Diy hair bow ideas

DIY Tulle Bow Tutorial

As I love to tell, ‘Life is a present. Let’s put a bow on it!’

My simple DIY Tulle Bow project is exactly what I’m talking about. A festive bow is the perfect addition to any clothing ensemble, present, costume or even a garland, wreath or holiday tree!

I wanted to share this simple method so that you too can add a bow to brighten any day. I used to sell these bows at my Seattle kids store and families loved they way they coordinated with everything we sold in the shop.

I would make custom bows for guests too while they waited.

Numerous times, moms and dads would come in with a holiday outfit, Halloween costume or dance costume that needed a little additional flair.

I was ready with my bin of tulle, a hair clip, glue gun and scissors as that’s every it takes to makes these tulle bows.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Tulle Bows

Don’t limit yourself to wearing a tule bow in your hair. Now that you and the kids are pros at making these enjoyment embellishments, use them for every kinds of occasions.

Add a tulle bow to any of the following:

  1. Puppy collar
  2. Birthday party favors
  3. Clip these in jewel tones to door wreaths
  4. Wedding and baby shower put settings
  5. Gift topper
  6. String a dozen of these on some wide satin ribbon and string across the mantel for Easter

With three long-haired heads, Scrunchies are indispensable in our home and then they hold disappearing!

I purchase a pack of those boring black ones every month and by the finish of the month, they are every gone.

My kids tell I am the culprit. Do they ponder I eat them. I suppose the floor does eat them;  and from there to the wastebaskets is a short journey, when my hubby notices them he, who does not realize the importance of those little fabric bands named scrunchies. I own solved the case of the missing scrunchie. But I still need them.

I own now decided to stop buying them.

Diy hair bow ideas

I can extremely well make the fabric scrunchies with every my little fabric scraps in every colours and patterns, and not mind much when I lose them. Here is an excuse to make more and more and more.

The best thing is the smallest fabric scrap you own, would still make a scrunchie.

The scrunchies are basically fabric strips joined to form a tube and inserted with elastic. But you can change this basic scrunchie into so numerous styles with simple ideas, which I will outline below

In fact the scruchie is a super simple project that you can enquire your kids to do.

Make it their first project for teaching the kids to enough to do and when they use it they are proud that they made it themselves. They will soon be making scrunchies in every colors to match their numerous outfits

Make Your Own Tulle Bow

There are dozens of tutorials out there to select when making a tulle bow, but I believe mine is the fastest and cutest!

It’s so simple that I use this tulle bow tutorial at numerous of the children’s birthday parties, craft classes and etiquette workshops that I teach.

In just a few minutes, children can make their own tulle bow and wear it at the party too!

There are so numerous ways to embellished these tulle bows as well.

For additional flair, attempt adding:

  1. Jewels from the dollar store
  2. Multiple colors of tulle to coordinate with birthday party colors or special outfits
  3. Silk flowers
  4. Initial beads or a child’s first name strung on a bit of embroidery floss and tied around the middle of the bow before securing to the hair clip.
  5. Felt flowers or butterflies

Here’s what you need to make your DIY Tulle Bow

  1. Tulle — I use the delicate helpful versus the helpful that you can make kitchen sink scrubbers from. The best helpful is on the roll for super ease and speed, but feel free to use scrap or bolt tulle and cut to approximately 6″ wide by 36″ endless for a large poofy tulle bow!

    Here’s the best put to purchase wholesale tulle by the roll at The Hair Bow Company.

  2. Cardboard wrapping frame — cut to approximately 5″ wide that you’ll use to wrap tulle around.
  3. Scissors
  4. Clip — use a pre-covered clip love I did or tug an ancient clip from the bathroom drawer-even use a bobby pin. You can discover these at The Hair Bow Company or another grand resource is the Hairbow Center
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks

Here’s how to make your DIY Tulle Bow

Start by plugging in your glue gun so it’s ready to go and set your work station up for simple work and clean up.

Next, cut your tulle to size or simply open up and prep your spool of tulle (say that quick — fun!)

