Diy home decor ideas small living room

Image credit: Jo Henderson

Free up floor space, from storage units, by creating your own media centre that takes up minimal space.

Diy home decor ideas little living room

A wall-mounted TV is always going to be the better option for little living rooms. Repair an MDF panel to the wall and mount your TV screen and floating shelves on it, one above and one under if needed.

Diy home decor ideas little living room

The space saving shelves will permit for storage without taking up too much needed space.

The area underneath the bottom shelf allows for additional storage for items such as slender drawer units or drum storage stools.

Hang baskets to provide additional wall storage

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

If you are faced with little space living the only way really is up! Make the most of any floor space by keeping it as clutter-free as possible. That includes any little bits and bobs you might otherwise own laying around. We own used attractive willow baskets to solve the storage problem.

Ideal because one they glance grand and two they are sturdy enough to hold every manner of clutter.

Hanging from decorative hooks that can take a lot of weight, these baskets are grand for quick end-of-day tidy-ups for toys, books, magazine, iPads and every the other stuff that tends to lay around.

Add storage near the ceiling

Image credit: Georgia Burns

You might not even own spotted it at first glance, but this owner has mounted some carefully camouflaged white storage units at the top of the living room walls, where any clutter can be stashed away.

Diy home decor ideas little living room

Off-the-shelf kitchen wall cabinets are ideal for this, if you plan to do the same, be extremely to careful the maximum load that each unit can take when wall mounted – you dont desire everything crashing below on your head, after all.

Shes also stuck to furniture in simple shapes for a clutter-free glance. Go for occasional tables with cut-away sides that reveal more floor space and trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it really is.

Diy home decor ideas little living room

Swap your sofa for a snuggler

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A bulky sofa can eat up living room space quickly, so if you own an especially tiny room, enquire yourself if you could manage with an equally comfy but far less invasive snuggler. Otherwise known as a seater, it can easily accommodate a parent and kid – or a cuddly couple.

This room also employs another tidy trick thats genius for little rooms that back onto gardens – a botanical decorating scheme.

Beautiful florals are perfect for blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, says our Senior Features Editor Stephanie Durrant. Creating this visual link will draw the eye exterior and again make the rom feel bigger.

Create space using mirrors

Image credit: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Its the oldest trick in the book, but it really does work.

Diy home decor ideas little living room

You can instantly create the illusion of space by simply adding more mirrors. Every the better still, love above, opt for an over-sized mirror to cover an entire wall. The mirror will create the illusion of space by reflecting back light and of course the interior decor – doubling up your interior space. Attempt keeping the colour palette light and aid to aid the overall effect.

Utilise awkward architectural spaces

Image credit: David Cleveland

Does your living room lack space due to awkward rooms proportions?

Diy home decor ideas little living room

Often with period properties the features which we love the most, such as bay windows, present logistical nightmares for laying out furniture. Use the space to your advantage. If you own a small-scale sofa it should fit neatly into the position, without taking up valuable floor space.

Alternatively use the awkward area to home larger, bulkier furniture pieces such as sideboards and TV units. This prevents the pieces overpowering the relax of the petite room, because the space would be otherwise unused anyway.

Distract with statement pieces

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Pick one or two statement items, such as an over-sized table lamp, an attention-grabbing piece of art or an armchair upholstered in a fabulous fabric, and hold the relax of the room relatively clutter free.

These will make the room feel up to date and draw attention away from its size.


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