a excellent pun and this one would be a perfect present if you own a large group of grads to discover gifts for.

Pizza Dough 

Whether they use it in college classes or just record below grocery lists, every grad can use a cute notebook.

AW-some Rootbeer

Wrap up a giant candy bar and bam cute graduation present idea!

Tassel Frame

Who wouldnt desire a party-in-a-box?

Such a enjoyment present idea!

Hard Work Change Jar 

Is your graduate leaving the state?

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

This present would remind them of home.

Party In a Box

You can never own too numerous tumblers in my opinion and their so enjoyment to give as gifts. Fill them with a few treats, a pack of gum, a present card, or whatever, and you own a perfect present for any occasion!

Emergency Money 

Love this graduation jar and the saying that goes with it.

Water Bottle Full Of Quarters

Another excellent punny present is this laundry present idea.


I hope this enjoyment list has helped you come up with a creative graduation present thought.

Happy crafting!


Graduation is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. One of the best ways to congratulate your friend or family member on their accomplishment is to give them a thoughtful, handcrafted present. It can be hard to come up with original present ideas—you don’t desire to just hand the graduate a check or a copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” If you’re stumped on what to give the young adult who has everything, we’ve picked our favorite unique graduation present ideas just for you.

DIY Presents For Graduates and Unique Graduation Present Ideas

We’ve gathered a unique list of over 30 of the best graduation gifts for both high school and college graduates.

We found high school graduation gifts that assist students with the stresses of study groups and finals. We’ve also included DIY gifts for college graduation, that will be useful to graduates who are about to enter the “real world.” Your graduating friend or family member will love every of these unique presents. We also own an array of personalized present options, from novice to expert craft levels. The following unique graduation present ideas are certain to let the graduate know just how much you care.

Personalized Charm Bracelet

Source: Shutterfly

Jewelry is a sweet choice as a graduation present for girls. Instead of buying something mass produced, opt for a personalized charm to add to a necklace, bracelet or keychain. Every time your new grad is feeling homesick, they’ll own your present to remind them that they’re cherished. If you aren’t crafty, but still desire a present that is completely custom, this is perfect present thought that you can create on Shutterfly.

DIY Tie Dye Bag

Source: Homemade Ginger

This cool DIY canvas bag will bring you back to the ’70s with its tie dye design.

Before you start tie dyeing, use vinyl lettering to record a phrase that fits your graduate’s personality, and then tie dye around the letters. From books to groceries, your graduate will love toting their things around in this cute bag. This is an simple project, that even a novice DIYer will love creating.

DIY Money Wreath

Source: Crazy Little Projects

If you desire to give a new graduate cash, but dont desire to just hand them a check, this money-filled wreath is perfect for you. You can use any dollar quantity that you desire, and you can customize the decorations on the wreath too.

Explore this enjoyment DIY tutorial, so you can make your extremely own wreath for loved ones.

Mini Zen Garden

Source: The Merrythought

Starting in a new school, or living on your own for the first time, can be a stressful time for numerous young adults. To assist your friend or family member relax, give them this mini zen garden. Start by filling a little dish with sand. On top of the sand, put a miniature rake, rocks, crystals, little plant cuttings. The little wood rake is grand for creating soothing patterns in the sand. It instantly destresses the mind.

Personalized Graduation Photo Collage

Source: Shutterfly

No matter if you are creating this for a high school or college graduate, your elated senior will love that you took the time to make a personalized graduation photo centerpiece of some of their best memories.

Glue photos onto papier-mache letters that spell out ‘GRAD’. Then, decorate the outsides of the letters with sparkly sequins. Or, decorate using the graduate’s initials, making it a perfect display that doubles as dorm room decor. These are one of our favorite affordable DIY graduation gifts.

Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

Source: Stars for Streetlights

This homemade rainbow friendship bracelet is both fashionable and meaningful. To make the bracelet, use a leather cord, a few diverse colored paints, and a bead to hold the bracelet together. Explore the enjoyment DIY jewelry project for more detailed instructions.

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

Use diverse colors to match various wardrobe options.

Gourmet Toasted Cookie Dough

Source: Sprinkle Bakes

Is your graduate a genuine foodie? Cookie dough is tasty, but it can be dangerous to eat if there are raw eggs and raw flour in the dough. Sprinkle Bakes’ recipe is completely eggless, and it uses flour that’s toasted in either the oven or microwave. This results in a safe and yummy batch of chocolate chip cookie dough when your graduate needs a pick me up.

Motivational Printable Wall Art

Source: The Crafted Life

This lovely motivational poster can be downloaded for free straight from The Crafted Life’s website.

