Diy outdoor side table ideas


This cement garden bench can be simple to do as pie. What you need is a sturdy mold in order for the concrete to dry, and well, a bunch of concrete, obviously. This would be a grand addition to a side garden or even a courtyard garden. This elegant but minimalistic design will definitely last.

Concrete Tabletop


This gorgeous work of art is made out of cement, not marble.

Diy outdoor side table ideas

Hard to believe, right? This piece is so simple to do, too. It only looks love an impossible design to achieve. Of course, you’d need every the necessary tools to home and incorporate this block of concrete turned swanky-table into your put, but the trick with this one is every within the polished look.

DIY Side Table for Diverse Styles

The materials you select for your homemade side table project largely define its style and how well it blends in with the relax of the room.

Diy outdoor side table ideas

A side table with perforated metal base love the one under from Refurbished Ideas is grand for Mediterranean living rooms and Moroccan style interiors. It has an irresistible allure that sets it apart from the relax and accentuates the style of any space it adorns.

Turning a terracotta pot into a gorgeous side table could sound a touch unbelievable, but it is easier than your ponder. This is a project where your kids can get involved as well and is super-easy to execute.

Diy outdoor side table ideas

A terracotta pot, jute, boiling glue and paint is beautiful much everything you need here and this ultra-chic side table is grand for the poolside deck or patio as well. Simply relaxing!

The DIY terrarium side table is admittedly not a crafting project for everyone. Working with glass can be tricky and of every the thought featured today; this one would require some serious skills. But, the thought is so amazing that we simply could not feature it! It brings freshness to your living room and offers an innovative display space that can change as seasons pass by.

A Beautiful Mess gives the step-by-step guide for those interested in giving this green masterpiece a shot… Good Luck!

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For so numerous, the thought of revamping or redecorating a home can seem daunting, especially if you don’t own a lot of money to spend. Although there should be some helpful of financial budget involved when planning to redesign a space, you don’t necessarily own to own a heap of money in order to add new furniture to the mix.

One of the most elegant, surprisingly versatile materials you can use is concrete.

Diy outdoor side table ideas

As surprising as that sounds, concrete has so numerous decorative properties that can easily convert a space into a piece of artwork. Here are some of the best DIY concrete furniture ideas we’ve found on the web.

Concrete Bar Table


This cement table sits high on elegant, thin stilts. This would make the perfect addition to a sitting room bar area or even a covered patio scene. This features a thinner, sleeker design, but the concrete table would be simple to executive, given the appropriate tools. Again, the sleek polished glance gives this it’s classic feel.

Midcentury Modern DIY Side Tables

There are plenty of midcentury modern side tables out there and they own been topping the trends chart for a while now.

Recreating a similar design at home is actually much easier than you ponder and with sleek hairpin legs and a rustic, wooden top, most of these side tables seem simply stunning. If you love taper wooden legs, instead pf those petite metallic ones, then it would take you a touch longer to craft that graceful, midcentury modern side table. But it is well worth the additional time and effort. A box-style top also lets you use the side table as a practical and beautiful nightstand as well.

Unleash Metallic Magic!

We start our DIY side table craze with a homemade replica of a stunning and favorite side table from West Elm – the glittering Martini Side Table in gold!

Now, this ultra-stylish and elegant DIY side table comes beautiful shut to the aesthetics of the original and does so at a part of the cost. Every you need here is a planter, bowl that is proportional to the planter, gold spray paint super glue and a wood disc. We are certain you will love this golden delight!

Copper pipe that is used to craft a Himmeli base is increasingly becoming a favorite option for striking DIY side tables and Home Depot Blog tells you how to get it done in style! It is the base that steals the show here and you can select a top that is wood, marble or even glass – depending on the style of the room that the side table is made for.

Diy outdoor side table ideas

We are certain this gorgeous creation is going to turn heads instantly…

The copper pipe and marble side table that you see under is simple, elegant and understated. It moves away from the more ornate design above and can also be used as a cool stand for the little indoor plant. Whether it is the modern entryway or the classic living room, this sleek creation blends in ever so eloquently. If you love something even more understated, then attempt out the cool side table thought from Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Concrete Shelves


These cement shelves are as simple as they come. They are virtually concrete blocks turned shelves since they are fastened onto the wall.

In this case, you’d need enough concrete to make a block and sturdy enough fasteners to ensure the nifty shelf doesn’t budge.