Diy ideas for room dividers

Simple wood slats can be mounted to create a sense of a smaller, intimate area without completely closing off the spot. Depending on a home’s decor, the glance can be mid-century modern or contemporary in style.

With a distinctive but casual glance that blends into any setting, bamboo wall dividers are a versatile choice irrespective of whether are looking to define the space, direct traffic or divide it.

What types of wall dividers are there?

Wall dividers come in a variety of shapes and designs with interconnecting options that can accommodate even curved and angled walls.

  1. Freestanding bamboo wall dividers are a portable option which can be moved to any part of the home or commercial space.

    Diy ideas for room dividers

    These generally own casters that make it simple to move them around and can be dismantled for storage.

  2. Wall mounted ones are a more permanent option that attaches to the wall using brackets. It can either be a folding one or a stationary one and are generally used in rooms that frequently need partitioning. Love a conference room or a balcony for example.

If you are looking for an acoustic wall divider, then, unfortunately, bamboo might not fit the bill.

What are the qualities of bamboo?

  1. It can be painted or stained to match contemporary décor.

    It comes in a variety of sizes (length and thickness).

  2. Bamboo is an all-natural, sustainable grass that looks rustic. But it can easily be paneled with solid wood which gives it a classy appearance.
  3. It can be tightly packed together to create an opaque wall divider. Or can be stacked a few inches apart to permit the light to pass through.
  4. It’s lightweight but incredibly durable.

If you are shopping for wall dividers, then Bamboo should definitely be on your wish list. Here’s a little buying guide to assist you with the details of what factors to consider.

How to select the correct size wall divider?

You will own to pick a wall divider panel size depending on the intended use.If you are looking to create a partition for privacy, then the panel needs to extend from the floor to the ceiling and across the room.

Diy ideas for room dividers

How tall are the ceilings? If you own high ceilings, then you might own to get it custom made because most manufacturers conform to standard ceiling sizes.

Similarly, the width of the room will determine how numerous panels you need. Bamboo wall dividers can be as little as a single panel or extend to six or even eight panels. If space is limited, then glance for accordion styled folding panels which can be extended fully to cover the entire room or left partially open to divide it.

What style of bamboo wall divider should you choose?

From a vertically stacked mesh of thin bamboo ropes to horizontally arranged, thicker bamboo stalks permanently attached to solid wooden frames, you own an endless array of styles to select from.Most designers will even offer a custom one tailor-made to match your décor and size requirements.

If it will be mounted on a frame, then select the material and finish for the frame as well.

  1. Metal frames can be used for the patio or the balcony.
  2. Solid wooden frames mix well with bamboo and it can be stained to match the finish of the wood.
  3. Accordion styled folding dividers can even be frameless. That’s one of the best things about bamboo. It’s so durable and flexible that it doesn’t require a frame per se.

If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant way to divide rooms in your home, take a glance at this modern-styled glamorous sliding wall divider with an adjustable height, bound to fit in perfectly in any interior design.

A minimalistic approach to a spacious bedroom made in a contemporary style with a set of temporary sliding room dividers made out of white plastic, nicely fitting in with the walnut cabinet and pine wood bed.

Vintage design for an ornate hanging room divider made out of twelve plastic pieces with a flower pattern. The black color of the room divider provides a nice contrast to the bright colors of the living room.

Rustic arrangement for a barn house-styled home bar fitted with a huge sliding room divider stylized to glance love a barn door, hiding behind it a kitchen with a rock bar and a set of stylish, faux leather barstools.

Aesthetic large room dividers manufactured of durable white material. Tall rectangular panels are joined together and feature narrow frames and a perforated design. They’re mounted on metal rails fixed to a ceiling.

Aesthetic contemporary hanging room dividers crafted of wooden materials finished in grey. Each of 4 rectangular dividers features fairly wide frames and horizontally louvered panels. Dividers slide along a sturdy metal rail.

Exciting and space-efficient setup for a bedroom with a living room combo, separated by a ceiling-mounted room divider kit with a endless curtain in a dark gray color, giving the room a unique appearance.

Designed by IKEA, this accordion room dividers will add a contemporary touch to the space, smoothly separating a kitchen from a living space or dividing your private bedroom.

Sliding doors can be a great way to separate one space from the other, for example a bedroom in a contemporary studio. This white panelled doors provide a bright, warm accent to the space.

Calm and minimalistic glance for a contemporary room divider made with a wooden frame finely crafted out of bright oak wood.

The room divider has a matte glass panel on the door with little decorative markings in the middle.

Elegant traditional sliding room dividers. Door-height rectangular panels own frames and simple rectangular lattice insets glazed with tiles of creamy opaque glass. Frames and a rail enclosure are of wooden materials finished in browns.

Modern design for a set of sliding room dividers mounted on a tall hole in the wall between rooms. The divider is made out of plastic panels in a light gray color and has aluminum elements in a matching gray shade.

