Diy leather gift ideas

Make one of our unique Mother’s Day ideas from the gallery of homemade gifts under. These Mother’s Day gifts are simple for every levels of crafting. It’s easier than ever to create a Mother’s Day present with a handcrafted feel.

A Morning Snack

She’s certain to enjoy this Mother’s Day present. Stir up some love by making unused, sweet cinnamon butter with Curly Birds’ recipe—perfect for toast and pancakes. Make a batch of these Mother’s Day crafts for your mom, mother-in-law and grandma!

Infinity Scarf

Who isn’t excited to get a luxurious scarf? Select your mom’s favorite color and create an infinity scarf that’s just for her.

She’ll stay cozy and stylish with this DIY present. Thanks, Creative Green Living, for making this one so easy.

Catch Every Tray

A catch every tray is a perfectly personalized destination for her jewelry and keepsakes. With an inspiring quote and beautiful background, she’ll be proud to own this on display. Select a photo that will brighten her day, love one from a recent birthday or family outing.

DIY Shelves

Build these DIY wood shelves out of pine or knotty cedar using Design*Sponge’s step-by-step guide.

Diy leather present ideas

These can decorate a special room and provide space for keepsakes, little plants and travel souvenirs. She’ll always remember the work (and thought!) you put into her gift.

Colorful Keychains

How about a fabric keychain for Mom? Personalize with her favorite colors and patterns using Craftiness is Not Optional’s simple tutorial. Every time she picks up her keys, she’ll ponder of you. A colorful keychain will brighten up her days and may prevent her from losing her keys.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric crafted flowers stay unused the whole year. Add them to a barrette, headband or brooch for something Mom can wear on special occasions. You’ll discover the tips for this present on Activity Village’s craft page.

Patio Pillows

Give her a little R&R with a cozy patio pillow. Select a photo from an outdoor family excursion, love a day at the pool, stroll on the trails or a game of horseshoes.

Diy leather present ideas

Mom will appreciate having these enjoyment outdoor pillows for her spring, drop, and summer patio days.

So Unused and So Clean

Freshen up her wardrobe and closets with Design*Sponge’s’s homemade linen spray recipe. Select lavender, mint or eucalyptus scent for a magically clean and relaxing smell.

Homemade Bath Bomb

Let Mom relax with homemade bath bombs from A Beautiful Mess made of essential oils and moisturizers. She’ll appreciate kicking back in the bathtub, soaking in the scents of lavender, eucalyptus or another favorite aroma.

Simple Canvas Pouch

Perfect for makeup, jewelry and craft supplies, a personalized canvas pouch can store a variety of favorite items. Select a design that matches Mom’s style—because chances are, she’ll be using this present often.

Clean and Creative

Add spark to the dining table with these customizable placemats. Mom will be grateful to see these when she cleans up after a endless day. Include photos from family vacations, holiday celebrations or trips to the park.

Breathtaking Canvas Photo

Give an unforgettable present, love a stunning canvas print that she will treasure for years to come.

Select from portrait sessions or family vacation photos to design a canvas that captures the beauty and essence of your family.

Home Dinner Plate

Personalize a dinner plate for a homemade Mother’s Day present that will be certain to melt her heart. With a personal message and handcrafted image, she can put it on display as wall art or use it to serve breakfast, snack mixes or appetizers.

Custom Bangle

A present that’s always a hit? Jewelry!

Create a bangle bracelet with one or multiple charms that match Mom’s style. Add a photo of you and your siblings as a kid as a reminder that you’ll always be her little ones. She’ll appreciate the additional bling and thoughtfulness behind such a personalized gift.

Cozy Mug Sleeve

Every morning when your mom sips her coffee or tea, she’ll ponder of you.

Diy leather present ideas

Sew a mug sleeve using Crafty Staci’s tutorial and colorful fabric that’s bound to brighten her day. Your enjoyment DIY present will also hold her drink boiling while her hands stay nice and cool.

Styling Outside

Add additional flair to your patio or front porch with personalized outdoor pillows. These pillows are a grand conversation starter and keepsake to liven up any spring, summer or drop party.

Keepsake Quilt

Cuddle up! Create a keepsake quilt for Mom that will surround her with your love and care.

Select family photos from a portrait session, family journey or everyday life. When your mom sees your creation, she’ll be thrilled to use it every day!

Chic Canvas Pouch

Let’s face it, there’s no one love Mom. So when Mother’s Day rolls around, it can be tough to discover the perfect present that’s as special as she is. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist. We’ll break below some Mother’s Day ideas that will make Mom feel oh-so-loved. So if you’re ready to get crafty with DIY Mother’s Day gifts, discover the perfect present for Mom this year in our gallery under. Flexing your creative skills with Mother’s Day crafts allows you to truly customize your present, adding an additional dose of thoughtfulness as you design something that’s perfectly her.

