Diy necklace hanger ideas


With the passing of the holidays and the start of the New Year, numerous of us discover ourselves wanting to do a little household tidying. Do you own a closet filled with items you no longer use? If youre love us, it may include things love a box of faded t-shirts, a cache of cassettes with music from the 80s, and a few offbeat tchotchkes rescued from the second-hand store. Before you tug out those trash bags, take a peek at every of the things you can do with your long-lost treasures. Every it takes is a little inspiration to turn these seemingly useless objects into exciting conversation pieces of creativity.

Use this list to discover 50 upcycling ideas to get inspiration to start a project of your own.

You may be surprised at how much enjoyment it is to reinvent products and imbue your favorite things with new life.

1. Turn Adult Socks Into Toddler Leggings

Adult socks can discover a new use as toddler leggings. Sew 4 Bub provides step-by-step sewing instructions to make these pants for your little one. Dont let a little sewing scare you. It doesnt require advanced sewing chops and the process is a lot faster than it looks. Get the instructions for Toddler Leggings.


Use a Cassette Case to Hold a Present Card

Chances are, you no longer own much use for that stack of ancient cassette tapes, let alone the cases that hold them. But, did you know they are the perfect size for holding present cards? The next time you need to wrap a present card, attempt this clever tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks. With any luck, people wont even recognize the original container. Get the instructions for a Cassette Tape Present Card Holder.

3. A Dish Rack Makes a Handy File Folder

Refurbish an unused dish rack to organize file folders on your desk. Brenda of Cozy Little Home customizes tab folders to match her red dish rack. Youll be surprised at how naturally this piece of kitchen equipment can fit into your home office.

Get the instructions for a Dish Rack File Folder.

4. Convert Eyeglasses Into a Photo Frame

Dont throw final years eyeglasses! Take a note from Ashleys Thrifty Living and repurpose them as adorable photo frames. Ashley used three pairs of glasses to frame six photos by arranging them in a shadow box. Finish this clever DIY project and display memories that stand out on the shelf. Get the instructions for Eyeglasses Photo Frames.

5. Restore Aged Windows to Display Art

If youre one of the rare few who happens to own an ancient window lying around then youre in luck! Lynn of Shabby Tale shows how she used a reclaimed window to add character to her home.

The finish result is gorgeous! Get the instructions for a Window Display Case.

6. Create a Sewing Kit from an Eyeglass Case

Turn your ancient eyeglass case into a practical sewing repair kit. Follow this tutorial from Tea Rose Home to put a new cover on the case and add a pincushion that fits inside. Create multiple kits and store them around the home, in your car, or even in your purse for those fashion emergencies.

Diy necklace hanger ideas

Get the instructions for an Eyeglass Case Sewing Kit.

7. Collect Vintage Brooches for a Bouquet

Old, broken pieces of jewelry and brooches seem to pile up in our jewelry boxes over time, without us even realizing it. Its time to dig every of those out. Shannon at Fancy Pants Weddings shows a beautiful new use for those pieces by introducing the brooch bouquet. If youre looking for a spin on a traditional Wedding bouquet, these brooches can be combined with genuine flowers too. You could even own your something ancient, new, borrowed, and blue every in one crafty and beautiful bouquet.

Get the instructions for a Brooch Bouquet.

8. Repurpose Telephone Handsets as Bookends

Many folks own ditched their landline for a cell phone. If youre one of them you might own an unused telephone or two lying around. Take a tip from A Beautiful Mess and use them to make adorable bookends. This project doesnt take a lot of materials or effort, and youll love the way ancient books and ancient technology can live together in harmony on your shelf. Get the instructions for Telephone Bookends.


Reinvent Toilet Paper Rolls as Art

Save toilet paper rolls and set aside some time with the kiddos to create this enjoyment art project from Growing Up Creative. Who knew there could be such a high-end use for something as simple as a cardboard cylinder? Youll be pleasantly surprised at how beautifully these turn out. Get the instructions for Toilet Paper Roll Art.

Fashion a Produce Bag Into a Beach Tote

While its not necessarily a new use for a produce bag, this reconstructed beach bag is certainly a excellent example of how to extend the bags use. The Adventures of Giddy Giddy demonstrates how to sew a produce bag to the bottom of a canvas tote.

This gives the original tote more space and eliminates the problem of every that pesky sand getting into the bottom of your bag. Get the instructions for a Produce Beach Bag.

Use Mascara Brushes for Cleaning

When you finish a tube of mascara, its easier than you ponder to discover a second use for the little brush. After a thorough cleaning, the brush has numerous uses, as A Thrifty Mrs. points out. A mascara brush is little enough to get into the tiniest nooks and crannies of intricate jewelry and any other hard-to-reach spots.

Get the instructions for a Mascara Brush Cleaner.