Print the poster out on a nice sheet of white paper, and then put the printable in a simple frame. Just love that, your graduate will own the perfect wall decoration for their new apartment or dorm.

Caffeinated Chai Tea Mix

Source: Five Heart Home


Are you planning a graduation party? Heres your finish guide to the most often asked graduation party, graduation dinner, and graduation present etiquette questions. In addition, youll discover simple yet sensational ideas for graduation party decorating, food, and gifts for the high school or college graduate in your life.

By: Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor

Whether its high school or college, graduation is cause for celebration!

Both mark milestones on the timeline of life. The students, with the assist of family, own dedicated four or more years of hard work to get to this day. The final term papers are turned in. The final exams are over. Now the only thing due is celebrating!

Its a joyful time, but there are ceremonies, invitations, announcements, parties, gifts, and cards to consider. It can be overwhelming.

Graduation etiquette to our rescue! Here are skills for thegraduateand every those putting the celebration together.

This post shows ushow best to handle the unique situations of graduation, because when everyone is on the same sheet about what to do and what to expect, everything is just so much simpler. And when we combine the trifecta of simple,savvy, and gracious, its a winning combination for grand celebrations!

Graduation Party and Present Etiquette Questions and Answers

Here is a sampling of readers questions about graduation party etiquette.

2. Do you send announcements and party invitations to parents of students in the same graduating class?

Dear Maralee,

I did a search on this query, and your blog came up alas I was still unable to discover an answer hoping you can assist me Is it proper to send graduation announcements to other parents if your kid is graduating the same year from the same school?

We are having an open home the following day, and I own been inserting them in his announcements. Thank you for your advice.


Chris L.

3. May I enquire guests at my childs graduation party to pay for their own meals?


I own a friend who wants to celebrate her daughters graduation with shut friends and family members at a restaurant. However, she wants to be certain that those who attend understand they will be expected to pay their share of the bill.

How can she expression that on the invitation in a way that guests arent offended?

I hope youll own time to answer this question!

Thanks in advance,

April W.

1. Do graduates bring gifts to the parties of other graduates?

Good evening, Maralee,

My daughter graduates from high school in a few weeks. Shes attending almost 20 parties.

Is she required to take a present to each one? Well be broke!


Bethann L.


Good Morning, Gwen!

It’s unhappy that only a few people own let you know their intentions. Unfortunately, people aren’t any better at RSVPing no than they are yes. Here are the current best practices for RSVPing!

A reminder is fine, and yes, you can text or email it.

For those you ponder will check their email, I’d send an email, and hold the group text as little as possible. If you could text each person individually, that would be best. However, depending on the size of the guest list, I understand that might not be possible. Maybe you could break the list into three or four group texts. Some people hate getting caught in a group text and being notified every time someone replies, especially if they don’t recognize every phone number in the group.

Plus, they feel awkward publicly saying they can’t attend.Heres a post with other tips for writing and sending texts.

You can expression your text and email something love, “Hello, Everyone! We’re so looking forward to you celebrating Jane’s graduation with us tomorrow at ___ PM. I’m finalizing the food and other details today and desire to make certain I own everything in order. If you’d be helpful enough to let me know if you’re NOT capable to make it to the party, I’d appreciate it. We will miss you; however, we understand and will be thinking of you! Every my best, Gwen.”

Congratulations, again!

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

I hope that the celebration is as sweet for you as it will be for your daughter!

Blessings galore,

~ Maralee


Hello, Chris!

Thank you for checking out my blog and for thinking of me with your etiquette question. Most of every, congratulations on your sons upcoming graduation! You own much to celebrate.

About your announcements, they don’t go to the parents of children graduating the same year from the same school. The announcement is to share news (announce) something that someone doesn’t know; however, those parents already know every the details.

For them, you can just send an invitation to the open house.

All my extremely best,



Hello, Langly!

Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming graduation! I wish her every happiness in her next stage of life!

At a bridal or baby shower, people open cards and gifts because the reason for the event is gifting the bride or mom-to-be. However, a graduation isn’t about gifts; it’s about celebrating and reflecting on her accomplishment. (That’s one reason why, in our culture, gifts are opened at bridal showers but not at weddings.

The focus of the wedding is the ceremony and celebrating the new couple.)

So, no, she doesn’t need to open, and probably shouldn’t open, the cards/gifts during her graduation celebration. Own a table where everyone can put them. If she does open cards and gifts, she doesn’t read the cards out noisy or mention the amounts of the present cards, checks, or cash received. She would simply read the cards to herself and then tell, “Thank you for the present card, Aunt Sue.” The reason is that you don’t desire someone who gave $20 to feel bad because someone else gave $

However, she should mention the amounts in her thank you notes (and how she plans to use the gifts) so that the recipients know for certain that she knows how much they gave her.This post shares the best practices for opening gifts in front of others.

