Diy hair highlight ideas

Diy hair highlight ideas

I remember my mom spraying lemon juice on my hair before we would head to the beach when I was a kid. This natural beauty remedy has been around for forever, which is a testament to the fact that it actually works! According to Livestrong, when the citric acid in lemon juice heats up in the sun, it opens hair cuticles and lifts out the pigment.

Diy hair highlight ideas

Just squeeze some lemon juice into a spray bottle, dilute with water (3 times the quantity of  lemon juice), and then spritz into your hair before you head exterior. (P.S. If you’ve ever used lemon juice to hold a cut apple from browning, you’ve already witnessed its amazing bleaching properties!)


I’ve never tried this one myself, but if anything I’m certain that honey would be deeply conditioning. As Livestrong explains, honey contains the enzyme peroxide, which is an effective lightener when mixed with distilled water to activate it. Plus, your hair will smell yummy and feel soft post-honey treatment.


Yes, beer.

Diy hair highlight ideas

Beer is another method that I’ve never tried, but I own several friends who own experimented with beer hair rinses at one time or another, and raved about its lightening properties (Refinery29). Use a light beer of course, and just hold in mind that you might not desire to attempt this method correct before you go to a party or get-together.

Diy hair highlight ideas

You don’t desire to show up smelling of booze and own everyone thinking you’ve been doing some heavy day drinking! Bonus: The B vitamins and proteins in beer will repair damaged stands too.

If you’re not a natural blonde, none of these methods are a true replacement for salon highlights of course. But if you’re just looking to add a little additional brightness to your already blonde or light brown mane, these all-natural methods are beautiful impressive considering the ease, availability, and low cost.

Also, hold in mind that you may not see dramatic results immediately.

Diy hair highlight ideas

I recommend repeating these DIY beauty treatments frequently to gradually lighten your locks over time.

Have you ever tried any of these DIY hair highlighters?

Share your experience below.

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There's probably only one person we'd believe to create a legit tutorial on how to highlight hair at home: Kristin Ess, the stylist and colorist behind Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale's always-perfect hair.

If you desire to know the secrets behind successfully pulling off DIY highlights without looking love a Sun-In victim, Ess has a few key tips that will safeguard your hair should you attempt to highlight it yourself. Here, Ess' best advice.

Diy hair highlight ideas

Discover a Bleach Kit

Find a bleach kit love the Flash Lightening 30 Volume Bleach Kit (the kit costs $, which is a lot less than the average cost of highlights in a salon). Whatever kit you select, practice safety first by doing an allergy test to make certain you're not allergic to the product (each box will own its own instructions on how to do an allergy test). And, of course, always wear gloves and hold the bleach away from your skin and eyes at every times.

Diy hair highlight ideas

Style Your Hair As You Normally Would

The first significant thing Ess says to do is to make certain you do your highlights on styled hair. This ensures that you can "see where the lighter pieces should drop with the way [you] normally wear it," she says. Ess also recommends making certain that the sectioned-off pieces you're going to highlight are no bigger than a shoelace.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is another natural hair lightener, said to be more gradual than lemon juice and therefore better for brunettes.

Diy hair highlight ideas

Just brew a batch of chamomile tea, let it cool, and then rinse your hair with the tea following your shampoo and conditioner in the shower.