Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

Charcoal Pit

Here’s a gorgeous fire pit that can easily utilize charcoal instead of wood. Although some may prefer the smell and pops of a crackling wood-burning fire pit, this fire pit is a cleaner version of a fire pit. The flame may even be automatic in this fire pit, is easily switched on by a button or remote control. Whatever the case, this is a grand setup for a patio area or outdoor garden patio. Add some exciting and comfortable chairs to surround the fire pit for a more inviting look.

Tiny Fire Pit

This tiny fire pit is just a piece of this grandiose backyard scene.

It almost may seem to just mix into the scenery, but relax assured, come nightfall this little fire pit will be the star of the show. The gorgeous cut out shapes on the metal pit will glow into the night endless after every the wood has burned below. Even the smallest glowing embers will glance great peeking out of these enjoyment shapes. This goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a huge fire pit in order to enjoy one.

Brick Fire Pit

This grand brick fire pit stands as the focal point of this backyard scene.

It’s a larger fire pit that is constructed to remain in one spot. You can easily build your own fire pit by using these types of bricks and concrete. You can purchase large or little bricks and match them accordingly to your outdoor décor. See how the bricks of the fire pit match the brick accents on the patio floor? Absolutely gorgeous!

Stone Fire Pit

This fire pit has utilized moss covered stones to naturally give this setup a wild glance. Flat stones love the ones depicted would definitely be a safer rock to use than more rounded stones, but whatever rock you prefer, just make certain the whole setup is steady.

You wouldn’t desire a makeshift fire pit to topple over and throw burning coals every over the put. The grate on top of this fire pit looks love it could own come from an ancient barbecue pit, so as you can see, you can easily refurbish an ancient barbecue pit to make something love this!

Walkout Patio

Here’s a gorgeous walkout patio with a stylish fire pit correct in the middle. This patio looks love it could even be a balcony set up, what with those gorgeous treetops in the background. Adding some comfy chairs love the ones pictured will add a sense of ease and relaxation. Since this is open-air with no ceiling to worry about, you could easily use several large logs to create an additional warm fire without worrying about any mishaps.

Domed Fire Pit

Here’s an interestingly shaped fire pit that comes to a dome peak at the top.

The unique shape of this fire pit will add intrigue to any garden or outdoor space. Even if you own minimal decoration or a theme, this fire pit is classy enough to stand on its own or can easily be integrated into almost any setting. The brushed paint at the base of this pit looks a bit rustic and should be capable to stand up to the elements given its thick, sturdy structure.

Scenic View

This is a gorgeous spot for relaxing and enjoying a cozy fire pit!

Taking on a more scenic view, you would definitely be left alone in this setup – free to take in the sights and sounds of nature. If you own a lot of space or property you are working with, having a fire pit at an outer edge facing trees or woods love this can add a enjoyment element without much effort. The fire pit does every the work for you with its soothing, crackling flames and gorgeous surroundings!

Cozy Cabin

This looks love a scene straight out of a mountain cabin escape.

You can easily create your own picturesque scene by either having a brick fire pit made, or by conducting your own research and building one yourself! Imagine sipping coffee on one of these lounge chairs during an early morning fire and looking out on this beautiful, snowy landscape? It’s absolutely dreamy.

Backyard Gazebo

Here’s a gorgeous backyard gazebo setup with a beautiful, rock fire pit. Since the gazebo seems high enough, the medium-sized pile of charcoal ready to burn within the pit should burn without the worry of catching the whole thing on fire.

This would be the perfect setup on a chilly December night sipping on some eggnog with shut friends or family. Since the area is covered, you’d also be protected from the elements and you wouldn’t own to worry about the fire pit getting wet.

Best of Both Worlds

This modern patio setup utilizes both a barbecue pit and a fire pit. This fire pit looks love it could burn both charcoal and wood, but given the closer proximity of the ceiling, the safer bet would more than likely be charcoal. If you do own a fire pit under a patio area, be certain only to burn a thinner layer of charcoal or just a few logs of wood to prevent any fires and accidents.

