Diy outdoor flooring ideas

Concrete flooring at a glance

Confused by what the term ‘concrete flooring’ actually refers to? There are three options:

1. Poured concrete flooring is the most expensive option.

Diy outdoor flooring ideas

Suitable for large, open-plan ground floor areas, or as an outdoor-indoor option.
2. Concrete tile is more versatile than poured concrete and can be laid in virtually every room on to a cement stir base. Enquire your local builder for these.

Diy outdoor flooring ideas

Concrete-effect tile is typically made from tough porcelain and cheaper than genuine concrete. Lots of suppliers and finishes to select from. Suitable for experienced DIY laying.

Concrete floor tiles are a cheaper alternative to poured concrete and are, in some cases, more practical. If you need to lift the flooring to repair underfloor heating or if a section of flooring is damaged, it is far easier to take up individual tiles, than to remove a section of poured flooring.

Tiles will own to be sealed and finished in the same way as a poured concrete floor, but it is a occupation you can easily do yourself.

Diy outdoor flooring ideas

Concrete sealant is readily available from DIY warehouses and it is possible to purchase, or even rent, a floor polisher for far less than you would pay a professional to do it for you.

Choosing a poured concrete floor

Most polished concrete flooring today is made from a cement-based coating with added polymers, and applied as a ‘screed’ by hand, rather than being poured love a resin.

Architectural in appearance, concrete is ideal for creating an industrial glance and can also generally be laid on existing substrates, including existing tiles, as endless as there is suitable stability, and that it is free of movement and moisture.

Concrete flooring generally has a more natural appearance than resin and often comes in a choice of finishes — from smooth and polished to pitted, rugged, brushed and raked, as well as with travertine and rock effects.

How much do concrete tiles cost?

Concrete tiles are a grand budget alternative to a poured concrete floor and cost anywhere from £2 for a 45cm x 45cm tile from a builders’ merchant or DIY store.

They are available in a range of shades, from extremely pale greys to dark charcoal, and can even be coloured. You can also pick them up in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Renting a floor polisher from a tool hire centre will cost around £50 a day, £70 for the weekend, or £ for a week. These come with a variety of functions and attachments, so that you can grind any unevenness and level the tiles before cleaning and polishing them.

On top of that, concrete sealant covers roughly 10 square metres per litre, and a ltr can costs £.

How much will a poured concrete floor cost?

The cost of a poured floor is highly dependent on the work involved and the size of the room, so it is generally calculated on a case-by-case basis. The larger the room, the cheaper each square metre will cost, which is one of the reasons a poured concrete floor is suitable for open-plan areas. If a substrate or structural layer needs to be applied to the ground before the flooring is poured, this will increase the cost of installation.

Find our more about creating an open-plan layout in an ancient home.

There are numerous finishes, polishes, seals and coatings that can be applied to a concrete floor to achieve a specific finish.

Diy outdoor flooring ideas

The more specialised your choice, the higher the cost. The wide quote given by most concrete flooring companies is upwards of £ per square metre, with the average cost being £ per square metre.

Where to purchase concrete flooring

Pured concrete flooring is still a relatively niche option, but there are specialist contractors who will take on the occupation. In London and Essex, attempt The Concrete Flooring Contractors. In the south of England, contact Contemporary Concrete Floors.

IF you are in the north of England, attempt Resin Flooring North East.

Choosing concrete-effect tiles

Want the glance of concrete flooring without the price tag? Concrete effect tiles are generally made from hardwearing porcelain. Numerous can be used both inside and out, too.

Diy outdoor flooring ideas

As for prices, expect to pay porcelain prices – anything from £20 per square metre.

Find out how to select the best porcelain and ceramic floor tiles in our specialist guide.


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