Diy halloween t shirt ideas

Diy halloween t shirt ideas

Its extremely simple to turn one of the most favorite (and probably everyones favorite) Instagram filter into a costume. You simply need to select the filter on your Instagram stories, purpose at a empty wall, take a screenshot of it, print it and paste it onto a cardboard. Then simply cut a hole in the middle where your face can fit into, and add makeup on yourself (and of course some paper dog ears) to mimic the filter!

Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume

This costume is already iconic, but nothing screams feminism and girl power as Rosie the Riveter, plus, you probably own a red bandana (or some of your friends do) so your costume is basically ready.

Diy halloween t shirt ideas

Just dress in every denim, and strike a pose!

Arthur Halloween Costume

This is an simple, meme-worthy costume. You just need a yellow sweater, a pair of jeans, some genuine or fake glasses and some ears (which you can make at home with paper and a headband).

Diy halloween t shirt ideas

Every things extremely simple to come by!

Pantone Color Couples Halloween Costume

You just need a monochrome outfit, convincing you partner to wear a complimentary color, and of course print Pantone and just stick it as a tag in your clothing. The ultimate color combo!

Men in Black Halloween Costume

This one is simple peasy cause you probably already own the dress hidden in your closet. Couples and BFFs can recreate the iconic movie glance, you just need to go to the store to purchase a fake gun and youre set!

Old Married Couple Halloween Costume

As youve seen through filters, its enjoyment trying to age yourself and see how you are gonna glance eventually, plus, its a beautiful simple costume.

Just enquire your parents around for some older looking clothes, or go and check the local thrift store out.

Diy halloween t shirt ideas

Do your makeup and if you are going for the full glance, get hold of a cane to top it off.