Diy halloween costume ideas adults

Diy halloween costume ideas adults

How cute is this? Making this will take a little patience, but it’s so worth it. You’ll need a red dress that you’re not afraid to mess up, some boiling glue, and several bags of pom poms. The upper half of your dress will be the gumball holder, and the bottom half will be the pedestal.

Glue on the gumballs, and ensure that there are no empty spaces. Print out a quarter inserter paper online or make one using felt and a permanent marker.

Edward Scissorhands

This classic movie gives way to an incredible DIY costume.

You can stop by your local novelty store and pick up a leather outfit with tons of metal, or to make it even easier, put on a white endless sleeve collared shirt, black pants, and black suspenders.

For your scissor-hands, you can paint plastic knifes silver, use folded aluminum foil, or you can go balls to the wall and tape some genuine scissors on there (just don’t get too shut to people 🙂 ).

Identity Thief

This is hilarious and incredibly simple to make.

Just put on a black hoodie, a black pair of pants (dark jeans would work, too), and a pair of dark sunglasses. Then, purchase a pack of “Hello, my name is…” nametags. Record random names on them, and affix every over yourself.

Sugar Mama

If you’re a mom, chances are, you already own the only two things you’ll need for this hilarious and super simple Halloween costume: sugar and a baby carrier.

Just throw that bag of sugar in your baby carrier, and you’re out the door.

Looking excellent, sugar mama. Looking good.

Bag of Jelly Beans

This costume is super simple. Just get a large clear plastic bag of sorts. Make two leg holes on the sealed side of the bag. Fill the bag with little, multi-colored balloons; these are your jellybeans. Then, use ribbon to make shoulder straps to prevent your jellybeans from spilling every over the ground.

For added flair, you can stick a “Jelly Belly” sign on your front or own someone with tidy handwriting put some nutrition facts on your rear end.

Beer Pong Table

Are you ready to become America’s favorite drinking game? If so, suit up with this DIY beer pong table costume.

Every you need is a endless piece of cardboard, preferably white or brown. Tie it around your neck with a bit of rope and glue some red solo cups on either side of the board and you are set.