Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

In this Mickey Mouse game the children get to decorate their own paper bows and attempt to pin the bow on Minnie. Cut out Minnie bow shapes from poster board and own every kid color and decorate their own. When each kid finishes their bow, attach a piece of tape to the back, blindfold them, and let them attempt to pin it on a Minnie poster. Doing it this way instead of waiting for every the bows to be completed eliminates everyone having to sit around waiting for their turn.

You can also provide Mickey Mouse coloring pages to give the children who finish the game early something to do. 

TO MAKE MINNIE MOUSE: To make the Minnie Mouse poster you can draw or trace your own (or enlist the assist of an artistic friend). You can discover a picture of Minnie to copy from a image search to use as a template. OR you can purchase a Minnie poster attempt this Minnie Mouse poster.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for Games
Goofy’s Cap O’ Goofs

Goofy loves silliness and goofy fun! In this Mickey Mouse game the children sit in a circle and pass around Goofy’s cap while the music is playing.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

When the music stops whoever is holding the cap reaches in and pulls out a Goof Challenge. These are amusing challenges such as:

  1. Crabwalk across the floor.
  2. Sing Happy Birthday using your best Donald Duck voice.
  3. Do the Hotdog dance.
  4. Make the funniest face you can.
  5. Try and rub your tummy while patting your head.
  6. Stand on your head for ten seconds (get assist if you need it).
  7. Do your best Goofy laugh.
  8. Bend your head behind your head.
  9. Spin around in a circle 5 times.

They then finish the Goofy party challenge to win a little prize, and the game continues until everyone has a chance to do a challenge.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

If a kid already has completed a challenge then he or she can select a friend who hasn’t yet gone.

D.I.Y GOOFY HAT – You can purchase a Goofy cap from the Disney store for $25.00, but I ponder that is beautiful steep if you’re on a budget. You can make your own goofy cap replica by taking a brown paper bag painting it green. Next cut the black band from poster board and glue or staple it around the bag about three inches from the top. Bend the top back over the black band to create the cap rim.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

You could also use a green present bag, or make your goofy cap out of green and black felt. It doesn’t own to be perfect, the kids aren’t going to care.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

The enjoyment their going to own is every that matters.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for Games

Are you searching for creative D.I.Y Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas for games. You’ve found the correct put. Mickey Mouse and his friends from the Clubhouse own come together to assist you out. Each Mickey Mouse friend has come up with their own enjoyment ideas for funtastic birthday party games. We hope you enjoy this sheet of party enjoyment.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

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Check out our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party printables at the bottom of the page!

Monochrome “Some-Bunny is One” Birthday Party

This is what Kirsty shared about styling the party:

“This Party Mums monochrome ‘Some rabbit is one’ first birthday party, is stylish, contemporary and just plain adorable!

A colour palette of black and white, with touches of greenery here and there, ensure that this party was perfect for capturing those every significant stylish first birthday party photos.

A first birthday party is not just about celebrating a year since the birth of your baby, it’s also about celebrating the survival of your first year of parenthood!

Fun for Every Ages

As with most first birthday celebrations, the guest list tends to be extremely adult heavy, so this party was styled to appeal to the adult crowd too.

With a frolic tent and soft area for the little ones to hang out in and a mimosa bar for the grown-ups to enjoy! There was something for everyone.

The main table was kept simple and unused with white linen and black and white striped tableware. The birthday highchair had a makeover with a monochrome ‘one’ bunting decoration and a giant black number 1 balloon.

Monochrome rabbit cookies and coordinating birthday cake, along with cute party favor bags, with pom-pom tails, helped ensure that every rabbit was happy at this celebration!”

Party styling and set up – Party Mums
Cake – Cake Home Pudsey
Venue – The Tetley, Leeds UK
Photography – Amy Heycock

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Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for Games
Mickey’s Hide n’ Seek Fun

Print out pictures of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse gang: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Pete, Professor Von drake, Toodles. Tape or glue them every on Mickey Mouse heads cut from black construction paper and hide them throughout the playing area.

Tell the children that Mickey and his friends are hiding from them and it is up to them to discover them. You can assign one character to each player or let them hunt for them as a team. If you desire you can print out a couple of each so that there are plenty for every the kids to hunt for

ALTERNATIVE GAME VERSION: Divide the matches apart from a Mickey Mouse memory game. Hide one set through the playing area and divide the other half among the children. They are assigned to discover the matches to their set of pictures.

Diy mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas

Once they discover every their game matches they can assist their friends search for theirs.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for Games
Donald’s Sitting Duck Game

This is a enjoyment Mickey Mouse game where the children do the duck stroll and chicken dance while the party music is playing. When the party music stops they must drop and sit below on the floor as quick as they can. The final one to sit is out.