From personalized jewelry trays to crocheted scarves to chocolate-covered strawberries, we’ve included something for every type of mom—and for every craft level.

So when you’re short on time, but still desire a handcrafted present packed with love, we own the perfect personalized Mother’s Day gifts for mom listed below.

Diy leather present ideas

Silhouette Brooch

Make brooches with a personal touch using a guide from Activity Village. Use silhouette shapes of children or grandchildren so she can show them off at dinner parties and community events, or frame them so she can enjoy them in her home.

Spice Things Up

Who says Mother’s Day ideas can’t own a little spice? Make your own boiling pepper oil with jalapeños or boiling chili peppers using tips from A Beautiful Mess. She’ll be fired up!

Hand Mold

This plaster hand mold from Activity Village is the perfect homemade present for the little ones to get involved in.

Own your kids, nieces and nephews or grandchildren contribute to a present that will leave mom touched.

Photo Table Runner

Design a table runner with family photos from trips, outdoor adventures and special celebrations. You could even make a new one every year from photos of previous family gatherings, love Thanksgiving dinner or summer potlucks. Or hold it simple with a stylish pattern and your family name.

Diy leather present ideas

She’ll tug out this special decor for parties, holidays and family dinners.

DIY Wooden Bracelet

With wooden beads and a simple jewelry string, you can make a festive statement necklace for both casual and special occasions. She’ll appreciate the unique addition to her jewelry collection! Head over to Curly Birds for the DIY instructions.

Catch Every Tray

Customize a catch every tray that can be placed on a dresser, desk or decorative table. Your thoughtfulness will go a endless way, because she can use this present to store rings, bracelets, keepsakes and special mementos from her trips and loved ones.

Hold Her Organized

Still need present ideas for your wife before her birthday, your anniversary, the holiday season or another gift-giving event?

Coming up with thoughtful, romantic gifts for your wife (or girlfriend, or fianceé) isn’t always a breeze, especially when she deserves a palace on a private island.

Diy leather present ideas

But don’t worry, we’ve got you. To jump-start your imagination, ponder about what your wife loves and values. Is she a homebody or an adventurer, sentimental or practical, trendy or traditional? Then ponder about what’s going on in her life. Are you decorating your home, planning a journey, celebrating a milestone, or starting new jobs? Now you’re getting the idea.

Another grand way to discover the perfect present for your wife is to simply start perusing lists of ideas to see what piques your interest and makes you ponder, «Wow, that’s so ‘her.'» In other words: Believe your instincts and own enjoyment with it! Here, check out 60 enjoyment and romantic present ideas your wife will love.

(And psst: tons of these work for other loved ones, love besties and moms, too.)

Every year, my husband is the toughest person on my list. He has extremely distinct likes and hobbies — watching sports, gaming and other tech, and is a cocktail enthusiast — but is an early adopter and buys himself whatever he wants as it becomes available. How do I get ahead of the guy who has everything but still make it exciting and useful? Budget up to $1,000.

A cocktail enthusiast should own top-notch equipment for making the drink of his choice. Lorenzi Milano transforms raw materials love horn, bamboo and mother-of-pearl into special, unique products for everyday use — love cocktail shakers and bottle openers, which would be handsome additions to any at-home bar.

For something tech-related that isn’t just a gadget that he might already own, go for a fashionable case. Brands love Dior, Berluti and Bottega Veneta, for example, make fancy leather key-chain holsters for the ever-popular Apple AirPods. — Alex Tudela, market editor, T Magazine

My wife is tricky to purchase for. After 16 years together, I still struggle. When I enquire she says, “I don’t need anything.” Given that she is a rock star at work and the rock of our family, I desire to purchase her something that shows how significant she is. Among her interests: reading.

If she likes to read, then give her some large, amazing novels she can lose herself in, love Ann Patchett’s “The Dutch House” — a wealthy, old-fashioned family saga — or Jennifer Weiner’s “Mrs.

Everything,” the tale of the women’s movement told through the lives of two sisters raised in 1950s Detroit. There is also Kevin Wilson’s spiky, darkly amusing “Nothing to See Here,” a tale of ancient friends and 10-year-old twins who burst into flames when they’re anxious or upset. (I know, I know: It sounds weird. But believe me.) — Tina Jordan, deputy editor, The New York Times Book Review

What presents do you propose for Hanukkah, especially for children?

I own interfaith children and the types of gifts we give them aren’t diverse for Christmas and Hanukkah — but the size might be.