Now, wrap your tulle around your cardboard frame about times.

The more you wrap it, the poofier your bow will be. So own enjoyment and wrap it up!

Set your wrapped tulle aside and cut a length of tulle about 6″ endless by a few inches wide. If you’re using a spool of tulle, just cut off a little length of tulle about 6″ long.

Now, slide your wrapped tulle off of the cardboard and use the new piece of tulle to tie a square knot around the middle of the bunched tulle.

Make certain your knot is tight and centered properly.

Now, use your scissors and cut the two sides of tulle loop created by wrapping it around the cardboard.

Trim each side of your bow.

Glue the clip on to the back of your bow where you square knot is and let dry.

Et voila!

C’est tout!


How to make  fabric scrunchies 

A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric covered elastic hair tie used to fasten endless hair wikipedia. Just to be clear

What do you need to make the scrunchy?

A little piece of elastic inches long  ( for thick hair double this or use two lengths) Note : The elastic size needs to be tested on your hair. A 7 -8 inch endless elastic is alright for a medium thickness of hair but you may own thicker hair and this would not suffice.

Test it on your hair.

You need a piece of fabric strip Cut a piece of fabric 3 inch 4 inch -5 inch  wide ( depending on how wide you desire your scrunchie) and 17 20 inch long  (3 times the length of your elastic)

Increase the length for more ruffles or increase the width for more thickness. needle and thread, a little pin and optionally the sewing machine.

Idea 2 Lace edged scrunchie

This scrunchie has a lace trim between the seam on the outer edge. This is a basic scrunchie with a slight difference.

Diy hair bow ideas

Before the step 2, ie stitching the endless edges together insert a piece of lace trim ( or ribbon or fabric piece folded) inside as in the picture below

Continue making the basic scrunchie, by bringing the endless edges you own the lace inside, that is the difference.

When you finish making it, you will discover that the lace trim will form a nice frame exterior the scrunchie.

You can collect lace trim before keeping it inside for more frills.

Idea 5 No sew scrunchie

Wouldnt it be nice to make a scrunchie without sewing

This is a no-brainer.

If you would rather not sew you can still make a scrunchie, without the sewing machine or hand sewing. You need some sort of super glue / glue gun for this. Use the super glue to repair the edges ( other than the sewing part the basic scrunchie making steps apply here).

Idea 7 Scrunchie with beads

Beads add beauty to just about anything. Why leave scrunchies behind. Add beads in any way you desire. I own taken the simple way out and just wrapped bead chain around the scrunchie.

You can stitch beads onto the fabric using any of the bead embroidery stitches or add beads in intervals, folding the scrunchie to glance love petals.

If the scrunchie is thin you can even thread large beads with the srunchie before joining the short edges and elastic.

Idea 8 Make Rabbit ear scrunchie

This is made by adding a bow to the basic scrunchie.

To ensure that the bow holds its shape, cut the fabric with interfacing attached to the back of the fabric.

I cut the shape on folded interfacing piece, ironed it to the fabric and then cut the fabric in this shape.

Sew two such shapes together, rightsides inside, along the a space in the middle unstitched.

Diy hair bow ideas

Turn the shape inside out through this unstitched space. Hand stitch the hole

Attach it to the scrunchie with a little folded strip of fabric. Stitch in put (again hand stitch). You can add a fabric bow as well the same way. Checkout the post on making cute fabric bows here

You can also add bows to your scrunchie. Check out the post for making 10 types of hair bows here.

Idea 1 Thin scrunchie

To make a more narrow scrunchy cut a fabric strip 1 1/2 inches wide inches is for 1/4 inch elastic.

Make the scrunchie the same way as explained earlier.

Thought 9 Faux fur scrunchie

For a puffy scrunchie make it with a fabric with grand volume love the faux fur.

Idea 3 Lace ruffle scrunchie

For this, I am using a extremely wide cotton lace. You can use any wide lace or fabric piece which do not fray at the edges or wide ribbon. It should be wide enough to accommodate a channel in the middle for inserting elastic.

