Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

This is highly dependent on the juice and your perception of taste. Fruity flavors tend to require the least quantity of steeping timevape juice that only contains fruit flavors can generally be vaped after a day or two. Tobacco and creamy dessert flavors on the other hand, typically need more steeping for maximal flavor. It’s recommended that you let these steep for at least two weeks.

The whole point of steeping vape juice is to get the optimal flavor out of the juice, so if it tastes excellent to you, then you’re done.

Some people love to steep their juice for weeks, while others might even let it go for months. It’s highly subjective. You should observe the color of your e-liquid. If it becomes slightly darker, then you know it has been steeping.

When it comes to commercial e-juice, check your bottle and see if it has a born-on date or an expiration date. E-juice has a recommended shelf life of two years, so see where your bottle is according to that timeframe to check the likelihood of even needing a steep.

If your juice is just ancient and the flavor is off, adding steeping time won’t help.

Why steep vape juice?

Steeping is a process that is especially relevant when making your own vape juice. In most cases, a steeped DIY e-juice will taste much better than a freshly made one. While there are recipes around that can be shake & vape certified, most flavorings require time to mix in. Steeping simply allows the vape juice ingredients to congeal. As a result, the juice’s flavor and aroma become smoother and more pronounced.

This doesnt mean that commercial e-juice will not benefit from some steeping.

You might be thinking, “Why do I own to do this myself!? Why can’t they just sell the juice when its ready?” Well, most juice on the market is in fact steepedbecause it’s likely been on the store shelves for some weeksbut made-to-order juice is not. It’s fresh! And chances are it will get much better if you let it steep for a while.

How to steep e-juice

Start by placing your closed e-liquid bottles in a cool and dark put, such as a cigar box, a drawer, or a cupboard for an extended period.

It’s also recommended that you shake your bottles every once in a while, to assist expedite the process.

Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

However, the reality is that genuine steeping takes timealthough there are some ways we will discuss to speed up the process a bit.

How to breath e-juice

Breathing is sometimes confused with steeping, but it is a diverse process. Just take the cap off and let your e-juice bottle sit for a few hours. Vape juices that contain alcohol will benefit a lot from breathing, as it speeds up alcohol evaporation. In any case, we recommend no more than 12 hours of breathing e-juice.

Leaving it off for too endless introduces the possibility of spills and something unwanted flying into your bottle!

How to streath e-juice

Streathing is essentially a combination of steeping and breathing, hence the name. To streath your juice, start by shaking your bottles, then run them under warm tap water. Take the cap off and put them in a cool, dark put for two hours. Put the cap back on and shake well.

When you heat your bottle of e-juice with warm water, the vegetable glycerin inside thins out, making it more love propylene glycol.

The theory here is that flavor molecules will be more miscible with the thinner base. After the glycerin gets back to room temperature, the juice should be back to its normal viscosity, but the flavors should be more pronounced.


Whether you prefer making your own vape juice or buying it from the shelves, steeping might be the final touch an e-liquid needs in order to become your all-day-vape. And while everything happens on a molecular level, it can be more of an art than a scienceespecially if you are not in a hurry.

But be prepared! Steeping might add a magic touch, but it is by no means a miracle cure for bad juices.

If you’ve been steeping a bottle for endless and it still doesn’t taste correct, it likely never will. Steeping can assist flavors blossom, but a bad recipe won’t repair itself just by adding time.

Dave Kriegel

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a previous smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped numerous people stop smoking.

Vaping has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.

“There is no away, when we throw anything away it must go somewhere” — Annie Leonard

We live in a world where numerous of our everyday items are disposable. From cutlery to carrier bags, we throw away a lot of items that are harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. An effective way to do our part is to purchase reusable, sustainably sourced items and to reuse or recycle the disposable items we own.

Single use plastic bottles are designed for exactly that, single use. It’s not safe to reuse single use plastic bottles for drinking. While most plastic bottles are recyclable, there are also lots of grand ways you can reuse them for things other than drinking.

Here’s 60 diverse ways you can reuse your everyday plastic bottles.

Pet Feeder

This innovative pet feeder is perfect for your furry friend!

Source: thebetterindia

Watering Can

This one takes minutes to make and is enjoyment to get the kids involved in the gardening.

Source: WikiHow


For this one you’ll need a lot of time and a lot of bottles! You’ve got to confess, these greenhouses are beautiful impressive.

