Diy house number sign ideas

The thought for a DIY toothpaste pregnancy test is simple and quick and doesn’t require much preparation on your part. The only things you need are a tube of toothpaste (some propose using white paste), a sample of your urine, a container in which to stir the two, and a few minutes of your time.

  1. Take regular toothpaste — it doesn’t matter the brand — and squeeze a generous quantity into an empty cup or container.

  2. Slowly pour the urine sample into the cup or container holding the toothpaste.
  3. Urinate in a separate cup.
  4. Check the pee-paste combo for a reaction.

Those who advocate for this DIY method are convinced that combining urine with toothpaste will cause a chemical reaction — a change in color or a fizz — that can indicate, “You’re pregnant!”

Proponents believe this DIY toothpaste pregnancy test works in the same manner as a regular pregnancy test, which is designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in urine.

This hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) — is only produced by a woman’s body when she’s pregnant., It’s believed to cause numerous telltale signs of early pregnancy. These include nausea and vomiting, better known as morning sickness.

But while this DIY pregnancy test is supposed to measure or detect the pregnancy hormone, any reaction that comes from combining toothpaste and urine is most likely due to the acidic nature of urine and not thanks to any hCG in your urine.

What does a positive result glance like?

According to those who believe in this DIY pregnancy test, the toothpaste will either change color or fizz if you’re pregnant, supposedly as a response to the pregnancy hormone.

What does a negative result glance like?

If you’re not pregnant — meaning your body isn’t producing the pregnancy hormone — the theory is that combining the toothpaste with your urine will not create any type of reaction.

The toothpaste will remain the same color and it won’t fizz.

How can you test for pregnancy?

If you believe that you’re pregnant, there are several ways to accurately test for pregnancy. The sooner you confirm the pregnancy, the better because you’re capable to get prenatal care early, which is essential to a healthy pregnancy.

Home pregnancy tests

A home pregnancy test is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to study about a pregnancy. You can purchase these tests from any grocery store, drugstore, or even online.

Diy home number sign ideas

They’re designed to detect the pregnancy hormone.

You’ll either urinate on a pregnancy dipstick, or urinate in a cup and then put the dipstick in the urine. You’ll wait a few minutes for the results.

At-home pregnancy tests claim to be about 99 percent precise. But they can sometimes result in a untrue positive or a untrue negative.

A untrue negative might happen if you take the pregnancy test too early, or if your urine is too diluted.

For this reason, you should hold off testing until at least 1 week after a missed period.

Also, it’s more dependable to take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning when your urine is likely to own the highest level of the pregnancy hormone.

Doctor-istered pregnancy test

If a home pregnancy test confirms a pregnancy, make a doctor’s appointment to follow up these test results.

You should also make an appointment with your doctor if a home pregnancy test comes back negative at least a week after your missed period, but you believe that you’re pregnant.

Doctors also use a variety of tests to detect the pregnancy hormone, which may include a urine test or a blood test.

A doctor-istered urine test works similar to an at-home pregnancy test. You’ll provide a urine sample, and the sample is sent to a lab to check for the presence of the pregnancy hormone.

With a blood test, a sample of your blood will be taken, and it will be sent to a lab to check for the pregnancy hormone.

Free or low-cost pregnancy tests

If you don’t own health insurance or access to a doctor, you may be capable to take a free or low-cost pregnancy test at a community health clinic or at your local Planned Parenthood health middle.

While some pregnancy tests may cost more because of advanced technology love digital readings, basic tests work by reading the same hormones.

You can discover inexpensive tests at locations love a dollar store or online retailer.

Final word

Although trusting the results of using toothpaste as a DIY homemade pregnancy test is a bad thought, it could be a enjoyment chemistry experiment if you suspect that you or someone else might be pregnant.

Just remember to take the results with a grain of salt. Whether the test results in fizzing or not, always follow up with an at-home pregnancy test and a doctor’s appointment if you suspect pregnancy.

A Custom DIY Experience Built for You

Just bring your creativity and a willingness to study and you will build a wooden sign piece from scratch that is worthy of your walls.

Come alone or bring your friends and family to share in our custom wood sign workshops. You will own a creative experience you won’t forget!

Scrap Wood Project: Bead Board Address Sign

Want a unique address sign? Attempt this one, made from bead boards.

From RefreshLiving

House number sign

Want a home number sign with a planter? Take a glance at this large sign.

From by WillBMoreServices

Make a Home Address Number Monogram

A monogram personalizes your home number sign.

This one is bright and colorful.

