Diy home spa gift ideas

Sugar & Charm

Functional, beautiful, and sentimental, these photo-imprinted lavender sachets hit the Mother’s Day present trifecta.

Diy home spa present ideas

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Wooden Bead Coasters

Lark & Linen

These beaded coasters are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day or a housewarming party. Plus, now you’ll own something to use when you go over to her put when she warns you not to stain her table.

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Custom Tea Blends

Cheetah is the New Black

If you fancy yourself a barista and your mom is an avid tea drinker, this is the DIY Mother’s Day present for you.

Diy home spa present ideas

Study how to make your own tea mix, from green tea, ginger, and lemon to black tea, rose hips, and lemon. You could even add a supplement, love Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust, which promotes positive mood, calming state of mind, and resistance to stress, tension, and irritability.

Diy home spa present ideas

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Dipped Wooden Utensils

Earnest Home Co.

Why not give her something that will brighten up her kitchen, love these vibrant cooking utensils? Even better: This is a one-and-done DIY.

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Diy home spa present ideas


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Marble Cutting Board

The Merrythough

This dual-toned marble cutting board is a classy present for mothers who love entertaining as much as they love a excellent brie.

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Naturally Dyed Linens

Cheetah is the New Black

Whether you desire to elevate a store-bought present by wrapping it a gorgeous cloth or your mom could use some new kitchen or bathroom hand towels, these naturally-dyed linens are the perfect thing to make yourself.

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Lemon Sage Epson Bath Soak

Lark & Linen

Though this beautiful homemade bath soak looks love something you’d discover in a high-end spa, it only take ten minutes to make.

Diy home spa present ideas

And though it’s simple and quick to make, there are so numerous ways to customize it.

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A Springtime Smudge Stick

Cheetah is the New Black

Smudge sticks are traditionally used to cleanse the energy of a space, a sentiment that makes the perfect Mother’s Day present, especially when lovingly made by you. This one is made with a combination of cleansing white sage, calming lavender, loving rose, and healing rose-hips and yarrow.

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Pounded Flower Tote

DIY Candy

That’s not paint!

Diy home spa present ideas

The floral print on this bag is created by pounding genuine flowers with a hammer into the canvas. Lovely, no?

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