Modern Gazebo

This looks love a scene straight out of a mountain cabin escape.

You can easily create your own picturesque scene by either having a brick fire pit made, or by conducting your own research and building one yourself! Imagine sipping coffee on one of these lounge chairs during an early morning fire and looking out on this beautiful, snowy landscape? It’s absolutely dreamy.

Balcony Fire Pit

This fire pit sits on a balcony facing the ocean. These grand patio couches with throw pillows add so much character to the whole scene and an additional bonus for every facing the ocean. When you own an outlook love this you don’t need a lot of fluff to make a space exciting.

Every you need is this view, and of course, this beautiful grand little fire pit to hold you warm.

Slats and Lines

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So much shape and line work to this outdoor setup. The varying direction of every these wooden slats gives this fire pit patio an exciting glance while maintaining a classic feel. The natural wood color and the added rock fire pit makes every this texture feel cozy and inviting instead of distracting. Adding decorative plants and outdoor safe throw pillows is a grand touch when you desire to incorporate some color to the mix.

Curved Benches

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When you own a retaining wall around a rock fire pit, you might as well build a bench around it!

Every the brickwork in this setup is absolutely beautiful, and by adding a few exciting throw pillows here and there, you own a grand scene ready for entertaining. The stairs leading below to this sunken in style patio is an added element that creates depth and class.

Perfectly Polished

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I love the glance of smooth stonework. This fire pit sits on a smooth rock patio and is even adorned with a matching smooth rock rim. It is an elegant scene that incorporates the fire even in the lighting. The stones seem to bring out the glow of the fire and bounce it out to create this luminescent hue every around the outdoor area.

This would be the perfect put to hold a cocktail party or little get together.

Urban City View

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This is a grand outdoor design for incorporating a fire pit patio in an urban city. Just because you live in the suburbs, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a grand fire pit from time to time! This thought completely embodies that thought by building a grand, comfy social area every around this fire pit. The string lights and funky, green patio sofa cushions are some of the best parts of this scene.

Garden Fire Pit Area

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All the things in this grand landscape point to that perfect fire pit in the middle.

The fence, the lining trees, the plants and wooden deck area every seem to present the fire pit in every its splendor. This is a grand design thought when you don’t own a extremely large space to work with and you desire to own a focal piece – love this fire pit. Adding every the plants to a scene love this also helps make it feel unused and interesting.

Smooth and Sleek

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This smooth rock garden patio holds some grand lounge chairs, some swanky patio couches and a beautiful fire shelf.

Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

With every this sleek design, your outdoor area will glance perfectly posh and modern. You could expect to discover a scene love this exterior a forest hotel resort or somewhere deep into a tropical forest. I can almost hear every those tropical birds calling out to me.

Sunken Fire Pit

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We put together a practical guide on how to build a fire pit and hold your yard as well as your family and friends safe from accidents.

Fire pits are made to contain fire in a specific put.

When done correct, they are some of the prettiest decorative pieces in a yard. Generally, you can discover fire pits in the backyard of a home or the shared yard of an apartment. They own become so favorite that stores offer their own premade models to set in your yard. The expense of these premade fire pits vary and are mostly fair. But what if you could lower the price even further while dictating the design of the fire pit? A DIY fire pit has been an option for a endless time, and it’s a project that takes surprisingly little effort.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Retaining Wall with Chairs

This delightful little rock fire pit is adorably concealed by this matching rock retaining wall.

Adding wooden lounge chairs beyond the short retaining wall is a grand way to add an exciting element to the whole scene without taking anything away from the actual fire pit. The retaining wall could also double as a grand foot relax for those colder winter nights by the fire.

Steel Chairs

These steel chairs add an exciting spin to this outdoor fire pit scene. They glance more modern and can easily be moved, if need be. The fire pit in the middle is stationary since it’s made out of bricks, but the chairs are completely mobile and interchangeable. This would be the perfect helpful of patio furniture for adding or taking away depending on the number of people you’re hosting.

