Diy gypsy costume ideas

Trendy Halloween

When it comes to disrespecting women, this costume is a double whammy of terrible. It not only reduces women to sex objects, but it makes a woman’s weight into a joke. In the age of body positivity, haven’t we grown past this?

Diy gypsy costume ideas

(The answer is yes.)

A terrorist

Whether it’s a member of ISIS or someone who’s committed a horrifying mass shooting, we can every consent that it is % a bad thought to dress up as a terrorist.

Diy gypsy costume ideas

While we’re at it, let’s cross dictators, love Hitler, off the list, too.

Cultural stereotypes


When someone dresses up as a member of a culture that isn’t their own, particularly in an exaggerated or «humorous» way, it can be hurtful to those who do belong.

Diy gypsy costume ideas

Even if it’s a beloved Disney character (hint: Moana). Skip the thick mustache/poncho combo, the Native American headdresses, the kimono, the — well, you get it. If it would make an offensive mascot, it’s an offensive costume.

Transphobic costumes

Party City

This «tranny granny» costume was pulled from Walmart after facing backlash from consumers who pointed out that it mocks and satirizes transgender women — in addition to using a transphobic slur. But numerous retailers still carry the costume, crediting it as a Mrs.

Diy gypsy costume ideas

Doubtfire-inspired glance.

While this one is especially offensive, any costume intended to insult trans people — such as this Caitlyn Jenner costume from a few years ago — should be avoided.

A Holocaust victim

In the past, celebrities — more than one! — own been called out for dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween.

Diy gypsy costume ideas

Know what’s just as bad? Dressing up as a Holocaust victim.

Diy gypsy costume ideas

Final year, several retailers came under firefor selling an «Anne Frank» costume for little girls. Numerous places pulled it off the shelves after customers complained, but other online stores continue to offer it as «World War II Evacuee Girl» or «Child’s s Girl Costume.» It goes without saying that anyone who went through such a tragedy deserves more respect.

A refugee

With refugee crises frequently in the headlines, there may be folks who ponder this is a newsworthy topic to take inspiration from, but it’s so significant to remember that it deeply impacts the lives of millions of people.

The same goes for any costumes that reference immigration issues — other people’s genuine struggles are not costume fodder.

Diy gypsy costume ideas


Anything involving blackface

Let’s be clear: It’s not — we repeat, not — okay to dress up in blackface for Halloween (or any other day of the year). It’s so simple to dress up as one of your favorite celebrities — no matter their skin color — without being offensive. Let’s avoid Julianne Hough’s «Crazy Eyes» costume and Luann de Lesseps’s Diana Ross costume, okay?


Diy gypsy costume ideas