Source: DIYprojects

1. Bird Feeder 

Making a bird feeder is easy! You need a plastic bottle, some string, scissors, a pencil and of course, bird seed. Take a glance at this step by step tutorial.

Source: RSPB

DIY Ottoman

Yes, you read that correct.

Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

An ottoman made from plastic bottles!

Source: howtoinstructions

Lid Lamp

Fancy making this awesome lid lamp? Check out this video.

Source: YouTube


These beautiful flower keyrings are a grand way to reuse ancient bottles and a perfect gift! They’re not too hard to make, check out the instructions here.

Source: DIY Enthusiasts

Bottle Scoop

This is grand for gardening and simple to make!

Check out this video tutorial.

Source: Pinterest

Flower Charms

These charms are perfect for personalising wine glasses at a party or adding to a napkin ring. Follow these image instructions here.

Source: Pinterest

Woven Basket

Turning your waste bottles into a waste paper basket? Genius!

Source: Architecture Art Designs

Plastic Bag Dispenser

Reusing plastic bottles to store the plastic bags you will later reuse? Genius!

Source: WonderfulDIY

Dog Toy

These dog toys are made by placing a plastic bottle into an ancient canvas bag and sewing it shut.

You can even add some stuffing and a squeaker!

Source: Pinterest


A plastic bottle vase is something you can get creative with. You can use wool, paint or felt. Creative your own designs, these vases make a perfect gift!

Source: The Hackitts

6. Watering Containers

Perfect for keeping your plants hydrated whilst you’re on holiday! Study more here.

Source: Pinterest

Utensil Holder

Plastic bottles are grand for holding just about anything — pencils, buttons, and even kitchen utensils!

Discover somewhere to hang/stand the bottle to hold utensils to hand.

Source: Pinterest

Snack Bowls

This is a genius hack for your next party. Little snack bowls that glance so much cooler than a regular white china bowl!

Source: followgreenliving

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

If you own a spare £, you could purchase an eco chandelier from etsy… or you could start collecting bottles and make it your next project!

Source: etsy


This is an awesome costume for any party, and is surprisingly simple to make!

Check out these instructions from themomcreative.

Source: themomcreative

Lip Balm

Bottle cap lip balms are such a cool idea! Beautiful simple to make and you can fill it with vaseline, coconut oil or stir either with an ancient lipstick to make a tinted balm.

Source: Wikihow

Garage Storage

We every own bits and pieces lying around in the garage, why not use your ancient plastic bottles to tidy things up a little?

Source: Best of DIY Ideas

9. Wind Spiral Mobile

The perfect Spring activity! You’ll need bottles, paint, paintbrushes, scissors, a wooden stick and some string.

Follow these instructions.

Source: The Mad House

7. Hanging Basket

Make a hanging planter with any size bottle. There’s some fab instructions available here.

Source: inhabitat


This is a grand Summer DIY for watering the grass, or just for the kids or dogs to enjoy splashing around!

Source: WasteHunter

Water Filter

Did you know you could make a water filter out of a simple water bottle? Possibly only needed in emergency situations or when camping, but it’s excellent to know how to do this!

Check out this video.

Source: packari

Christmas Tree Decorations

So simple to add a personal, homemade touch to your tree for Christmas.

Source: icreativeideas

Bottle Cap Mosaic 

How numerous bottles do you own lying around the house? If it’s 30, — you’re in luck! You can recreate this gorgeous mosaic by Russian pensioner Olga Kostina.

Source: boredpanda

Dog Treat Game

This one might take some time but will hold your furry friend busy for hours!

You can discover a video and instructions at GoodsHomeDesign.

Source: Pinterest

Smiley Face Succulent

How adorable!? Every you need is a pop bottle, some paint and some stick on eyes. And, of course, a plant of your choice. These little guys make awesome homemade gifts!

Source: eBay

Jewellery Stand

This one would make a gorgeous present for a friend as passionate about recycling as you are! EPBOT has some fab step by step photos.

Source: EPBOT

Green Wall

This is a grand project for schools!

Gets the kids involved in gardening and serves as a lesson in reusing and recycling. Perfect project for a sunny day.

Source: YouTube

Flower Paint Stamp

Another grand rainy day activity for the kids! Beautiful self-explanatory, simple and fun.

Source: Pinterest

Beach Bucket

This one takes seconds, so you’ve got more time to pack your picnic and beach towels!

Cut your large detergent bottle under the handle. You can also glue the lid on to hold the pail sealed.