Youll desire to read it and pass the info along to her so that shes prepared just in case.

To make certain she handwrites and gets her cards in the mail promptly, make certain to hold on to Every cards and gifts. When she presents you with the completed thank you note and the addressed, stamped envelope for you to read and review, you trade her the present for the card. Then, to make certain the card(s) get sent correct away, you drop them into the mail for her. Heres my simple 5-step formula for writing heartfelt cards. And here youll discover another post with information graduates will need: The seven manners of writing thank you notes after already saying thank you in person.

I did this when my oldest graduated from high school.

He wasn’t happy, but he wrote Every his thank you notes in four days. He learned they’re not hard to record, and that expressing gratitude is part of being an adult.

Again, congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming graduation, Langly!

All my best,

~ Maralee

7. Do I give a present to a graduate who is walking in the cermony but not receiving a diploma that day?

Hi Maralee,

I would love some advice on an significant matter of graduation etiquette.

Should you give a present to or congratulate those who will be walking with their graduating class, but the diploma they get that day will be empty because they own not completed every their requirements?

Thanks in advance,

Sandy J.


My graduate doesnt desire a party, and he doesnt desire our relatives to attend his graduation ceremony. Should I veto his wants?


My son is an introvert. He doesnt desire anyone but his dad and me, and two friends, to attend his graduation. He also doesnt desire a party except to go out with the same two friends.

His grandparents who he has always been on excellent terms with desire to attend, as do other family members. He has additional friends that he enjoys being withand has known for years. I ponder they should get an invitation.

Please HELP! I dont know what to do.

Jessica A.


Hello Jessica,

You are not alone.

Its the oddest thing, but Ive received the same question from at least three other parents in the final few weeks. In each case, an introverted son or daughter either does not desire any celebration or wants one that limits the guest list to just a few people.

I ponder its a sign of the times. These kids own grown up perhaps so immersed in texting and screen time that face-to-face interactions are unusual and thus anxiety-producing for some. An introvert would be more likely than an extrovert to feel this way.

Also, a growing number of children are starting to ponder of graduation as no large deal. They define success differently. In our media-soaked culture, a viral video is an accomplishment.

Being discovered on the internet as the next Justin Bieber is areason for celebration. Having , Vine followers is a success. They see graduating as something almost everyone does; therefore, its nothing to be celebrated.

The cause of your son not wanting others to attend his party isnt that hes an introvert. Im an introvert and so is my oldest son. (In fact, there are slightly MORE introverts in the U.S. than extroverts.) We both had graduation parties that included a range of family and friends.

Your son could own social anxiety disorder. To discover out, he needs to be seen by a psychologist.

Now that hes older, more in-person contact is going to be required of him than when he was in high school. In college classes or at work, Im introverted and dont desire to do it, wont get others to change their expectations of him. It will earn him an F in the class or get him fired from work.

The psychologist can determine whether this is true social anxiety and start any treatment so that he can go forward in life without crippling fear or discomfort. Also, if it turns out that he doesnt own the disorder, the psychologist can assist you set up ground rules for his appropriate behavior and get at the root of his anxiety or rebellion in this area.

I would make shut family members, especially his grandparents, non-negotiable at his graduation and the party because part of being a family is bearing each others burdens and sharing each others joys.

They deserve to be there. As far as friends, its his celebration, so on this, I would permit him to include only the two friends he wishes. Limit the party to 90 minutes and hold it simple, perhaps a casual meal at home.

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

Make your expectations of your sons behavior during the 90 minutes clear by writing them out and reviewing them with him. Include, on the same paper, the consequences for not following. (Take away the X-box, the car, etc. for a set period.)

Compliment him on a occupation well done during the party whenever you see him doing something positive. Afterward, congratulate him again, naming the positive actions he took love engaging in conversation with Grandpa and thanking Grandma when she said that she was proud of him. Specifically pointing out the positive things he did will show him that rising to the occasion isnt as hard in realityas his mind made him believe it to be.

I could record much more on this, Jessica. Since graduation is around the corner, hold the party little in number and short in length, and call now to make an appointment for your son to be evaluated for social anxiety disorder.

It can often take weeks for a new patient to be seen. Youll desire to do this before he enters college in a few months or begins a job.

I wish you every the best,



Hello, Bethann!

Twenty parties! Your daughter has a lot of friends, and that speaks highly of her! Graduates don’t typically present each other, so none is required at any of the parties. The only exception will be if you’re joining her. As a parent, if you attend a party, you would bring a present to the graduate.

