Diy leather craft ideas

I own a really detailed post on cutting leather with a Cricut Explore or Maker.

Diy leather craft ideas

I go into which machine, mats, and blades to use to get the best result!


Gluing will hold your edges pressed together while you prepare the leather for stitching. You’ve been doing this one since first grade, so there’s not a whole lot to study here. Applying the glue is not hard, but there are some ways that can improve how well the glue holds love sanding the area you’re gluing, making certain you glue only where you need with wax paper, and apply pressure when the glue is drying.

Diy leather craft ideas

First, sand the area that you are planning on gluing, especially if it’s on the flesh side (surface or top side) of the leather. This will make it so the glue can sink into the leather a bit and adhere much better.

Next lay below some wax paper and apply the glue with a paint brush.

Diy leather craft ideas

Getting glue in the incorrect spot is a serious pain to attempt and clean up, so use wax paper to keep the glue where it needs to be.

Finally, apply pressure while it dries. Often I will use binder clips, but make certain the leather you’re using for your project doesn’t get dented by the blinder clips. If that’s the case, just lay a cloth over the edge and then clip on the binder clips.

DIY Leather Projects

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It's Easier Than You Think: A Simple, Straightforward Guide to Getting Started in Leatherworking

My journey in leatherworking started with disappointment.

Disappointment in a pair of leather boots. I had purchased a pair of Steve Maddens from DSW for about $ They didn’t final long and I mean, they really didn’t final endless. After a month of beautiful irregular use, the grommets had fallen out, the surface of the leather had started to rip, and the dye was already starting to rub off. And as my shoe angst built, I thought, ‘I could make something better than this.’

Angst aside, I was correct, I could. And you could too.

Seriously, it didn’t take endless before I was making leather items at a much higher quality than those boots, and it won’t take you endless either.

Even though leather working is a lot less common than, tell, wood working, it is actually super simple to get started. With starting costs being relatively low and simple to understand basic skills that are transferable to numerous projects, leather working is definitely a skill you should pick up.

And you’re correct, I’m biased.

Diy leather craft ideas

But give me a chance to prove it to you. Under is a list of basic skills that will assist you finish most leather working projects.

Diy leather craft ideas

You’ll discover that each of these skills are simple to understand, even if a bit tricky to master, and will quickly get you making some quality leather items, love laptop sleeves, journals, and more (those tutorials coming soon!). If you’d love to a more detailed explanation of the skills in the list under you can check out the Beginners Guide on my website: 

Where to Purchase Faux Leather for Craft Projects

If you dont love the thought of using animal leather in your projects, there are a lot of grand alternatives. Ive had a lot of excellent luck with Cricuts faux leather, particularly for smaller projects love earrings.

Again, Etsy is also a excellent resource—Ive had grand luck with Pink Antler Sparkle in particular.

Where to Purchase Genuine Leather for Craft Projects

There are a lot of online shops to purchase genuine leather, but Ive had excellent luck with Tandy Leather.

Diy leather craft ideas

They own locations in numerous cities if you desire to stop in and take a glance. Etsy has a lot of options as well.


The first thing you’ll do is cut out the pieces for your project. And this is something that’s beautiful simple, but there’s a correct way to cut and a not so correct way. Because cutting out the leather is generally the first step in making a leather item and your cuts effect the difficulty of the steps that follow. Clean cuts ensure that burnishing is simple and your stitching lines are straight. Getting a clean cut is every about scoring, using a ruler that won’t slip, and having a sharp knife.

First, trace out your project onto the leather using a scratch awl and ruler.

Next cut out each piece with a knife and a heavier ruler that isn’t going to slip.

There are a lot of diverse kinds of knives that work well when cutting leather.

Diy leather craft ideas

If you are just getting into leather working, rotary cutters work well.

Finally it’s insanely significant to hold your knives sharp. Your cuts won’t be as clean and you’re prone to make more mistakes with a dull blade. Even if you’re using a rotary cutter, make certain to hold it sharp.

Diy leather craft ideas

You can purchase a rotary blade sharpener or replace the blade frequently.


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