Marbled Patio

This gorgeous chimney style fire pit sits atop a grand marbled outdoor patio floor.

The floor is catching the light from the flames and glowing magnificently from it. This whole scene is exquisitely elegant and beckons for people to collect around it. The cozy patio sofa also beckons for some tardy night conversation and excellent times. Although a marbled outdoor patio floor may require a bit of upkeep, it’s totally worth it – as evident in this grand photo.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

High Structured Fireplace

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This modern fireplace features a endless backboard that extends well beyond the fireplace itself. This adds a level of intrigue and a contemporary feel to the area. The dark gray polished stones in the scene also add a posh glance that would require minimal additional décor.

The groomed bushes in the planters on either side of this fire pit brings color into the scene without taking too much away.

Porch Chimney

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This outdoor fireplace is more love a porch chimney with that massive smokestack funneling the smoke away. The chimney is made every from brick, but because of its smooth cut, looks almost love steel or something that was polished. The matching wood box next to it is unique and makes the whole area glance organized and clean.

Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

The matching lounge chairs are a grand added touch.

Rustic Porch

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Here’s a beautiful rustic porch that looks love you’d discover it in some helpful of upscale resort. You could easily recreate an area love this in your own outdoor area by adding an outdoor fireplace and appropriately themed furniture. Although the fireplace in this scene is gigantic, you could easily scale below to fit your tastes and needs. Stick to that lodge feel by adding an abundance of wooden elements.

Gas Fire Panel

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This gas fire panel is a contemporary way to add a fireplace into your décor without taking up too much space.

Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

Inset within this large, brick retaining wall, the fire shelf fits in perfectly without too much distraction or bulk. This is a modern glance that would be a perfect setup for sipping cocktails on this patio area or enjoying some intimate conversation around the fire feature.

Corner Fireplace

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This contemporary patio features a fireplace built into the corner. The area is cozy, with benches extending outward from the fireplace and decorative outdoor cushions strewn about.

The block-like fireplace adds an exciting conversation piece to an already unique scene with contemporary furniture. The side garden in the photo also makes the area feel extremely well in touch with nature. This would be a perfect outdoor area for a little family or contemporary couple.

Backyard Kitchen

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This backyard kitchen is a grand way to hold outdoor cookouts to cater to large groups of people. The massive brick fireplace blazes quietly in the corner while adding so much character to the whole scene. I can imagine plenty of family gatherings out here with loads of conversation and laughter.

The more detailed you get with the fireplace, the more exciting it can be.

Statuary Fireplace

This massive rock fireplace is stately in this scene. It’s huge, glorious and absolutely stunning. The stones used in this structure glance ancient, which gives this fireplace an antique glance. This also proves that structure love these can withstand the elements and the test of time. Adding modern furniture to the scene will stir up the feel of the décor if having an antique themed backyard area isn’t your immediate goal.

Lower Fireplace

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Here’s an outdoor area that features a lower fireplace correct along the back area.

Resembling a fireplace shelf, of sorts, this endless paneled fireplace brings an elegance to this outdoor area. Since there are so numerous attributes to this specific outdoor scene, the fireplace in this setup becomes another accessory instead of the focal point. Whether you desire your fireplace to be the middle of attention, or simply an addition to a greater scape, you can easily achieve both scenarios.


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This grandiose outdoor fireplace has it every.

Not only is the design gorgeous and unique, but there is a nifty firewood shelf built correct into it. This will save you time and space when it comes to cutting or gathering wood for this feature. The large smokestack adds an industrial feel to the whole area and is certain to create some exciting conversation when hosting a party or gathering.

Southwestern Patio

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This patio looks as if the entire thing is made from adobe.

Rustic and purely created with the heart of the southwest in mind, this fireplace is delightful. The smooth yet slightly flawed build of the stove and surrounding walls makes the scene glance extremely ancient. The bumps and grooves of the bricks and clay brings an authenticity to the patio area that would be perfect for a home in the desert or for someone who wants to bring the desert to their home.

