Diy outdoor swing ideas

This DIY ball run is amazing and it’s beautiful simple to build. Your kids are going to love it!

Diy outdoor swing ideas

You can attach it to a fence in the backyard or if you don’t own a fence, use a tree or set up a base with plywood or something similar. You can paint plastic guttering in bright colors and they will own hours of enjoyment dropping their balls into the guttering to see where they come out.

Tutorial: learningthroughtheclutter

DIY Repurposed Tire Seesaw

An ancient tractor or large truck tire and a board are just about every you need to create this amazing DIY seesaw.

Diy outdoor swing ideas

Kids love seesaws and this is one of the easiest and cheapest ones that you can make. The tractor tire, cut in half, gives it just the correct back and forth motion. If you happen to own a board that you can repurpose, you could actually make this one for free.

Tutorial: builtbykids

DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

Kids love to climb and they will adore this DIY climbing wall that you can build in the backyard.

Diy outdoor swing ideas

You could hook this up to a fence – provided it’s beautiful stable – or put it correct on the side of your garage or the backside of your home. And, you can make it as high or as low as you desire so you know that they will be safe when they are climbing. It’s simple to put together and your little ones are going to love you for this one!

Tutorial: impatientlycrafty

DIY Off The Ground Playhouse

If you don’t own a tree to build a treehouse, this DIY off the ground playhouse is the next best thing.

Kids will love playing in their own little clubhouse and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily this one comes together. The supply list is a bit expensive if you own to purchase everything new, but if you own some reclaimed wood and boards that you can use, this one is really not that expensive.

Tutorial: thehandmadehome

DIY Upcycled Bookcase Color Block Sandbox

Turn an ancient unused bookcase into this adorable DIY color block sandbox.

Diy outdoor swing ideas

Kids love sandboxes but that doesn’t mean that you own to pay a little fortune for one at a department store. This one is easily built with an ancient bookcase. You just own to paint it the bright colors that you desire and then fill it with sand.

Diy outdoor swing ideas

There are so numerous amazing ideas for repurposing ancient bookcases.

Tutorial: thehomesihavemade

DIY Construction Site Gravel Pit

Little boys, and little girls too, will love this little construction site gravel pit and you are going to love how cheap and simple it is to make. You just need a little bit of gravel and a few ancient logs or boards to frame it in. Your little ones are going to sit exterior for hours playing with this little construction site.

Diy outdoor swing ideas

You just own to add the trucks and other construction type toys.

Tutorial: theimaginationtree