Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

Feedback sport velo column 2 bike storage unit

Unlike the Topeak freestanding rack, this uses tension between the floor and ceiling to securely hold your bikes in put.

Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

The column can adjust to 10 feet and can hold up to four bikes if additional mounts are bought.

Buy now for £154.99 at Tredz

Relaxdays garage indoor pulley bike storage

Relaxdays garage pulley bike storage

Perfect for the garage, this unit is a simple both in installation and use. The claimed weight limit that it can handle is up to 20kg so unless you’ve got a dutch city bike you should be golden.

Buy now for £8.57 at Amazon

Hiplok Airlok indoor wall bike storage lock

Hiplok’s Airlok bike storage

Up until recently, most at-home ground anchors designed to lock your bike securely to were fairly unattractive – mainly designed for use in garages and out of sight.

Hiplok aimed to finish that, with the Airlok.

Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

Constructed from hardened steel and covered with a plastic shield, these insurance proof locks own been created to adorn your walls, turning your bike into a work of art.

A locking pole secures the frame, whilst a rubberised lining prevents it from scratches – and a range of top tubes can be accommodated, including mountain bikes.

Buy now at Tredz for £114.99

Chol1 Arrimo indoor bike storage furniture

Chol1 Arrimo bike storage furniture

Seamlessly integrating furniture and bike storage, this is probably the prettiest answer out there killing two birds with one rock thanks to this indoor bike storage.

Choosing between tyre widths you can pick whether you desire one specifically for your road bike or mountain bike – though unfortunately you can only store the bike type you specifically bought it for. Keeping your bike clean will own new emphasis to protect your furniture.

See a range of options at Chol1

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounter indoor bike storage hooks

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounter bike storage hooks

A simple and elegant option is the Cycloc Endo.

Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

After screwing the base into the wall every you own to do is lift up the flap and hook it onto your bike’s front wheel. With a variety of colours there’s something to fit every favoured palette.

Buy now for £44.95 at Wiggle

Asgard outdoor bike storage sheds

Asgard bike storage shed

Asgard create insurance approved bike storage sheds, constructed from heavy duty metal.

Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

Sheds are available in a range of sizes- to suit anything from one to eight bikes – with additional ‘police approval’ certification on larger versions.

You do need a flat platform in your garden large enough to store one – but if you’ve got that they’re a grand idea.

See the sheds, from £405 to £1,435, at Asgard here 

Topeak Two Up Indoor Bike Storage Stand

Topeak Two Up Bike Storage Stand

This freestanding storage system uses a large base to support itself and can carry two bikes up to 72kg meaning it can take even the heaviest steel bike you may own.

This tidy stand can also fold up should you need to move it in the car or on public transport.

Buy now for £139.70 at Evans Cycles


Diy outdoor bike storage ideas

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