Traditional Garden Patio

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Here is a traditional garden patio setup, finish with adorable stepping stones to lead the way up to the fireplace.

This looks love something you’d stumble upon in the middle of the woods. This quaint garden setup is also a perfect example on how versatile the addition of a fireplace can be. You don’t need a lot of expensive décor to surround a fireplace, since the scene is serene enough on its own.

Small Space Fireplace

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Make the most out of even the smallest outdoor space by utilizing a fireplace as a centerpiece. Since fire pits and fireplaces come in so numerous diverse sizes, it’d be simple to add one to an outdoor area without much of a hassle.

In this scene, a little fireplace is used in the background of what appears to be a deck social setting. This photo demonstrates that you don’t need a extremely large area in order to entertain. You just need the correct accents.

Fire and Water

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The incorporation of fire and water results in a truly enigmatic scene that is certain to captivate anyone who has the pleasure of being immersed in these two elements. This outdoor fireplace roars on as the serene, still waters of the pool smoothly flow beneath it. The sound of the crackling wood and calm, flowing waters is certain to delight every your guests and create an intimate setting.

Outdoor Den

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This is an amazing setup that almost looks love a den – just outdoors.

The fireplace, the TV and the furniture every suggests this would be inside a home, but it’s not. The outdoor living room space is made cozier by the fireplace and the fact that it is every exterior.

Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

A family could easily enjoy the grand outdoors with every the added comforts of home through this amazing living space.

Contemporary Deck

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This outdoor fireplace almost resembles an oven. The wide door at the front and stainless steel, polished glance makes this an exciting fireplace that looks as if it could easily be maintained. This deck scene is truly gorgeous in that the view is spectacular, as is the surrounding chairs and overall décor.

This proves you don’t need too much decoration when you own a decent view to enjoy.

Summer Barbecue

This would be the perfect summer barbecue area! The fireplace itself could be used as a barbecue pit, I believe. So numerous of these fireplaces can double as a cooktop, but always be certain that your fireplace can be used as such before actually cooking on it. This scene is the perfect area for a picnic area. Add some tables and chairs, and you own a family outdoor dining room.

Summer Backyard

The perfect summer backyard setup is obvious in this picture.

You own your glorious fireplace and a matching barbecue  for added enjoyment. This setup is relaxing and lets you ease into the dog days of summer with style and grace. The plant life, bricks and furniture in this photo every seem to mesh effortlessly and would be the perfect layout for any backyard patio area.

Stone Arches

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This patio fireplace features glorious rock arches that fit into this scene perfectly. This same type of rock is used throughout this patio area, which allows the eye to move effortlessly from one section of the fireplace to the other.

Being a rather large fireplace area, you’d need to be certain to own enough space to accommodate such a stately outdoor structure. The fire rack in the middle of the fireplace adds an additional accent that is reminiscent of an indoor fireplace.

Social Setting

This patio area is the perfect setting for a social scene. The fireplace almost acts as an afterthought to the scene since it’s so far in the background, but the point is that this fireplace will still be crackling and burning through some beautiful enjoyment gatherings. The sounds of fire in these fireplace is almost as soothing as gazing upon the flames themselves and can act as entertainment on its own.

Tall Fireplace

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You can’t miss this tall fireplace.

This guy is huge! These massive bricks that created this tall chimney are gorgeous in themselves with every that natural color and texture. To see them create this giant, impressive chimney is spectacular. This is the perfect type of outdoor fireplace for a home in the mountains or a home that endures some beautiful chilly weather. You’d stay warm for days with this awesome fireplace!

Garden Fireplace

This is a gorgeous thought for an outdoor garden fireplace. This design is unique in that it’s virtually a fireplace for an outdoor garden area. The covered area of this patio will not be affected by the fire since this fireplace has a chimney-like structure that will easily siphon every the smoke out of the vicinity.

