Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

Geometry in school? Not so enjoyment. Geometric décor on your wedding day? So dang chic! For a modern take on the wedding arch, go the angular route. Giant octagonal structures, wooden triangles, and even teepees give some serious shape to your ceremony.

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Rustic Wedding Arch

If you’re getting married in a forest or at a rural ranch, an overly floral arch might glance out of put.

Instead, consider neutral pampas grass to frame your ceremony, or put the focus on knotted vines or twisted branches. You can even forgo the archway altogether, and set up distressed wooden doors for a more shabby-chic style.

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Flowerless Wedding Arch

Although numerous of the wedding arches you see on Pinterest are positively dripping with flowers, some of the most creative ones we’ve seen use little to no florals at all!

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

Ponder colorful ribbons, streamers, or even balloons as well as lots of vibrant greenery.

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Mary Costa Weddings | Shindig Chic

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Beach Wedding Arch

If you’re having a ceremony on the sand, or just going for a tropical vibe, you’ll desire a wedding ceremony backdrop with some beachy elements.

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

Materials love driftwood, Monstera leaves, or airy fabrics pair perfectly with a beachfront setting.

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Boho Wedding Arch

Macramé we suggest some bohemian arch options?

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

This knotted textile gives a hippie-chic vibe to your nuptials, and it looks especially eclectic when paired with a vintage carpet. But if you don’t desire the arch to steal the spotlight, a perfectly minimalist frame in a metallic finish shows off the setting with gypsy-like flair.

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When you get married in the grand outdoors, Mom Nature is basically your floral designer.

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

But one décor item you may desire to splurge on? A killer wedding ceremony arch.

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Whether you call it a chuppah, an altar, or an archway, the fact remains that it is the centerpiece of your ceremony. It not only frames your wedding vows and creates a lovely focal point for the ceremony space, but it also acts as your backdrop for photos!

Yes, a wedding arch is helpful of a large deal.

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

So we’ve put together 7 ideas—and lots of photos—to assist inspire yours.

Circular Wedding Arch

A circular wedding arch is love a large, modern wreath. Not only does it pack a visual punch, but it also represents the eternal love you’re about to promise to your soon-to-be-spouse.

Diy outdoor wedding arches ideas

Whether it’s covered in flowers or totally naked, a huge circular wedding arch lends some drama to saying «I do».

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