Source: The Fill

Rain Gauge

Another enjoyment lessons for the kids.

Measuring rainfall is the best way to make the most of bad weather!

Source: the imagination tree

Bottle Light

Another bright thought here! How cool do these light fittings look?

Source: Crooked Brains

5. Piggy Bank

Need a rainy day project for the kids? You can discover step by step instructions for this adorable craft here.

Source: AllYou

Solar Water Bulb

55 watts of light, free of charge? Sounds too excellent to be true! Check out this handy hack.

Source: DIYprojects


This game never gets old!

It might not take endless for the kids to make these, but they’ll get plenty of playtime afterwards. You can discover instructions and some grand designs for this game here.

Source: Pinterest

8. Pencil Case

How about a home made pencil case for the kids to take to school? Here’s the instructions.

Source: makeit-loveit

Magazine Holder 

How funky does this look? This would make a grand modern feature in your office or living room!

Source: Lushome

Food Storage

This one is super simple, but make certain your bottle is clean and bone dry first!

Source: Amazing Interior Design

Yarn Holders

Now this is clever!

This hack will hold every of your wool separate and simple to access.

Source: Foliver

Christmas Tree

This miniature decoration would be a grand addition to any office desk! You can follow step by step images here.

Source: stranamasterov

Lake Boat

Okay, so this one might be a bit unachievable for most of us, but possibly the most impressive use of plastic bottles so far!

Source: ippinka

Hanging Bottle Garden

This one is a lot of work but makes an amazing feature in the garden. It looks so complicated but is simply made by stringing the bottles together at the top and bottom, hanging on a sturdy beam or wall, and cutting a section out of the bottle to plant your herbs, flowers or any other little plants.


Source: Rosenbaum

Woven Baskets

Perfect for Easter time, these baskets are simple to make and glance fantastic! You need a plastic bottle, some scissors and some wool — simple peasy.

Source: Pinterest

2. Terrarium

This one is such a enjoyment activity for kids! Head to for full instructions.

Source: Education


So this one requires 10 bottles, but the game is simple to make and you just need some felt (or marker pens) to number the bottles and any little ball you own lying around.


Source: MandeeMade


Why purchase a broom when you can make one with a 2 litre bottle?

Source: Permaculture

Zero Electricity Cooler

This incredible innovation cools a room without electricity. You can make your own with a perforated board and plastic bottles. Put at an open window and feel the room cool down!

Source: Inhabitat

Cat Toy

This is quick and simple to make and will hold your cat busy every day!

Cut some holes in a bottle, pop some treats in and let your cat bat it around until they drop out.

Source: Every Things Pink

4. Bottle Top Bag Seal

You can use this trick for just about anything. That half-eaten “for sharing” bag of crisps? Yep. Half a bag of pasta? Yep. You name it! You can discover a full step by step here.

Source: icreativeideas

PS. Don’t forget to recycle the parts of the bottle you don’t use. Or save them to reuse in other ways!

Garden Hedgehogs

These little guys are a grand feature for your garden and aren’t that hard to do!

Check it out at WonderfulDIY.

Source: WonderfulDIY

Cookie in a Bottle

Why not recreate this classic cookie (or brownie!) in a jar, but with an environmentally conscious plastic bottle, rather than glass? You can still add some paper and ribbon to decorate the top. As with the dried foods storage, make certain the bottle is clean and totally dry! Damp flour in a bottle is never good.

Source: Pinterest

Animal Planters

How cute are these? Perfect for brightening up any room! Instructions available from GoodHousekeeping.

Source: GoodHousekeeping


Egg Yolk Sucker

This little food hack is a game changer! Hold a clean plastic bottle to hand in the kitchen for recipes that call for separating egg yolks. Watch this video demo for more.

Source: BT

Pencil Pots

These awesome guys are made from shampoo bottles. Add some paint and googly eyes and you’ve got perfect desktop pencil pots!

Source: guideastuces

Music Shakers

Another grand one for primary school teachers! Use sticky back contact paper or duct tape to prevent the bottles from splitting.

Source: Let’s Frolic Music


This is an impressive activity and is a grand way to avoid purchasing more plastic in the form of a bin. You can see more photos and instructions here.

Source: Instructables

Coloured Lights

You can do this with whole bottles or just the bottoms, you can use coloured bottles or paint them yourself. Make it your own!