The wood and brick combination in every this décor is versatile and looks magnificent.

Outdoor Living Room

This picture beautiful much resembles an outdoor living room. The fireplace itself resembles a fireplace that you’d discover inside a home. Bring that family room exterior for added enjoyment with this amazing fire pit and décor setup. Everything in this photo looks so sleek and stylish, yet adds a level of comfort thanks to tiny attributes such as the striped cushions and plants.

Luxury Fireplace

This luxury outdoor fireplace stands stoic on this patio area. Every the brick work in this photo frolic on each other to create an elegant scene.

The criss-cross pattern of the tiled floor next to the aged light stones that make up the fireplace every add so much texture and intrigue. You could expect to see a scene love this exterior a country club or outdoor wedding venue.

Outdoor TV Room

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This room seems to own every this enjoyment stuff in one area. The TV, fireplace and comfortable couches are every perfectly set to create an inviting space that has something for everyone. I can’t imagine watching a TV when you own a gorgeous, blazing fireplace to watch, but if that’s just not your thing, you also own the TV option for entertaining.

Romantic Garden Getaway

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Have a romantic getaway as shut as your backyard with a beautiful patio love this one.

These endless, elegant pillars add a feeling of renaissance-era romanticism along with this blazing outdoor fireplace. This is a scene that feels as cozy as an indoor living room could be. The flowering vines and abundant plant life helps make the area full of wonder and gives off a whimsical feel. The garden chandelier is an added bonus that matches the outdoor fireplace perfectly.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

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The only thing you need to know about this thought – pizza oven.

That’s correct. There is a pizza oven included in this massive fireplace. Amazing! Ponder of every the grand parties you could host with your extremely own outdoor pizza oven. Plus, ponder of every the money you’d save on delivery! Beautiful sweet! If the pizza oven aspect wasn’t enough incentive to get on the ball and start building, just glance at the structure! Everything about this scene is gorgeous.

Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Vintage Patio

What makes this patio vintage? Just glance at every this picturesque, ancient stonework. The textured stones glance weathered and can really add that vintage feel to any patio area.

The rippling water feature resembles a babbling brook that coincides well with the vintage style fire pit in the middle of the scene. Stones also line the garden areas which makes this scene true to that vintage style.

Circles upon Circles

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The fire pit is the middle of this exciting landscaping design. The outer circle features flowers and plants, which slowly snake their way into the gravelled area, which gives way to the circular fire pit in the middle. This is a grand frolic with shapes and can make your garden area glance that much more polished and elegant with this obviously well thought-out gardening plan.

Fire Pit Circle

This abstract scene is full of texture.

From the pebbled grand large circle to the straight wooden panels – there is so much to glance at in this photo. You’d almost overlook the grand fire pit correct dab in the middle of the whole thing. I bet this scene would glance amazing at night once the fire pit is lit and every these grand colors and textures can meld together.

Garden Beds with Fire Pit

Another grand way to use additional bricks or stones from an outdoor fire pit, make some matching garden beds. Even if you don’t own leftover rock and own to purchase more of the same – this is never a bad thought since it looks grand and timeless.

Or, you could easily stir the whole scene up by mixing and matching bricks to your liking. The possibilities are endless with this idea!

Back Patio with Fire Pit

When it comes to building a landscape around an area with a fire pit, you could easily create a amazing space by using the same kinds of bricks or stones you’ve used in the construction of the actual fire pit. This thought demonstrates how clean an area can glance just by paving the area around the fire pit. Plus, odds are you will own leftover bricks, so this is a grand way to put those to use.

Stone Garden Floors

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This looks love a scene straight out of “Downton Abbey.” Never seen it?

That’s ok – every you need to know is you should expect plenty of garden parties with teas and little cakes in a setup love this. Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it has that classy glance that would withstand whatever garden trends the times are going through. The grand water feature is fairly the spectacle, but I’m certain once twilight settles in, that perfect little fire pit is the burning star of the show.