Turn a Bundt Pan Into a Whimsical Pumpkin

There are numerous clever ways to reuse ancient things for seasonal decorating. In the drop, Denise on a Whim suggests making an ancient Bundt pan into an adorable pumpkin. Its a table centerpiece that your guests will love, and every it takes is some paint, glue, twine and wire. Get the instructions for a Bundt Pan Pumpkin.

Sew a Cable Knit Sweater to Make a Pillow

When you own sweaters that you cant bear to let go of, youll be happy that we found this blog post from Infarrently Creative showing how to turn a sweater into a pillow.

Upcycle a couple of cable knit cardigans and youll glance at ancient sweaters in a new light! Get the instructions for Cable Knit Sweater Pillows.

Makeover a Camera Strap with a Necklace

Give your camera a personal touch by combining a delicate necklace with a statement brooch. Karisa of Clever Thursday shows how to add vintage flair to a strap by incorporating ancient jewelry. Its a beautiful use for a necklace that you dont wear extremely often but is too beautiful to throw away. Get the instructions for Necklace Camera Straps.

Revamp a Sweater Into a Cardigan

If youve outgrown a pullover sweater that still has plenty of wear left, dont throw it in the donation bin.

The bloggers at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar take savvy seamstresses through a step-by-step process for converting a pullover sweater into a fashionable cardigan.

Diy necklace hanger ideas

Get the instructions for Sweater Cardigans.

Take a Shoe Box Lid and Turn it Into Art

Have a empty wall in dire need of a makeover? Consider using the lids of ancient shoeboxes as canvasses for some collage artwork. Check out the chevron pieces Spunky Junky built. Theyre incredibly stylish, and no one will own any thought that these are just new uses for your ancient shoeboxes! Get the instructions for Shoe Box Lid Art.

Repurpose a Paper Towel Rack to Store Bracelets

Stowing bracelets away in a drawer is messy, and its likely that those at the bottom will get far less use than those within eye sight.

Follow the tutorial on Every Things Katie Maries and repurpose a paper towel stand to display bangles and bracelets. The entire collection will be visible at a glance and youll wonder how you ever got along before. Get the instructions for a Paper Towel Bracelet Holder.

Convert a Necklace Into a Headband

Natalie of Creme de la Craft demonstrates another new use for ancient necklaces. She adds hair ties to make cute headbands. This might not be the easiest DIY project of the bunch, but it definitely has one of the most elegant payoffs. Get the instructions for Necklace Headbands.

A Photo Frame can Become a Beauty Tray

Spruce up your vanity with an ancient photo frame.

Every it takes is some paint and an artistic print to carry out C to Cs simple DIY project. Even if you dont own a space dedicated to makeup and perfume, this tray can serve as a portable vanity to take supplies from bedroom to bathroom and back again. Get the instructions for a Photo Frame Beauty Tray.

Stack Baby Food Jars Into Boiling Cocoa Snowmen

Save a few baby food jars to make these adorable boiling cocoa snowmen. Haley at Hammer and Thread shows that it doesnt take much to create these excellent decorations.

Just fill up one jar with mini marshmallows and another with boiling cocoa stir. Use some paint and little scraps of fabric to bring the snowman to life, and youre done! Weve even seen versions with a third jar filled with holiday candies, so the customization is up to you. Get the instructions for Boiling Cocoa Snowmen.

Upcycle a Bread Box Into a Charging Station

When there is no longer a use for a breadbox in your kitchen, convert it into a charging station for every of your personal devices!

Use Gabriels Excellent Tidings as a guide to create one for your own home. Use it in your kitchen or on your nightstand for a clever way to conceal those unsightly phone charger cables. Get the instructions for a Bread Box Charging Station.

Use Mason Jars as Portable Salad Containers

Finally put that collection of ancient jars to excellent use! Julia of My Food and Other Stuff shows how to make a weeks work of healthy salads in easy-to-tote jars.

She has a Mason jar salad cookbook coming out soon, but you dont own to wait to start making these yummy lunches. Get the instructions for Mason Jar Salads.

Check out our other uses for mason jars.

Revamp Flannel Pajamas Into a Chic Scarf

If youre looking to get rid of some threadbare flannel pajamas, attempt reworking them into a trendy scarf. This tutorial from Brittany Makes uses a few basic sewing techniques to give flannel pants new life.

Diy necklace hanger ideas

Now, instead of wearing them to bed, you can wear that flannel out on the town. Get the instructions for a Flannel Scarf.

Reimagine a Baking Sheet as a Message Board

Over the years, numerous home cooks develop a special bond with their favorite baking sheet. But what do you do when theyve passed their prime? Lindsey of Mom & Wife put together this quick tutorial for turning an ancient baking sheet into a cute magnet board. Its a excellent size to hang in the kitchen for displaying notes and recipes.