From CraftCuts

Cedar Highway Number Planter

Isn’t this charming? It has your home numbers and a plant in it too.

From Ana-White

Vertical Home Number Sign

Here’s a stylish number sign. Looks grand for your home.

From by RefinedInspirations

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

Isn’t this pretty? Welcome guests to your home with this address number sign.

From ShantyChic


Isn’t this pretty?

Made from paint sticks too.

From HomeStoriesAtoZ

Rustic Home Numbers Sign

Isn’t this charming? A home numbers sign with a lamp.

From TheHoneyCombHome

What a perfect addition to any home

Here’s a grand way to personalize your home. Add your initial and your home numbers.

From Interiors-Designed


Want a grand home numbers sign? Attempt this one.

From SewAtHomeMummy

Welcome Home- a unique home address sign DIY

Here’s a enjoyment home number sign you can make. Its made from nails in a board.

From TheRefurbishedHome

DIY Home Number Sign

Doesn’t this glance great?

A home number sign.

From CrafivityDesigns

House Number Yard Sign with Stakes

Isn’t this pretty? A home number sign you can put in your yard.

From by SecondNatureDesigns1

Firefighter Helmet Address Sign

Are you a firefighter or own one in the family? Take a glance at this grand address sign.

From by MegaMetalDesigns

Arts and Crafts Cottage

Here’s a grand home number sign.

It has a lantern so people can see your home even in early evening.

From ParadeOfHomes

Find a Wood Sign Workshop Location Near You

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Diy home number sign ideas

If you’re a DIY-er, then you can make a special home number sign, just for your home. There are lots of project ideas and inspiration out there to draw from, so you can create that perfect sign. Whether you are new to DIY projects or more experienced, this is a terrific project to try.

Because most signs are little to medium sized, this is a project you can often finish within an afternoon to a weekend’s time. This is a grand present thought, if you own friends who’ve just bought a new home or new neighbors own moved in nearby.

What better way to make them feel welcome and at home?

You’ll discover address signs here made from a variety of materials. The most common is wood, but there are also metal and ceramic signs too.

Diy home number sign ideas

With each of these materials you own lots of options to design a grand looking sign. Because you are custom creating your home numbers sign, its simple to design it with your home decor colors and anything else that is special to your family, such as your monogram, family name or even the date that you moved into your home!

Take a glance at these projects, we know you’ll discover a terrific one that’s perfect for your home. So let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

Container Gardening

This classic and modern home number is grand.

It is also large so everyone can easily see it.

From 4Men1Lady

Final word

Although trusting the results of using toothpaste as a DIY homemade pregnancy test is a bad thought, it could be a enjoyment chemistry experiment if you suspect that you or someone else might be pregnant.

Just remember to take the results with a grain of salt. Whether the test results in fizzing or not, always follow up with an at-home pregnancy test and a doctor’s appointment if you suspect pregnancy.

DIY Wood Sign Workshops

Welcome to Board & Brush Creative Studio! We are your put to build on-trend, farmhouse-classic, inspirational pieces of décor for your home, office or cottage.

Our studios offer a vintage, timeless glance with accents of black and weathered wood to assist cultivate your inner DIY design skills. And each hands-on wood sign workshop teaches you the techniques needed to create a custom piece that looks professionally made.

DIY Address Plaque

Love the contemporary style numbers. This address plaque also has a planter too.

From MyAnythingAndEverything

Golden Retriever Metal Address Numbers

Love dogs?

Attempt this home number sign.

From by MegaMetalDesigns

House number sign

Like flowers? Take a glance at this lovely sign.

From by LazyHoundWorkshop

Metal Address Sign Powder Coated

This address sign is made from metal.

Diy home number sign ideas

Don’t the numbers stand out nicely?

From by SSMetalFab

House number sign address sign

Isn’t this lovely? Its carved out of wood.

From by MikesFineDesigns

How to Make a Modern Home Number Sign

Want a modern home number sign? Attempt this one.

From LittleHouseOfFour

DIY Solar Address Sign

Like solar? Attempt this grand address sign.

From TheSeasonalHome

We Go Beyond Custom Wood Signs

While we mainly use wood elements for our projects, we offer a wide variety of other materials in our DIY wood sign workshops, including:

  1. Glass
  2. Slate
  3. Chalkboard
  4. Canvas pillows
  5. Terra cotta pots

We even own designs that combine building wooden projects with horticultural instruction, including forcing bulbs and window garden planting.

The designs and projects at our DIY wood sign workshops are always changing, so every time you return, your creation will be a new and distinctive piece of art.


Here is a modern home numbers sign.