Modern Landscape

Another modern gazebo layout, this scene looks love something straight from the future.

The exciting gazebo shape and covering makes this glance love a peaceful, yet exciting escape from the exterior world. The fire pit is also that funkier chimney shape that we saw in the previous photo. This is a grand way to siphon out the smoke and prevent it from getting into anyone’s eyes or affecting anyone who is sensitive to smoke. This is truly a gorgeous setup that will own guests talking about it for days.

Propane Fire Pit

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Here is a clean burning fire pit that utilizes propane instead of the ancient fashioned wood or coal burning fire pit.

This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t desire to deal with excess smoke or wood. This fire pit is simple to operate and looks incredibly modern. The slate mantel around the fire pit gives it a classic glance while adding some exciting texture to the setup. The wood in the pit is not actually wood, but it definitely could pass for it.

Retaining Wall Fire Pit

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This is a beautiful way to own a retaining wall with an added fire pit. So numerous levels of décor here and so numerous opportunities to decorate the space however you’d love.

Since this scene seems to be on the edge of a cliff or hill, the view is absolutely breathtaking. The colorful chairs in this scene add a level of contemporary style that is posh and stylish. This would be the ideal setup for having a little, classy gathering.

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Here’s an exciting concept – a fire pit virtually in a pool feature. This completely unique design is an awesome way to integrate summer enjoyment splashing in the pool with the added class of a roaring fire pit. If you wanted to stand out from the relax of your friends homes, this is the way to go. It’s a grand concept that is so amazing to glance at, I can only imagine how grand it looks in person.

The sound of rushing water and blazing fire would entrance the sense while enthralling the mind.

Platform Fire Pit

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This is an exciting and unique setup – the fire pit (which helpful of resembles a fire bowl) is atop a gorgeous tiled platform surrounded by a brick separation wall. This is a grand way of adding décor to an area specifically for a fire pit. With so much texture in this area, it’s hard to imagine needing anything else for an area as stylish as this one.

Inset Pit

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This fire pit is inset with the retaining wall behind it.

This is a grand way to add that additional element of style and décor without distracting from the scene as a whole. This would be the perfect scene for backyard barbecues with family and friends. I can also imaging this would be a lot of enjoyment for those endless summer nights toasting marshmallows or enjoying a cup of boiling chocolate in front of it around winter time.

Fire Box

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This unique fire pit looks love a box sitting in this modern scene. The box is actually made of rock, so the polished glance remains safe from the flames spurting out the middle of it. This exciting fire pit goes grand with those equally unique chairs surrounding the pit.

This would be a perfect scene for a weekend getaway with ancient friends or a mountain retreat for a young couple. Whatever the gathering, this would be a perfect setup for a relaxing time.

Fire Column

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This fire column also uses propane instead of wood and fire. Its exciting shape is a grand way to add a fire pit to a more modern outdoor or garden scene. It looks more love a chimney than an actual fire pit. The body of the fire column holds the propane tank, so it’s out of sight and conveniently stored within the column itself. This is a clean, hassle-free version of a standard fire pit that has a polished, modern glance perfect for a patio.

Fire Bowl

This is such a enjoyment and exciting design!

This fire pit looks more love a large, wide fire bowl. With a fire bowl love this one, you can easily discover any color you’d prefer or an assortment of colors in the bowl that would match with your outdoor décor. I love these little stump stools around the bowl, but of course this is easily adjustable and customizable as well. Given the area, you could add some exciting (and maybe a bit more comfortable) outdoor chairs or loungers.

Backyard Fire Pit

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Here is a classic version of a backyard fire pit.

Built from rock, this fire pit is sturdy and its structure will final for a endless, endless time. The pit itself add a cozy feel to the scene, but what makes this whole setup incredibly relaxing is this grand patio furniture surrounding it. You can easily give the ambience a more relaxing feel or a modern setup by adding some exciting patio furniture and decoration. A pit love this makes the scene open for versatility.