You need 2 pieces of lace 20 inches long.

Keep the lace pieces stacked on top of the other so that the excellent scalloped edges are facing to either sides.

Sew a channel in the middle which is 1/2 inch wide.

Insert the 1/4 inch elastic ( 6 -7 inches long) through the channel with a safety pin.

Pull the elastic and stitch the ends together. Now hand stitch the ends of the lace together

This is made by keeping two diverse pieces of fabric strips together. One fabric piece is 3 inch wide and 17 inch endless and the other one is 2 inch wide and 17 inch endless.

Keep the two pieces correct sides together and stitch the two endless edges. This is your fabric tube for the scrunchie. This makes a scrunchie in which one piece of fabric will show to the other side love a frame.

Make the scrunchie the same as you would normally.

Basic homemade Scrunchie

Step 1

Fold one short edge of the fabric 1/4 inch to the inside.

Press in put with an iron.

Step 2

Fold it by the middle, correct sides to the inside, lengthwise and stitch the endless edges  together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

You can use simple hand stitches to sew your scrunchie seams Hand stitches work as well as the machine stitches. Just make a Back stitch stitch or any other hand stitch you wish to make ( You may wish to throw the scrunchie into the washing machine  and then a excellent stitching line will be more secure).

Step 3

Attach a pin on one finish & turn the tube inside out through one short finish.

Diy hair bow ideas

You now own a endless tube.

Step 4

Cut out a piece of elastic 5 8 inches endless  (I am using one single elastic length. If you own additional thick hair, which regretfully I dont, you should be using two lengths of the elastic)

Step 5

Insert the elastic through the opening with a little safety pin.

Pull the elastic ends together and stitch two or three zig zag lines enough that they are secure.I simply tie two or three knots with the ends. This is ok with a thick scrunchie, but with the narrow scrunchies, you will own to stitch.

You can at this point attempt this on your hair and see if the length is enough / large for our hair.

If it is too large cut off additional  ends and tie/ stitch again.

Now bring the fabric edges together ; insert one finish ( the raw edge) to the other ( one with the turned inside edge).

Step 6

Hand stitch the ends of the scrunchie. You can use invisible stitches for this- love a ladder stitch.

You can use diverse types of fabrics to make scrunchies. Make it in in velvet. Black is my favourite as it goes with every colors. You can change its size, shape and style in numerous ways.

Some of them are as below

Idea 6 Make a no-sew ruffled net scrunchie

This scrunchie is a extremely simple project. If you own any sheer or other fabric which do not fray you can make this. I am using a beautiful leftover fabric from my lehenga skirt pattern project. It is a dream fabric which is exactly correct for this one. I suppose you can use tshirt yarn also

Cut 1 inch strips of fabric. I took a length of inches to make this scrunchy ( 30 inch endless 4 pieces which are 1 inch wide).

Cut them further into inch pieces.

Cut the 1/4 inch elastic to 7 inch length. Sew the edges together really well, so you own an elastic band.

Now start tying the short pieces of fabric on this elastic tight tie is enough.

After you own done the tying( make certain that not even a speck of elastic is showing through. If it is, tie more strips to cover it). You can trim the exterior to glance a perfect circle or leave it untrimmed as it is

Idea 10 Scrunchies with contrast bands

This scrunchie is made the same way as the one with the lace trim in Thought 2.

Instead of the lace trim a folded fabric strip is stitched to the inside of the fabric tube seam.

Fold this fabric strip and lay as in the picture above, folded side to the inside of the scrunchie fabric

Come Christmas, your home is filled to the brim with magic and cheer. There are so numerous ways to deck the halls: Along with the garland on your holiday mantel and the Christmas tree glistening in your living room, show off your festive spirit to neighbors and dinner guests with one of these Christmas wreath ideas. While the thought of spending precious time attempting a DIY wreath may seem near-impossible, these easy-to-make crafts prove otherwise. An added bonus: Numerous of these indoor and outdoor wreaths simply give new life to household items you already own stored away or scattered throughout your backyard.

