Diy medusa costume ideas

Diy medusa costume ideas

Do you own a BART or DART or some sort of public train system in your area? Using a cardboard box, markers and pictures of your kid and her friends, you can make a wearable train car for your kid this Halloween. The trickiest part is the straps, for which you can use ancient suspenders, ancient straps off a tote bag or even fabric.

photo: City of Marietta via Flickr

Pac Man

This Pac-Man costume will thrill kids of every ages!

Diy medusa costume ideas

We love the pixelated fruits and sunglasses added for additional appeal. If you’re worried about having the skill set to make your own, don’t be. The hardest part of this project will be getting it off your kid at the finish of Halloween night. There’s even a tutorial to make an adult-sized ghost!

Diy medusa costume ideas

Discover out how it’s done and what you’ll need over at The Effortless Chic.

photo: Evan Endless via Flickr

Rubik’s Cube

Figuring out how to make your own Rubik’s Cube costume will be easier than actually solving the classic brain-bending puzzle. Colored paper, electrical tape and cardboard are your main ingredients, but we ponder the groovy glasses and sweet hairdo add a little something additional, too.

photo: Emily Morgan via The Effortless Chic

The Man with the Yellow Hat

If there’s a little kid who hasn’t been obsessed with Curious George at some point, we haven’t met him yet.

Indulge your kiddo’s love of the classic literary figure and create a Man with the Yellow Cap outfit. We love this no-sew version spotted over at Haute Apple Pie because while you might need to spend time collecting the gear, you won’t be sweating over stitches at the final hour. Discover out what you’ll need to make your own version here.

photo: Merilee Liddiard via MerMag


How adorable is this giraffe costume? With a little paint, a leotard and a headpiece bought off Amazon, your little animal lover will be wildly appropriate for Halloween night in no time.

Get the tutorial over at Brit + Co.

photo: Jinjer Markley via Flickr


If you’ve got a white sheet, rubber snakes, and a wig, you’ll probably own everything you need to make your own version of this mythical Medusa costume. A novice set of sewing skills could be handy for the toga (sheet) and a cape but the snakes are what makes this stare-worthy costume shine.

photo: Patrick Buechner via Flickr

What’s large, boxy and lights up at the sight of sweets?

Diy medusa costume ideas

A Candy-bot 3000, of course! We ponder this unique take on the classic cardboard costume is beautiful awesome, especially the three candy slots and LED eyes. This one-of-a-kind character is the on-going project of the Derringdos, and you can discover the tutorial and the history of past Halloweens correct here.

photo: Eduard Bonnin/Stocksy United via A Subtle Revelry

Hipster DJ

It seems as though hipsters own taken over the world—why not Halloween, too?

This adorable thought is super simple because you’ll only need to make the cardboard boombox.

Diy medusa costume ideas

There’s even an option for adding a tape player, which, of course, is hipster approved. Bonus points for amusing little mustaches! Discover out more by visiting A Subtle Revelry.

photo: courtesy Haute Apple Pie


Diy medusa costume ideas