As a bonus, consider making some adorable DIY magnets too. Get the instructions for Baking Sheet Magnet Boards.

Reuse a Cheese Grater to Hold Earrings

Make use of an ancient cheese grater by spray painting it a new color and using it to hold earrings. The Pink Hammer shows how this ancient kitchen gadget works as an eclectic display of earrings on a dresser or vanity. Just make certain you clean it first! Get the instructions for a Cheese Grater Earring Holder.

Reinvent Newspapers as Present Bags

Old newspapers can pile up quick.

Katherine at Silly Simple Living came up with an alternative way to recycle those ancient Tribunes. Newspaper present bags are a charming way of wrapping any present. For a light-hearted spin on this technique use the Sunday comics! Get the instructions for Newspaper Present Bags.

Use Light Bulbs as a Candle Holder

If light bulbs dont top your list of things to save, this beautiful project might just change your mind. These burned out light bulbs still do an amazing occupation of reflecting light.

Camila Fabbri collects ancient light bulbs in a large vase with a large pillar candle for a brilliant upcycling project that casts a romantic glow. Get the instructions for Light Bulb Candle Holders.

Turn Pool Noodles Into Boot Fillers

If you own more than your fair share of boots, you understand how messy they can make the floor of your closet. Boot fillers can be expensive, but take a sheet out of Angies Lookbook and fill your boots with pool noodles for a cheap and effective alternative. Cut noodles to fit your tall boots and marvel at how tidy your collection looks.

Get the instructions for Pool Noodle Boot Fillers.

Fashion Neckties Into a Statement Necklace

Aletha found a brilliant use for ancient neckties by making them into cute necklaces. Its not a bad technique if you ponder about it—buy your hubby ties in prints that you love, and when he gets ill of them, you get a new addition to your jewelry collection! Get the instructions for a Necktie Necklace.

Remake a Mens Shirt Into a Handbag

When the men in your life start to get rid of ancient shirts, make certain to grab one for this repurposing project! Jembellish walks us through how to create a handbag out of a mens shirt. What a enjoyment way to add a feminine touch to something with a masculine edge.

Diy necklace hanger ideas

Get the instructions for a Mens Shirt Handbag.

Display Magazines on Crib Slats

When children grow out of their convertible cribs, The Salty Pineapple has a grand thought for the pieces. Prop the unused side rail of a crib against the wall to make a magazine rack. If you dont subscribe to numerous magazines, this is also useful for storing blankets or scarves within reach. Get the instructions for a Crib Magazine Rack.

Roll a Garden Hose Into a Wreath

Find a new use for a garden hose by making it into a whimsical springtime wreath.

Diy necklace hanger ideas

Jill at used a brand new hose for this specific wreath, but that doesnt mean that your ancient one wont work just as well. The grunge can be part of its charm! Get the instructions for a Garden Hose Wreath.

Convert Eye Shadow Into Nail Polish

Want to match your favorite shade of eye shadow to your nails? Attempt Never Too Much Glitters solution for turning eye shadow into nail polish. Simply grab a bottle of top jacket and youre on your way to true hand-eye coordination. This is also a brilliant way to make use of a color you love, but dont necessarily desire to wear on your lids.

Get the instructions for Eye Shadow Nail Polish.

Assemble Ancient Furniture Into a Frolic Kitchen

This thought is a large undertaking, but the finish result is nothing short of extraordinary. Giggleberry Creations transformed a rundown entertainment unit into a frolic kitchen. A project guaranteed to make some fortunate little boy or girl extremely happy! Get the instructions for a DIY Frolic Kitchen.

Adapt a Vintage iMac Into an Aquarium

These colorful Macquariums designed by Jake Harms are an awesome new use for ancient iMac computers.

Its the fish tank you never knew you wanted, and a definite conversation-starter. Get the instructions for Macquariums.

Stitch a Necktie Into a Stylish iPod Holder

Here is yet another use for discarded ties. Jessica at Bespangled demonstrates how to take a needle and thread to an ancient necktie and create a sleek iPod holder. Get more mileage out of dated apparel and travel safely without scratching your iPod. Its a win-win! Get the instructions for a Necktie iPod Holder.

Craft Present Tags from Ancient Maps

Use ancient maps or pages from an atlas to create these charming present tags.

The Daily Bison shares these DIY tags as a way to add a sense of adventure to gifts. Make them additional special by creating tags based on geographical significance to the recipient. Get the instructions for Atlas Present Tags.

Save Shopping Bags to Organize Little Items

Use sturdy shopping bags with cute designs to organize your workspace. Kellie at Le Zoe Musings recycles her favorite shopping bags to organize the wall above her desk. They hide the clutter and its simple to discover a selection of coordinating colors and patterns. Get the instructions for Organizing with Shopping Bags.