Architectural Design

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This design is something out of a modern architecture magazine. It’s contemporary, versatile and entirely diverse. Almost as its own structure, this fire pit features bulky, sturdy features with a strong base, grill rack and wide side table surface.

This would be a perfect addition to the home that likes to enjoy a lot of outdoor cookouts or enjoys entertaining outdoors. You don’t own to use this fire pit as a grill, as it would better fare as décor only, but it would be anise addition to a patio that already has an outdoor grill.

Dome Pit

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This is fire pit that is inset to the floor, but utilizes a brick half-dome to surround it. This is a grand way to prevent the wind from snuffing out the fire or causing more smoke to snake into the patio area.

Since this scene is near an ocean, that ocean breeze would be killer to any fire pit. This is probably an added precaution for the fire, but it looks really stylish too. A fire pit love this would be simple to maintain and can withstand even the harshest sea breezes.

Contemporary Fire Pit

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This contemporary fire pit almost looks love a divide globe. The polished nickel and steel setup makes this fire pit so exciting to glance at and would glance grand in any backyard or outdoor setting.

This fire pit can burn traditional wooden logs, so that can add a more authentic feel to the fire pit even though the structure itself is extremely modern. This would glance grand on a deck area or balcony area that has enough ventilation to air out the smoke.

Gas Fire Pit

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This gas fire pit is a gorgeous way to add some style to a modern atmosphere. Another bowl shaped fire pit, this fire erupts over these smooth, neutral colored stones for a glance that is absolutely stunning and modern. This is another mess-free, worry-free version of a fire pit that combines the best of both worlds without the worry of cleanup or smoke inhalation.

This would even be a grand fire pit for a covered area or a closed off section of a yard.

Fire Table

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This design is exquisite and entirely elegant on its own. This is a fire pit that doubles as a table – hence the name fire table. It features a gorgeous marble or rock table surrounding the flames so guests can relax their cocktails or beverages around the fire. This helpful of setting just promotes conversation and excellent time among friends. It’s an elegant scene that does not require too much added decoration if it’s not wanted.

Stone Pit

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The gorgeous rock pit matches the paved floor beneath it with this grand neutral cream color.

Set a ways away from the home, this fire pit is easily found via the path of stones leading up to it. This is a grand scene for someone who doesn’t desire to own to worry about the smoke smell filling the home or worry about a family member that has issue with smelling smoke. This is a gorgeous setup that invites anyone to wander below the path and see the pit for themselves.

Flagstone Fire Pit

This flagstone fire pit is not only sturdily constructed, but looks absolutely fabulous. Flagstone naturally gives off that rough and cut feeling while adding a generous layer of class. This shorter fire pit would be a grand addition to an outdoor patio area or a corner garden.

It would stand up to the elements – including rain and snow – since it is every made of flagstone and not a material that easily rusts love aluminum or metal.

Wicker Fire Pit

This is a gorgeous log cabin sitting perfectly in the middle of the woods somewhere. The criss-crossed wicker pattern around the fire pit gives this whole scene a more rustic feel. The marbled counter around the fire pit is a excellent way to prevent anyone getting too shut to the fire without creating an obstructive barrier.

This would be a grand fire pit to own in a home that has children or a home that has pets.

Waterfront Fire Pit

This gorgeous scene utilizes a floor fire pit correct at the water’s edge. How relaxing is this gorgeous setup? I can just imagine watching the sunset over the water, sipping on a cocktail and soaking in the gorgeous nature around me. The floor fire pit is an exciting concept and is totally safe since it’s sunken in.

Diy outdoor fire pit ideas

The Adirondack chairs in the photo also add so much character to the scene. The natural wood in these loungers just amplify the surrounding nature.

Set the World on Fire

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This stunning globe shaped fire pit is one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen. The use of negative space where the continents are really makes the fiery blaze pop against the stark darkness of the metal sphere. This is a grand way to make a fire pit safe and contained while also adding that wow factor to your backyard or lakefront property.