Source: Pinterest

Present Box

This box would be perfect for a little present or some homemade treats! Study how to make this impressive wrapping here.

Source: YouTube

Now we know not every of these ideas are for everyone (especially if you’re not a crafty soul!) but hopefully we’ve inspired to you give one or two of these ideas a attempt (or switch to a reusable water bottle!).

Every bottle that gets reused is another bottle that avoids the nasty fate of ending up in our oceans.

Know someone who’d love to give one of these ideas a go? Share the post with them and together we can reduce the number of plastic bottles that are harming our beautiful planet.

Disclaimer: If you’re attempting any of these ideas that requires the use of scissors, knives or other sharp tools please be careful! Also use your common sense or the assist of a professional when implementing any electrical related ideas. Children should always be supervised by a parent or guardian.

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By: Naomi Shaw

Did you know that after drinking your favorite wine you can easily upcycle your bottles to create great home and event décor?

Decorating empty wine bottles is a grand way to create beautiful works of art that can be used for any occasion. Simply save and collect bottles of various colors and sizes, then clean your bottles with a little bit of soap and boiling water to soak off their labels. For a few of the best wine bottle décor ideas consider these 7 cool things you can do to repurpose your wine bottles today.

Spectacular Floral Vases

One of the most intuitive things to do with empty wine bottles is to turn them into awesome flower vases. Wine bottle flower vases can be used around the home to instantly bring a little bit of nature indoors.

When it comes to wine bottle vases, simply use the empty bottles as they are, removing their labels. Then fill them with a little water, add a bouquet of unused flowers and you’re every set! Put multiple bottles of various colors side-by-side for a pulled together and unique look.

What is steeping?

Steeping in the vape world is a misleading term. Normally it’s defined as putting a solid in water to soften, or to extract flavorlike steeping tea or marinating meat. When referring to steeping e-liquid, the expression takes on a slightly diverse meaning.

A more appropriate definition would be aging your e-juice.

Steeping e-juice involves letting it age to achieve better flavor. There are numerous ways to do this, which we will go into more depth later.

Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

Essentially, it means letting the e-juice sit. The most significant factor in this equation is time. It allows the ingredients (PG/VG, flavorings and nicotine) to mix together. Additionally, some juice can contain trace amounts of alcohol, depending on the flavoring used, which will evaporate during the steeping process.

There is a lot of misinformation on the topic, but it can be broken below into three categories. Steeping, breathing and “streathing”, which is just a combination of the first two processes.

How to speed steep e-juice

Most people simply don’t own time for steeping. Taste your juice. If you’re already satisfied with the flavor, don’t annoy.

Some people prefer the taste of freshly mixed juice. Speeding up vape juice steeping has been a subject of debate among vaperssome swear by their methods while others claim that nothing can replace excellent ancient patience.

Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

If you feel love experimenting, here’s a few speed steeping hacks that you can try:

Bath – Fill a bowl, sink or bathtub (depending on how much juice you’re steeping) with warm water. Not room temperature or boiling water, it needs to be just rightcomfortable enough for your hand. Put your e-liquid bottles in a plastic bag and let nature do the relax. Simple and effective.

Slow cooker – Not only excellent for making chili, slow cookers provide low heat at a consistent temperature for extended periods.

Just fill it up with some water and set it to the lowest heat setting. Put your bag of e-juice inside and periodically shake them from time to time.

Ultrasonic cleaner – If you own an ultrasonic cleaner for vape gear or jewelry, it can also be used to speed-steep your juice. Just fill it up with warm water and let the power of ultrasonic waves send vibrations through your juice. This will permit the molecules stir together quickly.

Magnetic stirrer – Transfer your e-liquid into a large container, preferably a glass one.

Then put it on top of the magnetic stirrer and let science do the relax. This method works grand, especially if you are creating your own DIY juice.

Seed Steeping – Not a typo. Seed steeping is when you mix already steeped juice, with unused, un-steeped juice. This “plants the seed”, which will assist to speed up the process.

Other speed steeping methods

There are numerous other “creative” steeping hacks to speed up the process.

Diy ideas with alcohol bottles

You can discover them every over the web. However, we don’t recommend every of them. Using an electric dryer or a microwave might seem love a excellent thought in theory, but it’s hard to control the temperature.

Get creative, but don’t get too crazy. If you’re using plastic bottles, excessive heat isn’t ideal. In fact, it can alter the taste of your juice. If it works for you, go for it, but be brilliant about it.


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