Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

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Tushy Up Pose

Alternatively also called, «How-Kim-Kardashian-sleeps-comfortably» pose. It helps the photographer strike three birds with one stone: capturing the newborn’s facial features, the cuteness of wrinkles/baby fat, and the natural curvature of a baby’s bottom. However, you need to hold this in mind: even though this is a extremely cute and innocent pose, some parents might not be comfortable with it, especially for little girls.

So propose it gently and watch the reaction to move forward with posing the baby.

Newborn Frog Pose

The classic, the evergreen, THE newborn pose. They should probably name the frog pose «The You-Have-To-Do-It-Newborn» pose. It highlights the baby’s facial features and flexibility. Legs by the side, and hands placed under and cupping the chin. But definitely not for an untrained photographer.

Safety of a baby is always paramount, and most photographers (I hope) do this as a composite love shown under. Get this pose correct and be on your way to impress your clients.

Taco Pose

This pose is also known as the «Womb Pose», that is comfortable for the baby. The Taco pose is one of the few poses that offers the benefit of showcasing the facial expressions as well as the cute little hands and feet.

You could tell that Froggie and Tushy Up also give this combination of three (face, hands and feet) but as I said earlier, the previous requires significant expertise to act out safely, and the latter might not be preferred by every parents.

As such, the Taco pose which is relatively safer — you still need to be careful as with every poses — should definitely make it into the portfolio for every parent.

Side Pose (Laying & Curl)

As the name indicates, the baby is posed on the his/her side, most often the correct side. The hands are under the chin, and may be joined together. The difference between the two being the depth of the pose; see newborn photograph examples below.

It may seem for a moment that compared to those above, this pose is relatively ‘boring’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The side poses offer considerable opportunities to customize, with the color of the blanket matched to baby’s skin tone, to dressing the baby in a wrap to contrast with the blanket, and caps/hats/crowns/pants/skirts to make the little one seem as special as he or she truly is.

By the way, this final line should explain my ‘shopaholic’ attitude to buying props, as I also own a large collection of hats, pants, caps, tutu skirts and headbands in my studio.

Newborn Props

I am a sucker for newborn props. A quick glance at the photos of my studio, my blog posts, or my shopping bill will easily prove this. My personal belief is that each newborn has a diverse personality — yes, even at that age — and that each parent has different desires and dreams for their newborn.

Props are an excellent method to extend that personality into the physical realm, and to incorporate the parents’ desires into the newborn photography session.

So, ignore those who act love purists, take names and do not ever apologize for using props. Who doesn’t love a cute newborn cowboy, a little princess in her carriage, or a newborn flying in the clouds?

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

Wrapped Pose

There’s a reason babies are called «Bundles of Joy», and this pose goes to prove that name. You wrap the baby snugly yet carefully in a wrap on a blanket or a flokati carpet, or both. Each provides a diverse texture and feel to the photograph. Hands can be in or out, although the latter is a bit more tricky. You can go with what feels natural but more importantly, safer for the baby. Caution: this is extremely much love swaddling. So if you are a parent, it might bring back memories of that time in your baby’s life and the sleepless nights.

Don’t tell you weren’t warned!

Chin on Hands Pose

From the family of “chin on …” newborn photography poses, love the hands on cheeks in the “Side Poses” or the “Tushy Up”, this one has led to some of the cutest moments in my studio.

For best results, combine it with the “Prop” pose, love a baby in a wooden pail. Now, I might sound love a broken horse but that won’t stop me from saying this again — when you pose the baby in a prop, make certain that there it is stable so it won’t tilt over, and always own an adult sitting extremely shut by to quickly take action, in case it does.

Parents & Siblings

And final, but certainly not the least, the «We are a Family» shot.

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

To be % precise, this really isn’t a pose but rather a setup. For mom and siblings, it’s either in the arms or lying below next to each other, with their heads touching. For dad, it is holding the baby in the arms, or if he has really excellent ink (which is awesome for a photographer), I love to incorporate that into the newborn photographs. After every, it’s every the unique things that make up a excellent memory.

There you own it.