A rather simple but aesthetic contemporary room divider.

A rectangular frame with horizontal slats and a wall-mounted enclosure of a metal rail are of wooden materials finished in browns. A divider has panels of opal glass and oval metal handles.

A beautiful sliding room divider.

Diy ideas for room dividers

A rectangular frame (with an oval recessed metal grip) and a case of a metal rail (fixed to walls) are of wooden materials in pale browns. A centre of clear material is slatted across so resembles a window with a blind.

Simple yet functional design for a modern sliding room divider made out of a single frame made out of chromed aluminum metal above the door and a sliding glass surface made out of slightly matte glass with a handle.

Asian style for an exotic, oriental sliding room divider done in a Japanese-like fashion. The room divider is made out of cherry wood with a dark tint, fitted with panels made out of paper-like material which gives it a unique glance.

Attractive large contemporary sliding room dividers crafted of materials finished in mid browns. Tall rectangular framed semi-sheer panels hang on a metal rail fixed to a wall. They can be tucked one behind another.

This sliding hanging room divider constitutes a smooth, contemporary way to divide your intimate space from the commonly available ones. Frosted glass can be one of the best ways to do it, being viewless and stylish.

Finished with dark bamboo, this stylish set of hanging slide doors will be a perfect way to separate your private space from the relax of the home or a living room from the kitchen. The charming exotic appeal will add a bit of the oriental ambiance.

Elegant practical contemporary sliding room dividers. Their rectangular frames with rectangular partitions and a rail enclosure feature a finish in light brown shades. Panels are made of opaque materials.

This sliding room divider separates the hanging room from the relax. Made from wood, it is clever solution, which additionally embellishes the space with its smooth, contemporary design.

This scenic sliding door can be a amazing way to create a unique climate in your contemporary apartment.

Unused coastal breeze or sunset on the beach? Select the theme and embellish your bedroom with your favourite memories.

A set of sliding room dividers made in a contemporary fashion. The room divider is crafted out of oak wood with a black jacket of paint and is fitted with panels made out of cotton fabric in a light, white color.

Modern approach to a set of sliding room dividers, made out of aluminum with a matte finish and a black jacket of paint. The divider is fitted with opaque glass panels and span from the floor to the half of the wall’s height.

An aesthetic modern sliding room divider. A large square tile is manufactured of matte safety glass in a light bluish shade. Vertical handles, a wall-mounted circular section rail and holding brackets are of chromed metal.

These beautiful sliding hanging room dividers will set a rustic ambiance in any interior, fitting particularly well to loft or industrial ones. Made of clear glass embedded in black frames with vertical bar handles.

Exciting thought for dividing a room in two, employed in a twin bedroom with two queen-sized beds. The middle of the room is fitted with a endless metal bar on the top with a set of curtains hanged on it, which divides the room.

A simple but cool rustic style room divider. A rectangular frame (with ledged horizontal partitions and circular vertical rods) of white finished wooden materials is glazed with clear glass panes. A divider slides along a wall-mounted black metal tube.

A minimalistic approach to a set of simplistic room dividers with sliding doors, mounted in a rail made out of chromed aluminum. The doors of the divider are made out of solid wood with a white jacket of paint and own chromed handles.

Diy ideas for room dividers

Aesthetic and practical though rather simple contemporary sliding room dividers hanging on a robust metal rail in a greyish enclosure. Wall-height rectangular panels of opaque materials own frames in greyish shades.

Diy ideas for room dividers

Exciting though simple sliding room dividers in the industrial style. They’re rectangular and fairly heavy as they’re manufactured of sheet metal in distressed grey shades. They hang on a wall-mounted metal rail.

Oriental glance for a set of hanging, sliding room dividers, every situated on an elevated rail embedded into the ceiling. The room dividers are made out of cherry wood and are fitted with stained glass with an orange shade.

Traditional design for a set of two sliding room dividers hanging on a rail mounted over the doorway. The railway is made out of dark-painted aluminum, with the actual dividers made out of white-painted solid door.

If you’re looking for a unique way to divide your bedroom from a living room, take a glance at this stylish set of sliding room dividers, mounted on a hanging rail. The divider has some space between panels, which lets the light in.

Vintage setup for a classy dining room with a endless, rectangular-shaped dining table made out of oak wood with a black jacket of paint, matched with a set of cloth-covered chairs and finished with a sliding hanging room divider in the back.

This set of glass doors constitutes a perfect proposition for a stylish, contemporary decor. Ideal to separate a kitchen from the living room or a bedroom from the relax of home.

Simple but cool and sturdy rustic style room dividers crafted of barn wood in natural brown and grey shades. These rectangular dividers feature divide recessed panels and are attached to a robust wall-mounted rail of black metal.

Elegant contemporary hanging room dividers crafted of quality patternless wrinkle-resistant fabric in a beautiful blue shade. Curtains are equipped with large metal grommets and slide along a ceiling-mounted metal tube.

