Diy outdoor bar ideas

For our wedding bar design, we chose a pre-stained material available at retail hardware stores, but upcycled pallets or barn wood are other grand options. Here are some of our favorite DIY Wedding Bars made by KegWorks customers.

(Left: Photos submitted by KegWorks customers Robert A, Dan D and Amy O)

If the rustic glance isn’t your theme, not to worry. There are plenty of wedding bar designs that work for every types of wedding themes.

Check out our Pinterest board for more wedding bar inspo.

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Are wet bars outdated?

Grant Gerhart, a broker with Integrated Realty Group in Laguna Hills, CA, does ponder that wet bars are less favorite today than they were in the past.

“If personal enjoyment is the goal, then it’s worth it,” says Michael Kelczewski, a Realtor® with Brandywine Fine Properties.

But he cautions homeowners who desire to add this amenity only as an investment, since it could make your home seem dated. For example, we give you Exhibit A below:

Photo by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Particularly in open kitchens and living spaces, it’s generally not worth it to install a second sink when the kitchen sink is within simple reach.

«Almost no one is installing a traditional wet bar in their home,» says Los Angeles bar designer and builderRicki Kline.

«Wet bars can be beautiful unnecessary and redundant for the modern style of entertaining.»

He says one exception would be a big-budget addition such as a man cave or entertainment room. In that case, a wet bar might fit correct in.

What is a wet bar, and why would you desire one?

Wet bars are convenient if you entertain on a diverse floor than your kitchen, or outdoors. In the s and s, home bars became favorite as people outfitted their basements as rec rooms.

Who wants to go every the way back upstairs to stir a batch of frozen margaritas? Or to rinse out the pitcher for another batch, for that matter?

Now, as outdoor kitchens become more favorite, wet bars are moving alfresco as well. With a little creativity, you can turn your backyard into a miniature resort.

Photo by Pools For Home Design

Wet bar ideas: How to entertain in style

Having a sink in your bar means you’ll not only be capable to rinse glasses between mixing drinks, you’ll also be better equipped to handle spills and cleanup.

Photo by Dwelling Designs

As endless as you’re going through the trouble, you could optimize that plumbing with a few more add-ons.

You could include a prep area for mixing cocktails that either also drains into the sink (to capture spills) or has its own drain. If you’re into beer in a large way, you could install taps with gutters under that capture and direct drips.

That said, a wet bar doesn’t own to be large and elaborate. You can fit one into a tiny nook.

Photo by i4design, LLC

Reasons You Should Build A Wedding Bar

Decor Accent

A DIY wedding bar can fill your wedding reception atmosphere wonderfully. No matter your theme, you can make your DIY bar design fit.

Diy outdoor bar ideas

Low Maintenance

Forget constantly stocking bins, tables, and coolers with canned and bottled beers. Hook up your keg(s), ice ‘em below, and enjoy the party while the beer flows freely.

Money Savings

Weddings can be expensive. Between the food, facility, band, photographer, and whatever-the-heck else, the bills stack up quickly.

Diy outdoor bar ideas

Buying and serving your own kegs is cheaper than using the venue’s options. Cut out liquor, and you’ll save even more money.

You’ll Own It Forever

After the wedding, the bar is yours. Hold it in your home, your garage, your basement – wherever.

Conversation Starter

Beyond people simply seeing the bar and asking about it, it’s a magnet for smaller, more private gatherings and a grand way for guests to get to know each other.

Dry bar ideas: Entertaining made easy

If you aren’t sold on installing a wet bar, a dry bar may be a better alternative. You’ll still own a dedicated spot for barware, spirits, and a beverage refrigerator, but without dealing with plumbing.

Every you need is a short counter and cabinet space.

«The trend is leaning toward a dry bar where favorite liquors and glassware are artfully and conveniently displayed,» says Kline.

Photo by Joshua Lawrence Studios INC

“Most people now are just doing a liquor cabinet,» Gerhart says. «Space is often an issue, and bars take up a lot of it.”

Keep in mind that a dry bar can be multifunctional. For example, you could hold party supplies in a cabinet.

Photo by M. Swabb Decor + Style

Another alternative is simply modifying the back of your kitchen island or a counter with some shelves or rollout drawers for simple access.

Claim your home and get tips on remodeling and design inspiration.

Diy outdoor bar ideas

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Diy outdoor bar ideas

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A DIY Wedding Bar is a kick-ass way to serve up drinks to your guests. Check out our step-by-step instructions and watch our how-to video to study how to build your own wedding bar for your large day.

Getting married? Don’t desire to spend a fortune on an open bar? Or just looking to do something unique to serve drinks? A DIY wedding bar is a show stopper at any wedding.


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