Convert a Tablecloth Into a Bib

Moms will appreciate that these DIY bibs can easily be wiped clean and thrown in a bag for on-the-go convenience.

Youll need some basic sewing skills to carry out Little Fry and Cos project, but its quick and simple. And since youre working from a large tablecloth, you can easily make several bibs. Hold one in the car, one in the diaper bag, one at Grandmas, and anywhere else you might stop for a snack. Get the instructions for a Tablecloth Bib.

Sew a Pillow Case Into a Cosmetics Bag

Reinvent unmatched pillowcases as cosmetics bags in this simple tutorial written by Two Cheeky Monkeys.

Endless after the sheets are tattered and gone, youll love keeping a little piece of your favorite patterns with this DIY project. Get the instructions for Pillow Case Cosmetics Bags.

Hang a Rake to Make a Rustic Tool Rack

After buying a shiny new rake put the ancient rusty one to excellent use hanging garden tools. Natalie at blogs about hanging an ancient rake on the side of her shed to organize the tools in her gardening workspace. Who said that dirty work couldnt glance chic? Get the instructions for a Rake Rack.

Use a Stiletto to Display Jewelry

Sooner or later youre going to stop wearing your favorite pair of stilettos.

This doesnt mean you stop loving them, which is why we ponder this stiletto jewelry holder is a grand second life for an ancient pair of high heels. Susie Homefaker provides step-by-step instructions to make this fancy display for your own bedroom. Get the instructions for a Stiletto Jewelry Holder.

Make an Ice Cube Tray Into a Snack Tray

Help hungry kids hit every the major food groups with this slick use of ice cube trays. Just fill the tiny compartments with perfect proportions of fruits, veggies, candy and other yummy snacks. When Jennifer of Jennifer Bishop Design assembled these for toddlers at her daughters birthday party, they were a hit with parents and kids alike!

Get the instructions for Ice Cube Tray Munchies.

Collect Tin Cans to Store Utensils

The ONeil gals of Running with Sisters posted this kitchen project to upcycle tin cans. Its not the first time weve seen food cans used to hold utensils, but the thought of choosing three cans with identical bold labels really makes this project stand out. Hold miscellaneous utensils within arms reach and never rummage through drawers again. Get the instructions for Tin Can Utensil Holders.

Makeover a Stool to Store Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper rolls are large and cumbersome to store, but not if you own an ancient bar stool on hand.

Christina of 2 Little Hooligans turned one upside below and mounted it on wheels to create a rolling storage solution for wrapping supplies. This DIY project is super simple with a huge payoff—the best helpful of project in our book! Get the instructions for a Wrapping Paper Organizer.

Stockpile Keyboards to Make Art

If you discover yourself getting rid of an ancient keyboard, save the keys to make wall art. Jeromina at Paper, Plate and Plane used keys to create three-dimensional messages mounted in shadow boxes. This clever art project makes a witty present for your favorite computer geek.

Get the instructions for Keyboard Art.

Convert Lipstick Pieces Into Lip Balm

What do you do when your best lipstick is below to the nub? Marie at Baking Chic shares this recipe for making lip balm with leftover lipstick that will moisturize your smackers with just a hint of color. Though it wont glance fairly the same in balm form, youll get to extend the wear of your favorite shade while keeping your lips healthy with beeswax and coconut oil. Get the instructions for Lip Balm Lipstick.

Repurpose Wire Racks for Brilliant Craft Storage

Cheap wire shelves can own a hard time standing after a while.

When that day comes, take them apart and repurpose them into something else useful. Jessica at Mad in Crafts shows how she used the parts from some ancient wire shelves as hanging storage for craft paint. If crafting isnt your thing, consider mounting these on the wall to store nail polish instead. Get the instructions for Wire Rack Craft Storage.

Reclaim an Inner Tube to Make a Comfy Seat

It might seem crazy, but there is an alternate use for large rubber inner tubes!

The bloggers at Remobilia wrapped colorful fabric around a discarded tube, and the final result is a trendy floor seat that would make a lovely addition to any room. If these are comfortable on the water for hours on finish, imagine how grand they will be indoors. Get the instructions for an Inner Tube Seat.

Mount a Wine Rack for Storing Towels

Even if you arent the type to relax with a nice glass of Merlot, this thought may just inspire you to pick up a wine rack. Mount a rack to your bathroom wall and roll up towels for an attractive way to store this bathroom essential.

Jena of Cage Free Monkeys gives it a attempt, with results that are worth replicating. Get the instructions for a Towel Rack.

You dont own to wait for Ground Day to attempt a repurposing project. Do something amazing for the planet and your pocketbook by upcycling something ancient into something new and fabulous! Do you own an thought for reusing ancient stuff? Inspire us by leaving a note in the comments.