This one is bold and contemporary.

From by DecaModa


Want your home to own more curb appeal? Attempt adding this home number planter box.

From BeMyGuestWithDenise

DIY Home Numbers Sign Adds Curb Appeal

Doesn’t this add a lot of charm? Attempt this for your home.

From FamilyFocusBlog

Personalized Home Number Plaques

Like monograms? This home sign has your highway address and final initial too.

From by WheelerCustomWoods


Want a large home number sign?

Attempt this one.

From Remodelaholic

house number signs with figure 3

Here is a extremely classic home number sign. You add a symbol you love along with the home number too.

From by CapeCodBaySigns

House Number Plaque

Want a bright and colorful home number sign? Attempt this one.

From ATurtlesLifeForMe

Address Sign

Isn’t this charming? Let everyone know where you live.

From by ItsASignAndDesigns

Address Number Post Planter

Want a grand looking home number sign? Attempt a post with a planter.

From ShantyChic

How to Make an Simple DIY Address Post

Why not put your home number sign on a post?

Then everyone can see it correct away.

From HelloFarmhouse

Blue Hydrangea Home number sign

Isn’t this pretty? With lovely hydrangeas on it.

From by DipintoAdArte

Rustic Address Sign

Want your name on an address sign? Attempt this one.

From by The LiztonSignShop

DIY Home Numbers Sign

Want to welcome guests? Attempt this DIY home numbers sign.

From ShadesOfBlueInteriors

Personalized Home Number Plaque

Isn’t this charming? It has the home number and the family’s final name on it.

From by SassySquirrelink


Want to customize your home numbers sign?

Here you add your family’s initial to it.

From ALittleCraftInYourDay

Need this for our yard

What a grand home numbers sign! Its personalized for your family.

From Pinterest, saved by Kimberly Smith (original pinner not known)

DIY Cedar Planter Box

Here’s a grand home number sign. Its actually a planter.

From ShantyChic

Use simple materials from Home Depot to make a custom home number sign. Its simple with your favorite scrapbook papers, paints, and Mod Podge!

Skills Required: Advanced Beginner. You should own prior experience with Mod Podge since the Outdoor formula is thicker (a little bit harder to work with).

Youll also be trimming paper to fit plinths which is a little tricky.

I own a hard time figuring out what side of the highway a home is supposed to be on.

Diy home number sign ideas

Is there a general law for even or odd?

I can easily get to the general area of where I am supposed to go. However, when I finally reach, I creep along trying to figure out why I cant discover home numbers. Sometimes there are in fives, sometimes fours . . . there appears to be no rules. Is it just me?

I really appreciate a clear home number sign so that I can figure out where Im going. Thank goodness for Man Podger David and of course, Outdoor Mod Podge because now you make one yourself with simple materials from Home Depot. Heres David with the tutorial.

I live in Los Angeles, I don’t own a GPS and, honestly .

. . I get lost a lot.

I’m always driving around hunting for highway numbers while trying to simultaneously hold my eyes on the road but I’m a terrible multi-tasker.

Recently, while wandering aisles at Home Depot (it’s what I do), I was inspired to make some home numbers that would be enjoyment, decorative and simple to see.

I found these cool plinth block molding pieces (at the really cool price of $ each).

There were also some inexpensive home numbers ($ each) and a piece of scrap wood in their left-over pile near in the lumber cutting area.

Once I added some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge from my stash, I was every set. This project will cost approximately $20 $24 depending on how numerous numbers are in your address.

Heres how this home number plaque is made.

Are toothpaste pregnancy tests accurate?

No, a toothpaste pregnancy test isn’t precise, nor is it a dependable way to confirm a pregnancy.

There also isn’t any evidence out there to propose that toothpaste can detect the pregnancy hormone in a woman’s urine.

Again, any type of fizzing that occurs from mixing toothpaste and urine is likely the toothpaste reacting to the acid in urine.

Urine contains uric acid, which is present in the urine of anyone regardless of whether they’re pregnant or not, or female or male.

Meanwhile, one of toothpaste’s ingredients is commonly calcium carbonate.

Diy home number sign ideas

What’s exciting is that calcium carbonate combined with acid can sometimes cause a foamy reaction.

So if a toothpaste pregnancy test results in fizzing, rather than an indication of pregnancy, it could simply be the toothpaste reacting to the uric acid. The truth is, both men and nonpregnant women could get similar results from these tests.

And if somebody’s pregnancy test doesn’t fizz, this might be due to the person having less acid in their urine.

