Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas

These lamps are a great project for a rustic garden, as they are built using repurposed or distressed wood. The box itself is fairly simple in design, so it shouldn’t be hard to put together.

Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas

You can select to use actual candles, tea lights or even LEDs inside. via things2do

Waterdrop Solar Lights

This project may be complicated, but it’s also worth the trouble, as you get a beautiful light feature that beautiful much maintains itself, thanks to the solar lights. What you need to do is mounting a fake hose over your plants and then add a spill using pipes, watering spheres, glue and, of course, the string of solar lights, so that glowing water seems to drop on your garden at night.

via thenavagepatch

DIY Hose And Lantern Holder From A Wooden Post

This is one of those two-in-one projects, where you take a post and hang multiple things on it. This one has a cone carved at the top and it holds the hose on one side while also featuring a decorative hook with a vintage-style lantern on the other.

Fairy Lights On Fence

This is one of those projects that literally anyone can achieve.

Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas

Every you need to do is take your large fairy lights and hang them love garlands on the top of your fence, then set a timer so they turn on at night.

Hanging Jam Jar and Tea Light

This is a grand, relatively eco-friendly way to illuminate your outdoor spaces.

Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas

You can recycle ancient jam jars by cleaning them, placing a tea light inside and then hanging each jar from a sturdy rope or chain. It looks beautiful and you don’t need to worry about leaving the lights on, so it’s perfect for the outdoors. via jennifersmentionables

DIY Party Cup LED Lights Garland

Creating light in the outdoors is just as simple and cheap as taking some leftover party cups and fixing them with LEDs. The cups actually glance love lamps and the string of LEDs is perfect to hang up as a garland, so it doesn’t even take much effort to finish this project. via hometalk

DIY Flower Pot Candle Planter

It is no secret that candles and plants go well together, and this project takes advantage of that.

Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas

It is as simple as placing a second clay pot in the middle of the larger planter, weight it below and then put a candle there, so that it lights up the plant and surrounding area. via hearthandvine


Diy outdoor solar lighting ideas