Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

Yep, when we said cheap bathroom ideas, we meant cheap! Every the ideas in this section come in at under 50 quid and most of them are super quick updates or little DIY jobs to anyone could do.That makes them quick as well as affordable.

Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

We approve.

Paint a bathroom ceiling anything but white

Painted ceilings are a massive trend at the moment and are a really grand way to add interest to a space, especially a smaller space love a bathroom.

Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

If you are a keen DIYer and desire to give this a go yourself, just check out our guide to painting a ceiling.

If you’re feeling courageous and desire to copy this gothic glance, we recommend going for a combo of Farrow & Ball Below Pipe and Railings, and investing in excellent bathroom lighting.

Create an ombré paint effect

Experimenting with on-trend paint ideas is an simple and affordable way of creating a new vibe in a tired looking space.

Copy this thought and pick two or three shades of varying tones (we’d recommend blues for a bathroom) and create a stylish finish with the assist of our guide to painting an ombré accent wall.For more inspiration, check out these bathroom paint ideas.

Experiment with bathroom wallpaper

Bathrooms and wallpaper? Surely that’s not a excellent mix? Well, actually, it can work if you just follow a few additional steps when choosing and hanging your wallpaper.

Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

First, don’t hang wallpaper anywhere that will be in constant contact with water – and if your bathroom isn’t really well ventilated we would recommend sticking to wallpaper specifically designed for bathrooms (B&Qhave a grand selection). Otherwise, you can use any wallpaper you love, but make certain you useextra strong wallpaper adhesive;alayer of clear varnish can assist protect it further.

Or paint bathroomwalls an unexpected shade

There are few cheaper and easier ways to update a space than by giving it a new lick of paint. We are loving pink at the moment, and softer shades are a space-enhancing choice for a little room.

So if you are looking for an on trend bathroom update, we tell go for a rosy hue. Something love Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink, which despite the name is actually a really grown up take on the colour, would be our fave choice.

For more pink room ideas to get you inspired, check out our feature.Find more bathroom paint ideas in our gallery, too, if pink’s not your first choice.

Paint a bathroom floor for a cheap bathroom thought that doesn’t glance it

Painting floorboards has also become a bit of a trend, so if you own floorboards in your bathroom, consider this as a cheap but chic bathroom update.

Diy ideas for bathroom mirrors

You’ll need to use wood paint (see our guide for the best), but if you can, use a paint designed for floors as it will be more durable and less slippery – if more limited in colour choices.

This is definitely a weekend occupation you could do yourself, just check out our guide to how to paint floorboards; you’ll discover more inspiring ideas over there, too.


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