Based on a sliding rod, this hanging room divider constitutes a nice way to separate one space from another.

Diy ideas for room dividers

White panelled doors here recreate the charm and warmth of the shabby chic style.

A unique set of room dividers, set up on a rail made out of aluminum with a chromed finish and a shiny polish. The doors of the dividers are made out of glass with an exotic pattern and own silver door handles.

Resembling a pair of heavy curtains, this sliding doors smoothly gliding on the top rail, adding any space a warm, rustic character. The distressed character will fit perfectly well into loft or urban interiors.

Picking up the natural wood on the front of the tub and back wall, this sliding hanging room divider constitutes a perfect proposition for a stylish contemporary apartment.

A beautiful modern room divider sliding on top and floor rails.

Diy ideas for room dividers

Rectilinear across divide frames are made of black finished materials. Top parts of rectangular panels are manufactured of clear safety glass, bottom ones — of opal glass.

Ideally fitting into modern interiors, this sliding hanging room divider delights with its sleek, glazed surface, minimalistic and stylish at the same time. These sliding doors will assist you separate your private space from the relax of the home.

Aesthetic practical contemporary sliding room dividers crafted of solid wood painted white. They own gently milling cut panels and cut recessed ovalish grips.

A wall- mounted rail and mounting brackets are of black coated metal.

Oriental glance for a set of exotic room dividers, made in an Asian, Japanese style. The room dividers are made out of light oak wood and own paper panels, which provide the whole set with an unusual appearance.

Modern design for a set of minimalistic room dividers, placed in a living room to hide a little and compact bedroom for guests.

The room dividers are made out of two large, plastic panels in a white color.

A set of oriental room dividers placed on a metal frame made out of aluminum with a black jacket of paint. The divider panels are made out of cherry wood with a subtle, red tint, which gives the set a classy appearance.

The curtains dividing the room from the relax of the home in this rustic living room provide a unique vibe. The room itself is furnished with two couches upholstered in a cotton fabric in gray color and paired with a large, circular coffee table.

This sliding hanging room divider constitutes a perfect proposition for every, who desire to stylishly separate their private space from the relax of the home. Red finish creates a more romantic appeal.

Recycling leftover wood floor pieces is a brilliant Green thought for home decorating. Wooden flooring is a nice way to enhance your home, and leftover material can be used for stylish and unique DIY room dividers and wall decorations. Lushome presents an exciting project that turns wood floor planks into a Green, functional and modern room divider.

There are numerous diverse types of wood flooring people use for their beautiful and modern interior design.

Solid wood floor planks are gorgeous, durable and eco friendly. Leftover wood floor pieces offer a grand material for recycled crafts, love picture frames and little wall shelves, and DIY room dividers and handmade wall decorations. Wood floor pieces add color and texture to plain, boring empty walls, and can work as room dividers or decorative wall panels.

Simple and creative home decorating with DIY items recycling wood planks can convert even the dullest of rooms and bring more interest into modern interior design.

Solid wood flooring is a hardwood material that is beneficial to any interior design and home decorating project, Recycling is a grand way to show resourcefulness and talents while personalizing home interiors.

Recycling wood palettes for handmade furniture and decor, 22 Green ideas

30 modern wall decorations recycling ancient wood doors

Room divider recycling wood floor planks

Wood floor pieces are durable and beautiful. They can be used for decorating walls, furniture and making room dividers. One of room divider design ideas is shown under.

Constructed with elements that are made of a single piece of timber, DIY room dividers and wall decorations glance expensive and stylish.

DIY room dividers created with natural ropes permit recycling wood floor pieces in various widths and thicknesses. These room dividers can add elegant and exciting designs to home interiors and outdoor rooms. They love numerous other stylish eco friendly products add a tranquil ambiance and natural feel to any interior design and home decorating ideas.

A room divider made with natural rope and wood floor planks bring charm and character into interior design and stir the functionality with delightful warmth of wooden material. The major benefit the DIY wood room divider against plastic one is the fact that it provide a natural beauty and enhance eco homes with functional, exclusive and pleasant look.

Recycling ancient wood rulers for home decorating, 12 DIY wall decorations and furniture decoration ideas

Recycling paper for DIY decorative screens and room dividers made with cardboard tubes

Moisture is fatal for most wooden floor materials and can result in destroying wooden home decorations exposed to excessive moisture.

Wood floor planks hold together with natural rope are easier to hold dry for a superb glance for numerous years. Recycling wood floor materials is an excellent method of enhancing interior design and home decorating, beautifying outdoor rooms and personalizing home decor while helping save the planet.

Creative painting, colorful or transparent protective coats are amazing decorating ideas for DIY room dividers recycling wood floor planks and natural rope. This project provides grand inspirations for handmade wall decorations, hanging screens and decorative wall panels that add character of beautiful salvaged wood to modern interior design and home decorating in eco style.

by Ena Russ

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