Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Once the doors are completely dry, screw back on the handles and reattach your kitchen doors. You could even treat yourself to some new kitchen handles since you own saved so much by painting your kitchen rather than buying new

Step four: start painting

To select a paint that will suit your kitchen cabinets, you can pick one from the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Go in with your first layer of paint. Remember: lots of thin layers are best, so don’t lay it on too thick. Let that layer dry completely and then paint a second layer. Depending on what colour you are painting over, two coats might be enough, but do a third jacket if you need to.

Step one: remove doors and drawer fronts

Before you start painting, remove the doors and drawer fronts that you intend to paint.

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

If you can, remove every the handles and hardware too, and if you can’t do this, tape up anything you don’t desire to be painted.

Step two: sand surfaces

If you are painting wooden doors that own already been painted, you can probably skip this step, but the whole point of sanding is to create a rougher surface for the paint to adhere to, so if your wooden doors are super smooth, just give them a quick go over with some sandpaper. If you are working with laminate or veneer kitchen cabinet doors, this step is essential as the paint won’t adhere to the smooth surface.

Make certain that once you own finished sanding you get rid of any dust.

Give the doors a wipe below with a damp cloth.

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Get the vacuum out as you don’t desire any of those tiny particles around when you start painting.

What helpful of kitchen cabinets can be painted?

While painting kitchen cabinets is a super simple and cheap way to update your kitchen, unfortunately, you can’t just whack paint on and hope for the best. First, you own to check your kitchen cabinets can be painted.

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

If you own solid wood kitchen cabinets doors you are excellent to go: paint away, just make certain they are properly primed (more on that later).

If your kitchen cabinet doors are laminate or veneer, you own a trickier occupation on your hands. You can still paint them, but the shiny, smooth surface just means you own to be every about the sanding and using a excellent adhesion promoting primer to urge the paint to stick (again, more on that next).

Finally, you need to discover suitable paint – check out our pick of the best paints for kitchen cabinets before you get started.

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Follow our step-by-step instructions to discover out how to paint kitchen cabinets in order to achieve your desired finish.

Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Our handy video provides plenty of tips and tricks, too.

Step three: prime kitchen cabinets

Once the doors are dry and clean you can add the first jacket of primer. Select a primer that is best for the material you are painting: for wooden doors use a wood primer or undercoat and for laminate, a excellent multi-purpose primer or a specialist surface primer.

Add an even jacket to the whole surface using either a roller or a paintbrush and leave to dry.

If you are painting laminate or veneer doors, give your doors another sand to to create even more texture for the paint to adhere to.


Diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas