Diy ideas with cardboard tubes

Cardboard and duct tape team up for this stylish vintage-inspired camper van the perfect use for larger-sized boxes.

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Diy ideas with cardboard tubes

Target golf

A journey to the mini-golf course can be expensive for large families, but this cheap, homemade target golf set will cost you pennies.

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A gingerbread house

How cute (and simple) is this?!

Diy ideas with cardboard tubes

Let the kids decorate a few paper plate lollipops and candies and youre every set.

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A greengrocers

According to the mum who made this incredible shopfront for her daughters, this only takes four hours, tops!

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Diy ideas with cardboard tubes

A Lego town

For the family that always fights over the best Lego boards you can make this large enough for everyone to get involved at once.

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Musically-inclined kids will go crazy for these what an upgrade on the classic elastic-band-over-a-tissue-box idea!

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Diy ideas with cardboard tubes