It sounds love your daughter will be attending these parties without you.

In this case, there are some things youll desire to share with her so she can show her appreciation for each invitation. Shell desire to thank the graduates and their parents for inviting her when she arrives at each partyand thank them for a lovely time as she leaves. She may party-hop when she has multiple parties on the same day, going from one party to the next and staying at each for no less than thirty minutes or so (if possible, one hour is best). She should let each host and parent(s) know this when she RSVPs.

If no RSVP is required, she can quietly tell them when she arrives at the party.

Letting them know will avoid the parents and their graduate from thinking she left from boredom or wasnt appreciative of their efforts. She could tell something along the lines of, Excellent afternoon, Mrs. Smith! Thank you for including me. Im excited to be here! I wanted to let you know that Ill need to leave in about an hour. There are two other parties that I need to attend, and the times overlap.

For any gifts she receives, shell desire to send a thank you note through standard (snail) mail, handwritten by her, and sent within two weeks of opening the gift. Graduates often discover writing one, let alone multiple, thank you notes overwhelming.

Heres my simple formula for making writing heartfelt thank you notes a lifelong breeze.

Again, congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming graduation! I wish her and your family much, much happiness in the new phase of life she’s about to enter. There are exciting things ahead!

All my best,


6. Should graduation cards and gifts be opened at the graduation party?

Is it appropriate to open graduation cards with other family members present? I do not wish for my daughter to do that; however, if that is what family will EXPECT, I desire to be prepared.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Langly S.


Hi, April!

Your friend is going to be a hostess, and a host or hostess always provides for the guests.

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

Just love you wouldnt enquire guests to purchase their meal at a wedding reception, guests arent asked to pay when attending other types of parties, especially those hosted by parents or relatives to celebrate their children.

If she decides to go ahead with the dinner, there is a way to alert guests to the fact that they will be responsible for their meals. On the bottom left corner of the invitation, the following words should be printed: Menu Priced. “Menu Priced” means that the guests will be paying the price shown on the menu for their food. But hold in mind that guests might be unfamiliar with the phrase and surprised (and possibly angry) when presented a tab at the finish of the meal.

A lovely alternative thats also guest-friendly is to hold a party at home at a time other than mealtime and serve punch and light refreshments.

Both 2 PM and 8 PM are excellent times because people aren’t expecting a meal at those hours.

I don’t love being the bearer of bad news. However, I thought your friend would desire to know the full picture so that she can make her decision with knowledge of every the facts. I get letters after the fact from people who didn’t know it wasn’t considered excellent form and are dealing with hurt feelings from family members and friends.

Theyre asking me how to repair the situation. Sadly, thats a situation that has no simple solution.

My best wishes to you and your friend,


5. People arent RSVPing to my daughters graduation party invitations. So I own no thought how numerous people to expect. What should I do?


Thanks for helping me!

We own our daughters graduation party tomorrow night. I put on the invitations Regrets only! I own only heard from about five people who are not capable to come.

Is it appropriate to send a text tonight?

Id tell, We glance forward to celebrating Gingers graduation party tomorrow! See you then! :)

Thanks a bunch,

Gwen M.


Hello, Sandy!

Yes, walking with the class is the same as actually receiving the diploma regarding giving a present and offering congratulations. Those walking are choosing to celebrate with the relax of their class instead of later this summer when they get their signed diplomas.

The school wouldn’t permit students to stroll if it weren’t 99 percent certain that they were going to earn their diplomas. It’s a safe bet that diplomas will follow shortly.

When I graduated from high school, my diploma holder was empty. I had a learning disability in math and failed my final math course. Two weeks later I took a test and failed again. The school granted me my diploma perhaps out of pity, or maybe because my other grades were high and they knew I had put Every my effort into trying to pass.

The grand thing is that after having to drop my first few math classes in college, I found a professor who “spoke” my math language.

I was capable to take everything except statistics with her, and I had a math GPA of (I received a on every test and answered the bonus questions correctly.) Sometimes, it just takes people time to discover someone who explains a certain subject in a certain way. And then the lightbulb turns on, and that makes every the difference!

All my best,

~ Maralee

Italian Soda Bar (From Randi at Dukes & Duchesses)

This post makes me desire to host a party. Today! Marc had his graduation party before I knew about this.

Diy graduation present ideas for friends

However, he will graduate from college two years before Corbett graduates from high school. I love this thought so much that if every goes well, Im going to use it for both. Wait till you see every the photos from what Randi put together. Her Italian Soda Bar is great and will be a hit at your party!!!