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

Eight poses that make up a large part of how we, as newborn photographers, capture memories for families for a lifetime. Now to prepare for the cake smash session!

Newborn Photography

There is a certain joy in newborn photography that is unlike any other.

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

It’s the baby’s first professional photograph, the expressions are uncontrolled, and the bliss of the photograph comes purely from capturing the innocence and cuteness of a baby. And they are really cute, aren’t they?

However, it is not simple to photograph a newborn. After conducting more than + newborn sessions, my personal perspective is that there are two primary reasons why this is the case.

First — You Need to Know How to Pose the Newborn.

The goal of photographing a newborn should be to capture the innocence and beauty of the kid. That means capturing those cute, pouty lips, or little hands under the chin, the flexibility (some call it squishiness to make it sound more cute) when wrapped, the wrinkles or baby fat that is normal and healthy for a baby, and finally extending the personality of the baby by incorporating props. In today’s post, we will focus exclusively on 8 key poses, keeping baby’s safety in mind.

Second (and Equally Important) — Ensure the Newborn’s Comfort.

This means, having the correct room temperature. Not a temperature that feels excellent to you and the parent(s) but one that helps the little one feel the most comfortable. Remember, s/he is in her/his birthday suit; we aren’t (and thank goodness for that). We will cover this in our next post.

Newborn Photography Props: Safe & Eco

All props you work with during baby photo shoots must be comfortable and definitely should not contain any harmful chemicals. The fact that baby`s skin is delicate and unprotected to aggressive chemicals, leads to importance of buying only organic clothing, toys and in general every products that will contact with skin.

The most recommended materials for baby photographyare wool, bamboo and cotton. They are breathable and can reduce allergies and irritations.


During the final 10 years diverse organic products are considered as mainstream. Thus, they can be easily bought. Still, some sellers continue to advertise baby products made of artificial materials. They hide under the thought of price lowering. The textured blankets for newborn photography made of natural material will own higher price than the same synthetic one.


Still, do not get duped because of these fairytales. Concentrate only on natural baby photography props.

Fortunately, the list of eco things that you can put on a toddler is definitely endless. Just attempt printing “newborn photography props Amazon” and get amazed by the number of offered eco variants.

Moreover, do not forget to search only for those pieces of clothing that do not contain glass, sharp accessories and edges.


One more difficulty is that often toddlers are not mobile.

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

But, if a photographer loses attentiveness, they may simply flip out of the prop. For avoiding this unhappy situation, we recommend using weights for making certain that a prop will not become broken when a toddler will be placed on it. This prop should also go in connection with spotter`s hands (that may be your assistant or parents, who are always better). Make certain that hands will be removed for not more than several seconds, which are needed to release camera shutter. You may even leave them and then remove them from newborn pictures in Photoshop.

Top ten toddler photography tips: how to get a grand smile

Ever asked a three year ancient to smile?

If you own, you know that you generally finish up with something more love a grimace than a grin. Toddlers and preschoolers are tough to photograph getting pictures taken feels love a chore to them. Theyd rather be running around and playing, so if youve convinced them to sit still for a minute, chances are youll finish up with a cheesy grin or a grumpy glance. These next five toddler picture tips involve ways to get a grand, natural looking smile.

Toddler Photography Tip #6: Enquire silly questions.

You CANNOT just tell a toddler to please glance at you and grin for a excellent picture and expect it to work.

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

Some young kids are extremely bashful and wont even desire to make eye contact with you, let alone grin at you. And believe me, little kids are stubborn theyll wait forever, looking everywhere except at you, until youre ready to throw in the towel.

When I own a reluctant toddler or preschoooler, I lower the camera and spend a few minutes making extremely silly little talk. With this little girl I talked for a few minutes about favorite TV shows and then started snorting love a pig and pretending I couldnt figure out where that noise was coming from. Once youve grabbed the childs attention, you can bring the camera back up and start asking silly questions: does your Daddy wear diapers?

or is there an elephant on my head? or how ancient are you? about 25? Once shes more comfortable youll be much more likely to get a natural grin from her.

