Diy mini bar ideas for small spaces

No floor space for a bar cart? No problem! Install floating shelves to store every your bottles, glasses, and tools.

We’ve been there, and we get it: Decorating little spaces can be extremely, extremely hard. Scratch that; it can feel near impossible—particularly when you’re wading through clutter in a tiny closet or cramming toiletries into an overflowing medicine cabinet.

Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

But armed with our little space decorating ideas, we own a feeling you’ll be capable to make it workand then some. Our tips are practical, simple to implement, and effective, and they’ll own your home looking clutter-free and so much bigger in just a matter of hours. What’s more, because we know pragmatism isn’t everything, the ideas we’re sharing with you today are enjoyment and beautiful to boot. We’re of the mind that decorating little spaces shouldn’t be frustrating, and it also shouldn’t hold you back from creating the home of your dreams.

After every, with today’s market of organizational products and storage solutions, there’s always a way to maximize the capacity of any room. Add a splash of creativity and a can-do attitude, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success—no matter the size of your home. Get started here with our best tools, tips, and ideas.

a tray makes a perfect mini home bar

Weve already showed you a bunch cool and amazing home bars.

Although we desire to continue showing you them with these cool mini home bars. A home bar adds life to any party or family gathering but not every of us own enough space for a large and beautiful mixing station. A little bar probably an only option for numerous of us. It generally occupies only one sideboard, a bar cart or a tray so you can discover a put for it in any home.

Here are the most favorite solutions for a tiny home bar:

  1. A simple tray. This is the tiniest solution but for the most people, there is no need for more space. If you decide to go with the tray but yours isnt that beautiful you can easily upgrade it with faux marble, leather handles, decorative paper, or chalkboard paint.
  2. Put it in a built-in closet.

    The best thing about such solution is that you can hide your bar in a matter of seconds when the party is finished. Although even a little closet could accommodate a lot of things including even a dedicated sink.

  3. Ocuupy a tight corner. Empty corners are generally arent that functional but they are perfect to organize a little home bar. There are plenty of wall-mounted cabinets and open shelves you can use there. Even a little dresser could become your mixing station there.
  4. A bar cart.

    Its a perfect solution if you own several zones around the home where you love to enjoy your drinks. The best thought is to use a vintage bar cart because they are really beautiful.

  5. Dont forget about a basement or an attic. Although if you own these spaces you might desire to build a fully functional home bar that wont be little at all.

Enjoy these cool ideas and show us your home bars if you own them!

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you can turn a chopping block into a fully functional mini bar

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all metal movable home bar solution

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IKEA FORHOJA cart can easily become a home bar

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this is how an organize home bar area looks love when it is fairly small

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you can squeeze a home bar in an akward niche

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stylish home bar makes use of corner niche space

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Any surface would work!

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A vintage cart is the best solution for a little moving home bar

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super simple but fairly clever booze organizing

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It’s grand when you move your bar between your relaxation areas

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you should know you can use a cheap RASKOG utility cart from ikea

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you can turn an IKEA desk into a multi-functional bar extremely easily

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several shelves is every you need for a tiny home bar

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you can diy a industrial-style bar cart that will own enough space for every your booze

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Carts are perfect for mini bars because you can easily move them.

This one feature a towel rack!

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Even a tray could become your mini home bar

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any cart would suffice

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A vintage bar cart could hold lots of stuff

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A vintage dresser would make your home bar a centrepiece of any room.

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You can hide your home bar in an antique closet when it isn’t needed

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Awesome built-in bar that occupy a tight corner but can accomodate lots of stuff.

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there is plenty of space saving furntiure for home bars nowadays

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An outdoor bar cart shouldn’t be boring!

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A corner mini bar can make entertaining simple.

It can also take advantage of what is often waste space in a room because square or rectangular furniture often create a “pocket” of unused space in corner areas, or create a situation where part of a shelving unit or entertainment console is blocked by bulky furniture such as a sofa. A corner mini bar can take advantage of that lost space and eliminate the need for further square-shaped items.

What are the cheapest corner mini bars?

Try a teak wood shower bench.No, it isn’t really a bar, but it can easily serve as one – especially if you are a little strapped for cash when it comes to furnishings and the love.

It can tuck neatly into a corner where a Saki or tea set can finish the ambient feel of the teak wood. Alternatively, if beverages are not required it can be used as a simple plant stand.

Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

No matter how you use it, it is an exciting addition to a little room that is used as a retreat.

How to measure for a mini bar?

Measure the space you’ve allocated for a mini bar using a tape measure. Make a note of possible obstructions love HVAC, electrical outlets, and plumbing. Recording such even when you’re only adding a freestanding bar will let you fully understand your space including its limitations. For instance, you’re getting a cart to add to your mini bar. It's not a grand thought if the put you’ll be adding it into has a heat register.

How to style amini bar?

What do you desire your mini bar to glance like?

