Diy ideas for tulle

Diy ideas for tulle

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Here is some more balloon prettiness for you! A clever hula hoop balloon wreath with balloon letters in the center.

This balloon wreath was actually made using the balloon strip mentioned above. You assemble the balloons onto the strip and attach it to the hula hoop with clear tape (sturdy packing tape would work best.)

You can also spray paint the hula hoop to match the shower or party decor.

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Here is another adorable example of incorporating a hula hoop into your baby shower balloon decor. 

To make this baby shower hula hoop decor you will need:

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Diy ideas for tulle

Our newest theme is balloons! Check them out here.

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Aren’t these balloons just the coolest things!? Every you own to do to make them is:

  1. now here is the crazy part string a piece of clear string (such as fishing line) through the top part of the tulle on the balloon
  2. add more ribbon to the base of each balloon
  3. hang from the ceiling from the clear string
  4. blow up some extra-large balloons in colors to match your event theme (no helium needed, just regular air) 
  5. wrap tulle around each balloon and tie with ribbon
  6. glue beautiful flowers onto the base of each balloon
  7. these balloons get rather heavy when adding the tulle, flowers and ribbon — so it works best to hang from the ceiling so they do not drop to the floor

DIY Balloon Arch — Instructions On How To Make A Balloon Arch For A Party

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Balloon arch garland are the latest trend and they are absolutely beautiful!

For just a few dollars, you can create a stunning masterpiece for the baby shower. 

The cool thing is — you don’t need helium for this project.

Just use an air pump to quickly inflate the balloons. 

Get balloons in every sizes from little to large — adding flowers and greenery also gives it a festive and elegant look. 

In the above example, they used chicken wire and fishing line, to create the balloon garland glance — but there is another method that you can use that’s a bit easier.

You will own a much easier time at this if you own a mini air pump — We didn’t own an air pump, which would own saved a ton of time. It took us about an hour to blow every of the balloons up and it was exhausting!

This is the kit that we bought for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party — I found it so simple to use.

Diy ideas for tulle

You will desire to purchase balloons in diverse sizes. Then, you add every of the larger balloons to the strip, and attach the smaller balloons on with glue dots (which are included.)  

The finished product was beautiful impressive. I’ll confess, I was skeptical when I bought it, thinking there was no way I could make the balloons glance love the picture — but it turned out beautiful! 

Of course I don’t own any pictures to show you!

Diy ideas for tulle

I didn’t get any pictures of the finished product and I am so unhappy about it. 

But I do own an additional kit — so I’ll make another one for the next party we own and be certain to capture it and share it with you!

(I did, however take pictures of my sweet baby granddaughter with her cake and a cute balloon letter backdrop — which you can see below.)

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The Best DIY Tips For Creating Beautiful Baby Shower Balloons

Below are some simple ideas for creating beautiful baby shower balloons!

Balloons are no longer the cheesy, plain, smack-you-in-the-face decorations that they used to be.

With a few creative tweaks, you can easily convert them into elegant masterpieces — or adorable theme-related decorations.

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Balloon Wall Baby Shower Decor

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This fancy balloon wall makes the perfect baby shower or birthday party decor! Also makes a beautiful backdrop for a photo booth area at the party.

Diy ideas for tulle

So cute!

And you can easily make it by using a balloon backdrop kit. After you make the balloon wall, you can use glue dots to stick smaller balloons to the larger balloons to get the glance above.

Beautiful baby shower balloon wreath

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