Diy house renovation ideas

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Stairs are often the first thing you see when you stroll in a home. Why not update shabby treads with a brilliant and stylish stair runner.

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Stairs are often the first thing that visitors see when they come into your home, so why not update shabby treads with a stylish stair runner? Its also a grand put to indulge in some colour. Make a large impact by choosing a striped or bold coloured runner.

Diy home renovation ideas

Or go classy with a neutral weave or thick and pale pile.

Cost: For a few hundred pounds, you can turn a over-the-hill hallway into the strong introduction your home deserves.

Do up or ditch the ancient front door

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A jacket of can work wonders, but if your front door has had its day, invest in a new one to make a grand first impression. You can even design your own.

Reinstate the fireplace

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A fireplace is a amazing focal point to any room. But sadly, they werent so boiling in the s and 80s, leading to numerous homeowners ripping them out.

Diy home renovation ideas

So if you own a chimney breast bare of a fireplace, why not reintroduce one? It certainly beats a TV as a focal point, and could bring back every the character youre homes been missing.

While a grand may not stretch to replacing an ornate marble surround, there are lots of cast-iron models at reasonable can pick up a cute combination grate love this for as little as £

Cost: Installation can vary, but if there is a bare wall with a hole it should be around £, whereas if an unsuitable fireplace needs to be removed first, it could be up to £

Care for your cornicing

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Original features are a genuine plus point, but sometimes they need a little TLC to restore them to their original splendour. Often, decorative cornicing is lost under decades of paint: by stripping it off, you can really bring out the period detail.

Cost: Although you can purchase products to remove the layers yourself, you?ll need a set of goggles and lots of patience. Bring in the professionals, however, and you can get a 10 x 10ft room stripped back in a jiffy for less than £1, Call Cornice Cleaning, who can tackle the occupation for you.

Install a skylight

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If you own a dark attic room or bathroom, off-the peg skylights are a relatively inexpensive architectural solution.

Diy home renovation ideas

Adding one or two will brighten any gloomy room, instantly transforming a space.

Cost: Velux skylights start from around £ for the fixed, non-opening solution, and should cost around £/£ for an experienced builder to install.

Build some shelves

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You can never own too much storage space, so make the most of every inch with bespoke shelving. Own it fitted in whatever style and awkward sized space you desire, from alcoves, to tricky corners – and every nook and cranny in-between.

Cost: It makes sense to own the shelves tailor-made to fit their contents and create your own super-efficient library system.

London Cabinet Company can construct alcove shelving love this, installed and painted, for £

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Going up or digging deep, how to finance a home extension

Michael Holmes, author of Renovating for Profit and property spokesperson for the Northern Homebuilding & Renovation Show, says homebuyers are still willing to take on renovation projects, but “as to whether they’re keen to do the work themselves, I ponder there’s less DIY happening than a generation ago.

I ponder we massively underestimate our capabilities. Contrary to what people might tell you, there is nothing in your home that you cannot [legally] do on a DIY basis if you are a capable person.”

Holmes says buyers should be looking for “the worst home you can discover on the best highway you can afford” and consult a builder or structural engineer when putting a renovation budget together – although project managing the process yourself (ordering materials, liaising with the relevant trades and generally moving the project along) could save you % of the entire cost.

Space, layout and functionality will be highly prized by future buyers, as well as a well-designed kitchen and bathroom if they need replacing. Most importantly, he adds: “Leave money in the budget to make structural repairs, and to make certain [the property] is warm, dry and weather tight.”

A home renovation done well can increase a property’s worth between 5% and 30%, depending on the overall finish, says Sarah Beeny, TV presenter and founder of estate agent Tepilo. But a botched occupation can own the opposite effect.

“My heart sinks when we get people who put their properties on the market where there’s some clear DIY errors, love trying to cover over cracks with woodchip wallpaper and paint. My advice would be to leave the bigger jobs to professionals. And do everything in the correct order – for example, make certain your wiring and plumbing are sound before spending hours decorating.”

There is still an appetite for DIY among homeowners, some of which has been caused by cowboy builders

She remembers her first renovation project with her brother and boyfriend, which cost £5, “We literally did everything ourselves … [but] you study quickly when you own to.

Every time something doesn’t fairly go according to plan, you make certain it goes more smoothly the next time.”

Research and practice are key for any DIY project, Mike Edwards, tradesman and founder of DIY Doctor, says. He started the website 20 years ago after more of his clients asked if they could save money by doing work themselves. The site now gets 1 million visitors a month. He believes there is still an appetite for DIY among homeowners, some of which has been caused by cowboy builders.

Diy home renovation ideas

DIY Doctor surveyed 2, of its users two years ago and found 26% would rather do a occupation themselves because they believed they could do it better than the final guy they employed. Unqualified builders are costing British homeowners an estimated £bn a year, according to the government’s TrustMark scheme.

“We run a building company alongside DIY Doctor and I would tell 85% of our income comes from jobs we own to go in and put right,” Edwards says.

Diy home renovation ideas

“That’s 50/50 between cowboy builders having worked for them or them having done it themselves.

“Anything you’re doing at home, don’t just go and get the tools and start drilling and hammering and banging. We own so numerous people who desire to take the wall out between their kitchen and dining room and then they’re wondering why their bed is in their lounge. It’s not as simple as the pros make it glance – they’ve been practising for years.”

On finding the correct builder, Edwards has written a free desired outcomes contract for homeowners to go through with tradesmen before work starts: “If they’re not genuine, you won’t see them again after sheet three,” he says.

He also advocates getting two or three references for similar jobs (such as other bathrooms if you need a bathroom fitted), asking to examine past work and talking to clients about what the builder was love to work with. You should always enquire to see a public liability insurance certificate and call the broker to check the policy is still valid, he adds.

Morrison and her partner spent three years and £20, renovating their home in Cheltenham. They did most of the work themselves, including knocking a doorway through a stud wall that a builder had quoted £2, to do, pulling up carpets and adding a untrue ceiling to hide the new wiring and plumbing, and now own a garage full of tools.

But they sought professional assist for the plastering, kitchen and bathroom fitting, the electrics and plumbing.

“Now the home is eventually finish, you forget the months spent among chaos and dust,” she says, when asked if she’d do it again.

Diy home renovation ideas

“But we’ve been capable to create the home we’ve always wanted … [and] we’ve learned every sorts of new skills along the way. If I’d known [how large a project it was going to be], I don’t ponder I would’ve taken it on, but I’m so happy we did.”

It’s a sentiment Beeny thinks will urge more homebuyers to own a go at DIY. “I ponder the tide is turning again, partly to do with the increasing cost of living, but also because people are starting to desire to carry out tasks that give them a grand sense of achievement.

The truth is, there is nothing more satisfying than creating something with your own hands and standing back and looking at it. Earning every the money in the world and paying someone else to do it will never ever make you feel as good.”

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