Select the glance that can mesh perfectly with your interior décor. Do you desire a freestanding mini bar or one that’s built-in?

As most home bars are utilized in the evening, don’t forget to add lighting to the space. It won’t just make pouring or preparing drinks easier, but it will also enhance the corner’s atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding. As a law, a mini bar should not be lit brightly.

Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

A series of spotlights or pendant lights can set the mood of your bar without killing your set budget. You can also install dimmer switches to adjust the ambiance when needed.

Do you need plumbing or electrical outlets for appliances? You'd also own to select between diverse appliances love wine coolers, kegerators, and ice makers among others. Remember to note the appliances’ measurements so you know if you own ample space for them in your home.

What's the bestcorner mini bar for a little space?

Try an expandable bar wine cabinet if your den is a little one. A cabinet with a pull-out or expandable table area can provide a reasonable workspace or bar when needed but can fold away to create a smaller footprint when not required.

A corner mini bar can own a variety of configurations, but its primary purpose is to contain and organize your collection of wine or spirits, and to make dispensing them simple for your convenience and that of your guests.

Putting together a home bar is tough and exciting, most especially when there’s only limited space to work with.

Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

It's tough to select the piece of furniture that can fit in the space, but it’s also exciting figuring out the direction you’ll be taking.

Transforming a corner of your room into a functional section of your home where you can relax and converse deeply with friends and family can be done with a mini bar that’s specifically made for apartments. We'll assist you glance for the perfect piece for your home; just check out the tips listed below!

What are the most favorite designs of corner mini bars?

A tall vertical unit

A tall, vertical unit with a mirror behind the hanging spaces for stemware provides attractive shelving for bottled spirits, as well as a closed cabinet for general accouterments.

By using vertical space, it has a smaller footprint on the general layout of the room while moving the eye upward creates a feeling of spaciousness. Even in a little den or office area, this elegant cabinet will be a conversation piece.

Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

The black wood, chrome and glass design are distinctive and will go extremely well with modern or even Victorian smoking-room décor.

Corner cabinet

For a true Victorian feel, consider a corner cabinet – again with hanging spaces for stemware – with the wealthy, heavy feel of the Victorian era. No glass or chrome for this cabinet, and no mirror, but plenty of room for glasses, wine bottles and more. In front of it is an island dispensary, perfect for an impressively correct butler to hand out drinks to guests or a family member to imitate the perfectly correct butler, creating a little fun.

Simple Mission Cabinet

Not fancy or flamboyant – just a simple corner cabinet about three feet in height – and it gets the occupation done.

Discretely store spirits or wine in a dedicated cabinet. No mirrors, no chrome, no glass, just a sturdy wood cabinet that conceals and protects your spirits collection. The top can serve as a put to put a plant or little bust, or it can be kept clear as a work surface.

What's the best countertop material for a mini bar?

When choosing the countertop for your mini bar, you’ll be faced with several options from rock and concrete to zinc. Granite is the preferred material of homeowners for bar countertops but quartz is getting favorite as it contains epoxy resins that can minimize staining.

It also has a contemporary glance that’s perfect for little apartments.

What types of chairs pair well with mini bars?

Of course, a mini bar is incomplete without a set of the correct stools. The diverse kinds of chairs perfect for pairing with mini bars are bar stools, counter stools, and additional tall stools.

  1. Regular Height Bar Stool — A regular height bar stool is 29 to 32 inches tall and it is in the standard height. It's a chair that has a skinny frame that supports the seat.
  2. Counter Height Bar Stool — This one’s shorter than the standard bar stool.

    It's perfect for short mini bars and it’s inspired by dining room chairs but it has a slightly taller frame and a narrower base.

  3. Extra Tall Stool — This is the tallest with a height of anywhere between 33 to 36 inches.

    Diy mini bar ideas for little spaces

    It's best paired with a tall mini bar.

Take Over a Corner

Don't let that awkward corner languish empty. Take advantage of the space by squeezing in a bar cart or setting up a little table that you can top with some bottles, cocktail tools, and glassware.

Transform a Closet

If you're a true cocktail aficionado, you may desire more than just a little cart to serve up drinks. Take over a closet and retrofit it to store every the essentials in one impressive display. This will also hold the bar out of sight when you're not entertaining.

Install a Full Bar

For serious home bartenders, a full bar is a must-have.

Fortunately, they don't own to be massive. A slender bar can be installed in a hallway or between rooms. Add a sink to make it a wet bar and consider a wine cooler to hold bottles at the perfect temperature.

Outfit a Cabinet

If you own a sideboard or cabinet that's just gathering dust, why not convert it into a minibar? Set up everything inside the cabinet to hold it organized and out of the way. You can always utilize the top of the sideboard when it comes time to make a batch of Manhattans. If you own some additional space, consider adding a bar cabinet that will hold everything from wine bottles to stemware with ease.


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