Toddler Photography Tip #7: Offer a little, tidy treat. If your toddler is on the younger finish and talking to her isnt working you might finish up with photo after photo that looks love this:

Sometimes a little something sweet can break the ice.

I attempt to always hold Smarties handy when photographing kids theyre tiny, they dont make a mess, and I can dole out one at a time over and over again without giving anyone a sugar high. Hand over the candy and give your kid a minute to start eating. Then be ready to snap a shot when she grins in enjoyment.

Toddler Photography Tip #8: Dont enquire for a grin surprise him into one. If you request a grin from an obliging preschooler, youll probably finish up with this:

Good attempt, but not fairly what youre looking for.

Instead, enquire him to shut his eyes and then after a minute make a noisy sound love a sneeze or a bark. Hell be startled at first, but will probably giggle for a few minutes and maybe even grin at you afterward. (Be careful about using this with extremely bashful kids who might get scared.)

Toddler Photography Tip #9: Ask for a unhappy face. When he gives you a glance love this:

you can tell, Ok, now dont grin. Dont smile! Not even a tiny bit no Im serious, dont smile! Most kids bust up laughing after a few minutes of trying hard not to grin. (But dont forgot to take a picture of the unhappy face as well!)

Toddler Photography Tip # If every else fails, enquire him to scream as noisy as he can.

It might take a little encouragement, but most little kids love to scream. And after they do theyll grin. You just cant scream as noisy as you can for no reason and then NOT grin. Its a universal law of nature. Or something love that.

Remember, its HARD to get grand toddler pictures, and you cant expect the perfect eye-contact and a cherubic grin every time you attempt. Some days it just doesnt happen. The excellent new is that a grin isnt the only expression worth recording. Sometimes other expressions are just as precious:

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Back when Carter was first born, I bought a set of month-by-month onesie stickers from Etsy that I used to document his first year.

At the time, I seriously thought I was the MOST creative mom on the block.

But boy, oh boy, own some of these other moms outdone me by a mile!

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

There are a ton of amazingly creative ideas floating around out there—so inspiring, that they almost make me desire to own another baby. (ALMOST. We’re not even out of diapers yet, after all.)

In any case, heres a countdown of the 10 most creative ways (according to me, and Pinterest) to record your baby’s first year.

9. From Stomach to 12 Months

I always love when parents get in photos with their little ones, and Rosie’s month-by-month series with Logan is especially creative. Her first photo is of her stomach when she’s still pregnant, and by holding him in the same spot every month, you get a better thought of how much he’s grown by comparison.

This is one of the easiest ideas to tug off by yourself – just prop your camera up on a counter or a tripod, and use a timer or remote to take a shot every month!



‘My First Year’ Poster

I spent the entire first year of my son’s life dealing with a serious case of mom-brain. I could barely remember to put pants on every day before leaving the home, so the chance of me remembering the date Carter crawled for the first time was less than zero.

That’s one of the reasons I love the ‘My First Year’ poster—simply fill in the blanks, and voila! You own a record of every your baby’s first milestones, and a personalized piece of artwork for their bedroom!


5. Clean + Simple Baby Books

Most of the ideas in this post can be turned into a book beautiful easily, but there’s something unique and refreshing, yet simple and timeless, about the books Johanna McShan made.

Documenting her pregnancy and the first year of each of her daughters, Mia and Ausha, each spread of the books displays one large photo, paired with her thoughts about that month.

Joanna sells templates of every her books, and you don’t even own to own Photoshop to use them!


3. Chalkboard Adventures

Downhill skiing, running track & field, and figure skating in the Olympics is a lot to do in the first 20 weeks of life! These photo illustrations made by Kara at Life with Fingerprints are beyond creative, putting baby Cannon in a diverse scene every week of his first year.

Worried about your own drawings skills in creating 52 photo scenes that are this creative?

Just hold it simple! Your babys adorableness will do most of the work. Cant ponder of anything to draw? Maybe attempt using words instead of drawings.

Oh, and just to give credit where credits due, not only is Cannon Kara’s fourth baby, but she already has a week series under her belt from her son Bennett’s first year, and a month series from her daughter’s first year!


