Diy paint accent wall ideas

We ended up narrowing below our color palette to five which was beautiful excellent consider Behr has 1,s of colors to select from, literally.

  • Mortar
  • Cupcake Pink
  • Gold Hearted
  • Ultra Pure White® (plus 2 oz pigments of white)
  • Sugar Poppy

Cupcake pink is coincidentally the same color as Kellis front doors, totally unplanned when Kristi was choosing pinks!

Diy paint accent wall ideas

We must be twins 😉

Cupcake pink is coincidentally the same color as Kellis front doors, totally unplanned when Kristi was choosing pinks! We must be twins 😉

Take accent wall inspiration from your room

What do you love about the room?

Diy paint accent wall ideas

Is it the gorgeous carpet on the floor, the stately armchair by the fireplace, or maybe the cool pattern in your duvet?

“Choose something that makes you feel good,” says Kristen Chuber, director of brand management at  “From your inspiration piece, select the color that stands out to you the most.”

Integrating how you’re painting your accent wall into the room’s color scheme will make it feel love one cohesive space, preventing the sometimes-jarring effect of accent walls. And hopefully, it “will give you the same happy feeling your inspiration piece did,” Chuber says.

When decorating a nursery or childrens room, we attempt to be conscious of the future.

Babies grow so darn quick and their rooms need to reflect the stages theyre in.

Diy paint accent wall ideas

Baby Annika is now a gibbering toddler and the little stinker started peeling her vinyl dots from her wall after nap time! When we were considering colors for her accent wall, we loved the thought of keeping pink in her room, especially since she has two older brothers so this is the only girly space in the house! We spotted this gorgeous triangle accent nursery wall, created with wall decals, and knew we could recreate the glance with paint! Gold is still trending so the pops of the deep mustard are one of our favorite parts of the wall.

Four design tips for your challenge:

  1. Trust the experts. It was convenient to browse the paint swatch bins at our local hardware store and Behrs color pamphlets make it simple to pair the correct hues together.

    We knew we wanted pink as the focus color and finding the pamphlet labeled Behr Reds: Warm & Intimate made it simple to narrow below our selection to the correct pink we were considering for the wall.

  2. In a little room, larger patterns made the room feel bigger and less cluttery. Instead of filling the space with stuff, your wall can do the talking.
  3. When prepping a wall to paint, simply wipe it below with a soapy rag to ensure youre not painting over grime or fingerprints. Quality paint is key for any room, especially a childs room.

    Diy paint accent wall ideas

    We love the high gloss sheen versus satin, personally, it acts as a repellent to dirt and wipes below without removing any of the color.

  4. We really wanted a enjoyment accent wall that could be duplicated in any room in the home. We decided on a baby-nursery-turned-big-girl-room as our final choice. When accenting a wall, choosing more than 2 colors can finish up looking too colorful and juvenile.

    Diy paint accent wall ideas

    By choosing colors that frolic off each other, youre complimenting them instead of having them compete.

The how-to for this Painted Triangle Accent Wall is SUPER easy!

After a little math and painters tape, we were capable to finish it (including paint shopping!) in just under 6 hours. Phew!We followed this simple tutorial by Between Carpools for measurements math is NOT our forte and we dont desire to lead you astray so just follow her instructions when it comes to numbers, mmmkay. 😉 Haha

Our only tip is to own patience! Okay and to paint one color at a time before you move onto the next color so you dont own a handful of wet paint brushes.

Its a really quick project and by nap time, my daughter was capable to sleep in her room after a busy morning of painting! Love the coverage Behr has, I cant tell that enough! A excellent quality paint is key.

Diy paint accent wall ideas


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Visit more of our painted accent walls love our gray and white striped wall:

our herringbone bookcase wall,

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When you’re selecting a color, it helps to examine what is already in the room.

A color that exists in artwork or upholstery fabric could be a nice choice for an accent wall. Selecting a bright or extremely dark color will add drama, while opting for a neutral color will add a subtle focus without distracting from art and furniture. Take some time to study about how color schemes work. A monochromatic scheme uses tints and shades of one color.

Diy paint accent wall ideas

For example, if a room is a neutral color love light brown or light gray, you could make the accent wall a couple of shades darker. An analogous color scheme pairs colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, offering more nuances while keeping the elegance of a monochromatic scheme. Generally, one color is dominant while others frolic a supporting role. An example would be a room with three green walls and a blue accent wall. A complementary color scheme pits two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel against each other for a dramatic contrast. An example of this would be using a warm color, such as a shade of red with a cool shade of green or blue.

Your local True Worth hardware store’s Certified Color Experts can answer questions you own about paint color and point you in the correct direction, based on your preferences.

While you’re there, you can pick up a Custom Mixed Color Sample to attempt a few colors for your accent wall at home. Just paint a little patch with each color option and then take your time comparing and contrasting before making a final decision. You can also pick up Color Cards that own predetermined palettes ready for you. Additionally, you can also experiment online with our interactive Color Visualizer to change paint color and furniture in six moods to preview how colors will glance before you paint. The Color Selection Tool features a color wheel with every color in our paint palette.

After selecting your desired color, next select the sheen, also known as the finish.

It’s generally best if the sheen you select matches the sheen on adjacent walls. Paint sheen is basically the surface texture the paint creates and a measurement of how much light bounces off the painted surface.

Diy paint accent wall ideas

Some sheens work better than others on certain surfaces. Finishes include flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Painting accent walls can take an all-white living room or every that neutral beige to new heights. If you’re not fairly ready to make the eyes-closed leap into a bolder color, an accent wall paint occupation is an simple update that promises large impact. Bonus: It’s also the perfect way to attempt out colors before committing to one for an entire room.

But it’s not fairly as simple as slapping a jacket of paint on one randomly chosen wall.

Avoid making the most common DIY mistakes that crop up when painting accent walls with these expert tips.

Find the ‘natural focal point’

Before you start slopping buckets of Lotus Flower Green on the wall, make certain you’ve selected the right statement-making accent wall.

“Figure out where the natural focal point in the room is,” says Geoff Sharp, owner and founder of Sharper Impressions Painting Co. “If you own a fireplace, for example, you can make it more dramatic by painting the wall [around it] in a diverse color.”

For your bedroom, try painting the wall behind your headboard; accent walls also make great backdrops for gallery walls and showstopper sofas.


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