DIY Home Number Plaque

Gather These Supplies

  1. Outdoor Mod Podge
  2. Brush
  3. Scrap wood cut to size and painted white (not pictured)
  4. Scrapbook Paper
  5. Spray Sealer (not pictured)
  6. Screws
  7. House Numbers
  8. Plinth Molding
  9. Drill and drill bit

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the raised section on the plinth. One simple way of doing this is using tissue paper to make a template.

Put the tissue paper on top of the plinth and rub a pencil on the edges. Tape the tissue paper to the back of the scrapbook paper and cut out.

After the paper is cut out, attach it to the plinths using Outdoor Mod Podge.

Let your home number sign dry for about 45 minutes, then seal the paper with additional Outdoor Mod Podge.

Diy home number sign ideas

At this point it was tardy, so I let the project dry overnight.

Lay the numbers on the plinths and space them as you would them to display. Drill pilot holes, then attach the numbers using the screws provided in the kit.

Attach the number blocks to the scrap wood by screwing them in from the back.

For a little additional protection (for the MDF plinths and the scrap wood), seal the home number plaque with a couple of light coats of a spray on polyurethane (see note below).

I attached the home number sign to my fence (again screwing it in from the back).

Now people can discover my home .

. . even if I can’t discover theirs! It fits really well with my farmhouse style. Id love to know what you ponder of this project in the comments.

Notes: I live in Los Angeles where rain and snow aren’t too much of a concern. My plinths are made from MDF, but if I were in a more weather-prone area I would opt for the maple wood plinths. They only cost $ and would hold up better!

If you love this home number sign, Id love for you to check out these other projects:

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Here’s our favourite Pinterest statistic of Pinterest users are twice as likely to tell their time on the platform is well-spent.

Lately it feels love everyone’s doing a social media detox—from Ariana Grande to the 42 percent of Americans who took a break from in

But Pinterest doesn’t own the scandals or the congressional hearings.

It bills itself as the platform where people reconnect with themselves, not shouting politicians (or relatives shouting about politicians). Pinterest is for you. And your ideal vision of a future self.

Incidentally, Pinterest is also the search engine where you discover the things you need to purchase in order to become that ideal self.

In other words, Pinterest users are planning for the future, which means they’re in discovery mode. And the numbers show that these folks engage with branded content because they actively appreciate it.

We’ve collected a list of 23 statistics about our favourite scrappy scrapbooking platform that is so inspiring you’ll desire to tackle your Pinterest marketing strategy every over again.

Or at least start a board about it.

Bonus:Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six simple steps using the tools you already have.

Pinterest user statistics

Pinterest has endless battled a reputation as a little sister among the social media giants.

But actually it’s the fourth-most-popular social media platform in America. It outranks Snapchat, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

So who, exactly, is using Pinterest?

million people use Pinterest every month

That number (from September ) includes million people in America. Which is over 5 million more than the year before.

In fact, according to eMarketer, Pinterest added more American users than and combined between and

80 percent of new sign-ups are from exterior the US

As well, about half of existing users are not American. Looking at desktop traffic in tardy , Pinterest’s top five countries are America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Russia.

For some best practices on convincing these users to follow your boards in specific, check out our post on how to acquire more Pinterest followers.

50 percent of new sign-ups in were men

Yes, Pinterest has always owned its appeal to women. It calls them “Deciders” because they control over 80 percent of household spending in the US.

Still, does the platform yearn for the male gaze? A little.

Back in , only 40 percent of new users were men, and 25 percent of users overall were men. Now Pinterest proudly reports that 38 percent of American dads are Pinterest users, browsing DIY projects, home decor, the outdoors, etc.

Meanwhile, eMarketer predicts Pinterest will own a 30/70 gender divide by

34 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 use Pinterest

According to Pew Research, who conducted telephone polls in early , the platform is most favorite with people who are under

Pinterest reaches 83 percent of US women aged

According to Pew Research, only 41 percent of American women report using Pinterest. So what’s up with the other 42 percent? Where’s this exposure coming from?

Comscore doesn’t give further details on the methodology behind this number, but let’s take a wild guess: image search. Pinterest-based images dominate ’s results.

When brands publish their content on the platform, they should be aware that there’s a excellent chance non-users will see those images, too.

High-income and educated US households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated US households

According to Pew Research, a rising tax bracket means a rising likelihood of Pinterest use. For instance, 39 percent of people in households worth $75, USD or more per year use Pinterest.

Likewise, people with some college education are twice as likely (40 percent of Americans) as high school graduates (18 percent of Americans) to use Pinterest.

Check out the full data set, here: