Diy murder mystery party ideas

Diy murder mystery party ideas

We've come up with some killer recipes to serve up to your guests. Full of seasonal flavours, much of the food can be prepared ahead of time, leaving you free to light the candles and set the scene.

Main course

Stuffed onions
Root vegetable rice
Herby yogurt dressing


Chocolate & rose tart


Burnt leeks on toast with romesco


Blood beetroot cocktails

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Story and concept by Ben Moor,an actor and author.

He haswritten for The Guardian and The Idler. Hisbroadcast work includes Elastic Planet andUndone for BBC Radio, and TV appearancesin The IT Crowd and Doctor Thorne. Follow him [email protected]


Clued-In Murder Mystery
Scavenger Hunt!
printable party game

HEY GUYS!  If you love this game you may also love our
 Murder Mystery Card Game -Killer Among Us!

Game Description 

Watch the enjoyment video under for a quick explanation of the game (you can quick on the screen to hesitate it any time if you desire to read the character descriptions, I know they go by beautiful fast).

Diy murder mystery party ideas

 The written description is located under the video.  Have fun!

For you to download and print:

Full instructions— print and familiarise yourself with the tale and rules of the game before yourparty.

Invitation-the game works best with players.

Diy murder mystery party ideas

Select a character for each of your guests andinclude the character card with their invite.Don’t forget to select a character for yourself too.

Character cards —You should select a character for yourself and each of your guests and send them the character summary and costume tips belowwith the invitation. Download andprintthe character cardsfor your guests to use on the night.

Diy murder mystery party ideas

(Make certain you select single sided printing on your printer)

Game leader cardsand Rules for hosting— what the host should tell on the night and condensed rulesfor the host to own on hand during the evening.

Clue cards and guilty/innocent cards — for your guestson the night (to be selected at random and kept secret). We've also included some empty clue cards in case you desire to make up your own versions!

Optional ghost tale tips

You'll see your character cards contain ghost tale tips — This is a Halloween Bonus.

Diy murder mystery party ideas

Maybe the undiscovered murderer or the first to be accused can improvise a ghostly tale around those hints.

You may also wish to provide each storyteller with a scary item from your home, or purchase them especially, to inspire them with their tale. The weirder the tale the better – they don’t own to be horror classics, a spine-chilling vignette will do the trick.

how to frolic the game
Clued-In Murder mystery Scavenger hunt

The game includes 12 suspect cards, 10 location cards, 10 weapon cards, 32 frolic cards (these are what make the game so enjoyment, but we will get to that in a minute) 1 case description, 1 make an accusation card, and 12 file case cards, plus set-up and rules.

Overview of the characters

Donald / Dorothy Oakhead– A Rustic Greengrocer
Rough and ready; outdoorsy; maybe a little gullible.
Costume tips -Corduroys and scarves, tweeds and button holes; a hanky or the like; sensible shoes.

Adam / Alice Pensell-Smith– A newspaper editor
Brisk and efficient; mindful and courteous, but a little wary.
Costume tips -All paisley and purple; maybe a roll neck and a blazer; vintage.

Stuck in a delightful past.

Frank/Francesca Sheetspread– A produce importer
Business is my business; I’m sleekly turned out and keen to get on.
Costume tips -Pinstripes and shiny shoes; satin or silk may well be involved; a bit of trade bling.

Simon/Simone Goodbake- A television baker
A smooth, confident sort; twinkly eyed; a charmer
Costume tips -Think crisp shirts or blouses, pastels, a tidy jacket or twin-set, pressed chinos etc.

William/Wilhelmina Upright — A Victorian-themed cafe owner
I wear period costume; I’m extremely correct but may be a little strict with others
Costume tips -Certainly black clothes, possibly with the occasional antique adornment.

Jax / Jax Shoreditch – A Hipster food blogger
I’m love sooo cool; I’m open and switched on and focused on tomorrow.
Costume tips -An ironic T-shirt, skinny jeans, sweet trainers; black framed glasses and baseball cap; or maybe an updated vintage glance.

Quirky and unique.

Carl / Carlie Trainer-Cross– A local gym owner
I’m sporty and keen; I’d rather be running; do I talk too quickly?
Costume tips -Headband and fitness gear; not necessarily a tracksuit; maybe a polo shirt or a sports team kit.

Bernard/Bernadette Matcha– A highway food vendor
A citizen of everywhere in the world; friendly but a bit frantic.
Costume tips -Something global; a stir of cultures and continents; face paint too?

Larry/ Lara Litmus– An academic nutrition scientist
I consider life to be an experiment and I take my time; everyone is fascinating.
Costume tips -A scientist, geeky but with a hint of cool; maybe a superhero T-shirt or polo neck sweater.

Louis / Louise Gauloise– A French bistro owner
Je suis Gallic and fashionable; dry; I act oblivious but I am always intrigued.
Costume tips — Maybe every black in the Parisian style orBreton stripes and a beret.


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