Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

The cheapest way of getting a kitchen with a solid wood finish is to purchase affordable off-the-shelf carcasses, such as from Ikea, and then get a joiner to make solid wood door fronts. You can even order them online – attempt Superfront, which makes doors, handles and legs for Ikea frames, or Shaker Doors Oxford.

If you’re designing a kitchen on a budget but desire to achieve the glance and feel of bespoke units, companies love Plykea and Husk, upscale Ikea Metod Kitchens with the assist of bespoke and stylish plywood fronts and worktops.

The beauty of this type of kitchen is that it can recreate the glance of a more expensive in-frame design for less, which can then be dressed up with luxurious fixtures and finishes, such as a beautiful Belfast sink andbridge tap.

Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

Brilliant kitchen storage solutions, such as pull-out carousels, can also be installed into the units at a fairly low cost.

Or, if you’ve found a cabinet door finish you love from Ikea, swap out the handles for ones that are more exciting, such as antique store finds.

Use our kitchen cabinet design ideas for inspiration and advice.

It is possible to purchase a bespoke solid wood, traditionally jointed in-frame kitchen, where the doors sit within the frame, for about £5,000.

Attempt Ancient Creamery Furniture and Pineland, which offer painted, solid wood freestanding units at a extremely reasonable price. As there are no units to put together, this reduces the time, and cost, it takes to install too.

Also glance at British Standard by Plain English. Plain English sells bespoke kitchens with an average price of £50,000 to £60,000 but, through British Standard, offer a more affordable range of quality cabinets – from £5,000 for a finish set-up. These own solid wood doors and carcasses made from white melamine faced European birch ply, with beech shelf lippings and traditionally dovetailed drawers.

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Replace kitchen worktops on a budget


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The best types of kitchen worktops can make or break the glance of a budget kitchen.

When it comes to finishes, premium worktops will lift the glance of the whole kitchen.

Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

Granite and quartz surfaces are a genuine investment, at several hundred pounds per 3m run, but durable composites, which replicate their intrinsic character and sparkle, are much more cost-effective.

Solid oak work surfaces can be ordered online for as little as £100 to £120 per 3m run; attempt Worktop Express.

If opting for a high-quality laminate, select a excellent depth with a squared edge, and overhang it slightly at the finish of unit runs for an elegant finish.

If you’re only replacing worktops but keeping the relax of the kitchen, you could attempt Granite Transformations, a company that fits a new worktop over the top of the ancient ones.

Mix and match worktop materials, for example a granite island against timber topped units, for a bespoke finish.

This also allowsyou to use a cheaper and more durable material where you do most of your work and prep, then inject a bit of luxury with a breakfast bar or plinth in something more high-end such as quartz.

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Wickes kitchens, B&Q kitchens: where to discover the best budget kitchen cabinets

Other than Ikea, check out more of our favourite brands, where you can discover plenty of budget-friendly (but obviously still incredibly stylish) kitchen cabinetry…

Know the cost of designing a stylish kitchen on a budget

As a extremely rough guide, it is sensible to spend a maximum of five per cent of the overall worth of your home on a new kitchen to avoid losing money if you sell.

At the lower finish of the kitchen cost scale, expect to pay upwards of £3,000 for excellent quality units for an average sized kitchen.

On top of this, you’ll need to add worktops, which cost upwards of £100, appliances and fitting, which can vary from a few hundred pounds to more than £2,000, depending on the kitchen’s complexity.

When pricing up your furniture and worktops, be aware that estimates will vary fairly widely depending on the quality and level of design you are after, but expect to pay f rom £17/m² for standard off-the-shelf units and work surface and up to £144/m² for bespoke units and design service.

When designing a kitchen on a budget, it is wise to first factor in the cost of any known quantities to assist you cut the cost of your new kitchen.

These include appliances, decorative finishes and necessary electrical works to add additional sockets and lights, for example. Deduct these from your entire budget before choosing how much to spend on the units and fitting.To design a kitchen on a budget, you could paint the kitchen cabinets yourself.

Budget even lower?

Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

Check out our feature on designing a kitchen for under £5,000 (yes it is doable!).

Bear in mind that fitting a cheap and cheerful kitchen can own a negative impact on a home’s worth, which makes your choice of cabinets and finishes so vital. You will own to invest carefully to get a beautiful finish on a limited budget.

The Used Kitchen Company: purchase an ex-displaykitchen on a budget

An ex-display kitchen can be an absolute deal – and in top notch condition. The used kitchens on sites love The Used Kitchen Companyand The Kitchen Exchange are fully inspected to check that they are in grand condition so your second-hand kitchen won’t come with second-hand scratches, scuff marks or moisture rings.

Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

Plus, if you are buying an ex-display kitchen, it has essentially never been used.Everything is beautiful much already assembled and ready to go with a recycled kitchen, so no time is spent matching fittings and fixtures. Providing you own the correct measurements, your new kitchen can just slide into place; you could of course also hire a kitchen fitter just to make certain everything is exactly as you desire it.

Purchase flat-pack kitchen cabinets on a budget

If you own a entire budget of between £5,000 to £10,000, you may be surprised at the quality of cabinets you can afford.

Diy kitchen cupboard ideas

The majority of kitchens within this price bracket will consist of flat-pack carcasses with doors mounted on to the front using hinges screwed into the chipboard. The units are generally every the same on the inside – although some are made sturdier than others with an 18mm frame – with the glance dictated by the style and colour of doors and decor panels.

Kitchens on a budget can be DIY fitted

You could also save over £1,000 by installing the kitchen yourself, but you will compromise the finish if your DIY skills are not up to scratch.

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Diy kitchen cupboard ideas