For the eight nights of Hanukkah we give them smaller gifts — the equivalent of stocking stuffers on Christmas. Depending on the age or gender of the kid, some suggestions: kid-friendly nail polish love Piggy Paint, scrunchies — Claire’s has a plethora, Calico Critters (small dolls), Transformers. — Jessica Grose, lead editor, Parenting

My father-in-law cares a lot about appearance and likes nice things, but our budget is $50 currently. Help! He is currently retired, enjoys his boat and is constantly finding tasks to do to hold himself busy. He has enjoyed our practical gifts in the past, but a man can only own so numerous coolers.

A practical man who wants to hold his face looking unused after spending hours out on the water needs a excellent cap.

Consider one of these sun hats, and throw in some sunscreen for excellent measure. — Lauren Reddy, audience director, Special Projects.

Dads are notoriously hard to purchase gifts for. They own literally everything, and desire actually nothing.

Diy leather present ideas

Any object they do actually own a hankering for, they’ve probably already bought for themselves, anyway. Instead of buying him another present he inevitably won’t use, attempt one of these creative DIYs. We guarantee he’ll love them, and you won’t be asking him the next time you see him, «Um, so where’s that present I got you?» Ahead, 25 unique and homemade gifts for dad.

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1Lego Key Organizer

Because he’s literally always losing his keys.

Get the tutorial at ManMade.

BUY NOWLego Baseplate, $6

2Wood Grain Flask

Now that you’re grown up, you can give him the present he’ll actually want.

Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

BUY NOWWood Grain Contact Paper, $14

4Minimal Geometric Clock

Now he has no excuse for being tardy to hang with you.

Get the tutorial at Hello Lidy.

5Tiny Toolbox

These tiny toolboxes are made out of altoid tins, and we are DYING over the cuteness.

Get the tutorial at AlphaMom.

BUY NOWAltoids Classic Mints, $7

6Leather Keychain

Do you know how much this would cost in a department store? Way too much.

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.

BUY NOWPlain Keyring, $3

7Painted Wood Coasters

These are actually seriously enjoyment to make, and the finish result is totally cool.

Get the tutorial at Unoriginal Mom.

BUY NOWWood Circles, $13

8Hand-Stamped Handkerchief

If your dad carries a handkerchief around, you absolutely need to make this for him.

Diy leather present ideas

Get the tutorial at Paper & Stitch.

BUY NOWPlain Handkerchief, $10


Stuff slippers with every his fave snacks and treats for a cozy Christmas present.

Get the tutorial at Beautiful Providence.

BUY NOWWest Elm Slippers, $10

10Dinosaur Planter

These planters are so much enjoyment, he’ll pay you to make him more of them for the yard.

Get the tutorial at Maggie Overby Studios.

BUY NOWDinosaur Toys, $17

11Wood Slice Magnets

12Fire Starter Kit

You don’t own to understand why he’ll ponder this is so cool, you just own to understand that he will.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

BUY NOWClear Jar With Lid, $4

13Bourbon Bacon Brittle

Combine two of his favorite ingredients and you’ll be his favorite kid forever.

Get the recipe from Delish.

BUY NOWBaking Sheet, $16

14Leather and Wood-Covered Notebooks

15Mini Pool Table

In the likelihood he can’t fit a proper pool table in the home, this is the next best thing.

Get the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

BUY NOWSilver Beads, $8

16Leather Blanket Carrier

Perfect for picnics, camping, and afternoons at your siblings’ sports games.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

BUY NOWLeather Hole Puncher, $12

17Cookie Present Boxes

Here’s how to make homemade cookies a little less generic—super cute, festive boxes.

Get the tutorial at Tell, Love, and Party.

BUY NOWPink Ribbon, $5

18Canvas Wine Bag

A bottle of wine can feel too impersonal for your dad, so DIY a canvas bag to give it a little something extra.

Get the tutorial at Paper & Stitch.

BUY NOWBlue Fabric Dye, $3

19Custom Matchboxes

It’s the present that literally everyone can use, but no one will actually get for themselves.

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.

BUY NOWWhite Matchbox, $11

20Infused Olive Oils

Why Make Handmade Gifts For Mom

Homemade gifts can sometimes come with a negative and undeserved reputation. Some people may attempt to tell you that homemade gifts glance “cheap” or “insincere,” but we know better. When you take time to discover the perfect homemade present that matches your Mom’s personality, she’s guaranteed to love it. And nothing pairs better with a meaningful Mother’s Day message than a handmade present.

So when you’re ready to discover your perfect inspiration to make a heartfelt present, start with our list below.


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