7. Baby’s 1st Annual Report

If you love the thought of the ‘My First Year’ poster, but you’re looking to take your baby-tracking to another level, the Baby’s 1st Annual Report might be for you.

Inside this month calendar, you’ll discover spots to add photos of your little one, as well as clever prompts for tracking significant stats love “Mood By Time of Day” (baby’s and parent’s), and “Toys vs.

Floor Space in Main Living Area.” This is one calendar you wont  be capable to throw away when the year is over.


6. Custom Year One Infographic

I’m beautiful certain this summary that Ami at Lifelove & Lucy made for her daughters first birthday is the cutest infographic in the history of the world.

This is fairly the hefty DIY project, but fortunate for the relax of us, Ami is now offering custom designs on Etsy!



Days of Baby

If you were inclined to ponder Kara was in over her head with 52 weeks of photos, you’re going to ponder Jennifer is downright crazy—in the most awesome way possible.

Jennifer’s project is called days of T, and she takes a photo of her son every day, with the day’s number shown somewhere in the photo. This takes some serious creativity and dedication, and the result is just amazing.

You can follow Jennifer’s project on her blog, Baby Making Machine, or on Instagram.


Month-by-month Comparison Photos

Kristen Honeycutts collage of little Max is sort of similar to my attempt with Carter, but she did a couple other exciting things.

First, Max’s raccoon is helpful to be capable to gauge Max’s size by comparison. (Either Max grew a lot, or the raccoon is shrinking, because the difference between months 1 and 12 are huge!)

I also love how you can see Kristen’s style coming through with the blanket and Max’s clothing. Any little guy can tug of a white onesie, but Max is pulling off some serious style in some of these outfits! Did you see  month 3?!


4. First Year Quilts

When I was pregnant, I could get lost in the baby clothes section of Target for hours at a time, looking at every the adorable onesies that I couldn’t wait to purchase for my baby-to-be.

As it turns out, I could’ve saved a LOT of money, had I realized just how quickly he’d outgrow one size and move onto the next. So, finding out that there was something creative I could do with every those outgrown clothes was music to my ears!

I recently discovered the thought of first year quilts—quilts created out of your favorite pieces of clothing from your baby’s first year—and I can’t wait to go back through Carter’s ancient clothes and start making something memorable out of them!

Craftastical offers a tutorial and a size guide if you’re interested in taking the DIY route, or you can send every the clothing into Etsy sellers love Southern Charm Quilts or Heart and Sew, who can create a custom quilt for you!



Love Letters

This project was also done by Jennifer Borget (the mom who did Days of T), but I couldn’t not include it. It’s so beautifully done. In her love letters, Jennifer paired photos of her daughter with a loving thought, message or quote. Each individual photo is amazing in itself, but the project as a whole is remarkable.

I can only imagine how much her daughter will appreciate having every these photos (and the resulting book she created) when she’s older.


Is that one, giant boatload of cuteness or what?!

I hope these ideas inspire you as much as theyve inspired me, and Id love to see or hear your unique ideas about how to capture your babys first year in photos, too!

Happy documenting!

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Using newborn photography props make your newborn photography % cuter. If you just start out, you will definitely require textured blankets, basket for baby pictures and numerous other eco-friendly items. So, let`s clear out what makes toddler photography so cute except its models.

Editing Newborns

And if you’re feeling frustrated when it comes to newborn editing or you feel love you just haven’t found something that matches your style or if you just desire to save more time when editing newborns in Photoshop — you must attempt the LUXE Newborn Finish Workflow Photoshop Action Collection, you’ll be so happy you did!


— If you prefer to edit in Lightroom, Beautiful Presets for Lightroomjust released their fabulousBaby Bella Newborn Workflowwhich includes tons of presets and brushes — everything you need to edit newborns in Lightroom!

I would love for you to share this post using the social share buttonsand please comment. I’d love to hear what you ponder and also if there is any category of newborn poses you know that is drastically diverse from those mentioned here.

About the Author: Hi, I am Harshita of Avnida Photography. After earning two Masters of Science in Computer Science and spending 5 years writing code, I gave in to my genuine passion; photography, especially of newborn and kids.