If you’ve always purchased unused evergreen wreaths for the holidays, then hear up: Every wreath on this list will final you for decades to come, which means you’ll save money and time in the endless run.

That makes ’em the best present of all? We ponder so. Now that you own your front door, mantle, and windows out of the way, take care of the other rooms in your home with these party-ready Christmas decoration ideas.

Ribbon Tutus!

How to make your own custom no sew ribbon tutu!

So we aren’t every crafters, but this is super simple y’all!!! You can do this!

Short on time? That’s ok, you can grab our ready made RIBBON TIE TUTUS available!

Here are a few of ours available.

You can Store THE Finish SELECTION on ourtutus page!

Ribbon Tie Tutus

I know it is just now August, but Halloween is just around the corner. Most people won’t start thinking about costumes for another month or two, but if you’re planning to DIY your daughter’s costume, this tutorial will come in handy!

We own done tutu tutorials in the past, but this one is a ribbon tie tutorial. These are fabulous because they are Simple and you can make them any size you need.

This peacock tutu is made to fit a year ancient.

The waist band is 21″, plus at least a foot on either side for the bow.

(To create your own custom tutu, check out our waist size guide!)

I decided to use 4 colors of tulle on this peacock tutu. Purple, fuchsia, turquoise, and teal. The strips of tulle were attached in a pattern, but I did two strips of teal and only one strip of each of the other colors.

You can create your tutu any length you love. I ponder a endless tutu would be absolutely lovely. Instead we decided to do a tiered glance. The length in the front is about 9″ endless, the strips along along the sides are about 11″, and the back is about 14″.

Gather your supplies: Tulle, ribbon, scissors.

I ended up needing a few additional strands from another roll of teal tulle, but you could get by without it if you just add some additional purple or something. Cut your ribbon to size. Use the chart above and add at least a foot to each side.

Cut your tulle to size. DOUBLE THE LENGTH! (For the 9″ pieces, cut them about 18″ endless, etc.) Don’t cut it every at once since you don’t know how numerous 9, 11, and 14 inch pieces you’ll need.

Fold your ribbon in half to discover the middle.

Start in the middle with the 14″ (actually 28″) strips.

Fold the tulle in half and see steps above for the exact way to tie it. Attaching one strip at a time, work your way around the ribbon. Remember that you started in the middle of the back, so you’ll need to attach the tulle on both sides of that middle strip.

You can bunch the tulle knots together, creating a really fluffy tutu. The one pictured above is how it looks if you don’t squish the knots together. Hold in mind that if you desire a really full tutu, you will need additional tulle.

I hope those directions are clear.

It really is a simple process!

Diy hair bow ideas

I hope this inspires you to create something enjoyment for your daughter (or you!) for Halloween. We will own a couple other enjoyment tutu ideas between now and then, so sit tight!

WIN THIS TUTU: Leave a comment on this post if you own a year ancient who would love to own this enjoyment little tutu! We’ll announce a victor next week.

Or grab our ready made RIBBON TIE TUTUS available!


Ribbon Tie Tutus

— Tulle
— Ribbon

This holiday season, I decided to make every my friends and families’ Christmas and Hanukkah gifts from scratch.

This struck me as the best way to hold below costs, reduce holiday waste and give back to people in a way that felt more meaningful than simply clicking “add to cart”.

I had it every planned out. Most recipients would get short stories I’d pen based on a excellent memory we shared. For my mom, a hopeless pack-rat, I’d devote an entire weekend to organizing her closet. My husband would get a scrapbook of photos and ticket stubs from our honeymoon, along with a short story.

Fast forward to a few days before Christmas and I’m in a freezing sweat — both because I own bronchitis, which I certainly didn’t anticipate — and because I own about 15 gifts left to figure out.

The one person whose present I could put off until after the large day — my mother’s — flopped before it even began when I told her my closet-cleaning thought so as to make certain she was OK with it, and she basically hung up on me.


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