Trained by the top 10 photographers in the country, I love capturing the experiences of life, and the love in everyday moments through my lens. Join me on or + in this journey to urge me, share ideas and teach me new things.


In todays post: Tired of chasing your toddler around to get a grand photo? Check out these top 10 toddler photography tips so you can get gorgeous pictures of your little one!

Toddlers are notoriously hard to get excellent pictures of.

There are three main obstacles: 1 They dont desire to sit still for ANYTHING, and certainly not for a photo. 2 Even if they do stop moving, its hard to get them to glance into the camera. 3 Its almost impossible to get a excellent grin from a toddler just by asking for one. To assist you take better toddler pictures, Im sharing my top ten toddler photography tips with you today.

Top ten toddler photography tips: how to get them to sit still + look

Toddler Photography Tip #1: Give the toddler somewhere to sit.

This tip is especially significant for younger toddlers, who own learned to stroll recently enough that they do it every waking minute.

Its really hard to get your photos in focus if youre chasing an 18 month ancient around the room. Its much simpler if you provide somewhere for the kid to sit a stool, rocking horse, stump, bench, chair, etc. Own your camera out and ready before you sit the toddler below because he may only stay there a moment or two but even a few moments of stillness is better than running around love a crazy person snapping photos while calling to the kid to please just stop and look! (not that Ive ever done that)

In the photos above I convinced a reluctant toddler to sit on a rocking horse.

Wooden items love rocking horses, stools or benches make grand seating options for photo shoots because their neutral color means they wont be distracting in the final photo but if you really dont love how the prop looks in the photo you can generally crop it correct out.

Toddler Photography Tip #2: Give her something to hold. Again, this is more helpful for the younger set. You might own your daughter trapped on a stool that she cant get below from, but that doesnt mean shes going to glance at you or grin at you.

Be prepared with a little toy (or grab a leaf or flower it youre outside).

Diy newborn photo shoot ideas

Hand the item to the toddler and give her a few minutes to glance at and frolic with it. Then just wait, camera at the ready, until she looks up at you to share her delight then capture the expression.

Toddler Photography Tip #3: Give her something to glance at. Toddlers seem to know you desire them to glance at you, but do everything in their power to avoid making actual eye contact. Wheedling, threatening, and bribing occasionally work, but giving them something exciting to glance at works better. Did you know that if you file below the feet of a Pez dispenser just a bit it fits into the external flash attachment of your dSLR? No kidding. Its great. Pick a princess Pez or a Lightning McQueen Pez and stick him on top of your camera, then show your kid that the Pez gives out candy for kids who glance at him.

Discover out how to attach a Pez dispenser to your camera here.

Or, grab a rabbit ear headband from the dollar store at Easter (or a Shamrock one at St Pattys, etc) and pop it on your head when the childs not looking. Then hold asking them whats on your head and how it got there. Theyll stare correct at you, and probably giggle. Ive even tied bells to my wrist and jingled them up by my camera to get a grand toddler picture.

Also move around a bit while you talk to the kid stand up, sit below, lean to the left or correct. Your motion will naturally draw her eyes toward you, and youll be capable to get photos from a variety of angles.

Toddler Photography Tip #4: Let them see themselves inside the camera. Getting pictures taken is just a chore to a little kid whod rather be running around and playing.

So snap a few whether shes cooperative or not, then show them to her on the back of your camera. Tell her you got her inside the camera, and shell immediately be more interested in the camera and more likely to glance at it when you start shooting again.

Toddler Photography Tip #5: Enquire him to frolic copycat. This works better for older toddlers (2&3 yr olds) who will be capable to understand what youre asking. Sit or lie below and strike a simple pose, then enquire the toddler if he can do the same thing. Attempt a few amusing poses first to get him involved and tell him what a grand copycat he is when he copies your pose.

Them move on to other poses and enquire him if he can be a copycat and then freeze in that position while you take his picture. As endless as you hold telling him what a grand occupation hes doing, hell likely continue to copy you for at least a couple of poses.