Diy patio and deck ideas

Diy patio and deck ideas

Adding a covering to a backyard with a pergola or an extended roof can boost resale; however, its not as favorite as it once was. As of , estimates put the ROI of adding a pergola to a patio or extended roof around 50%.

While the addition of a pergola or extended roof seems worthwhile, sometimes the high price just doesnt sit well. Fortunately, you can discover grand looking pre-fabricated pergolas that are less expensive but still capable to boost home value.

Get the best return on your pergola or extended roof with these tips:

  1. DO: Use a covering tall enough and wide enough so everyone can easily move around outside.
  2. DONT: Build without adhering to building codes, especially if youre extending your roof.

Fire Pit

An simple win in terms of home resale worth is adding a fire pit. Most estimates see homeowners recouping 78% of the costs associated with building a fire pit, especially one that has natural gas running to it.

Depending on the materials used, DIY fire pits can be an inexpensive option. By choosing a less costly way to build and design a fire pit, homeowners may be capable to increase the ROI of a fire pit to more than 80%.

Get the best return on your backyard fire pit with these tips:

  1. DO: Build a fire pit out in the open and away from structures.

    Also, be certain you own permission from the city if you use natural gas.

  2. DONT: Create a pit. Even though the name fire pit sounds love it suggests a structure isnt necessary, take the safety precautions serious and create a sturdy structure around it.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are favorite additions, and most experts estimate that homeowners with kitchens in their outdoor living spaces will break even on the investment when selling their homes.

According to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI ranging between % and %.

Hold in mind that higher returns are more likely for homes in the Southwest and Southeast compared to those in the Midwest, Northwest, or Northeast.

Get the best return on your outdoor kitchen with these tips:

  1. DO: Build enough counter space to make cooking a little easier.

    Diy patio and deck ideas

    Design your outdoor kitchen around your grill.

  2. DONT: Add unnecessary items, such as a full wood-burning pizza oven. If the next buyer doesnt ponder theyll get use out of it, it may go undervalued.

Wooden Deck

Remodeling Magazine estimated in their  cost vs. worth report that, on average, homeowners spend just under $11, to add new wooden decks, but only see the resale worth of their homes increase by $9,, which is about 82% in recouped costs.

Though, if a home already has a wooden deck, choosing to repair or refinish the deck is a brilliant investment.

Typical repair costs for wooden decks can average around $1,, providing homeowners with the chance to see more than % of their costs recovered compared to the average resale increase.

Get the best return on your wooden deck with these tips:

  1. DO: Add outdoor lighting and seal your deck to ensure a longer life for the wood.
  2. DONT: Take up too much space on the deck or overtake the backyard. You desire space to move around with family and friends while also providing enough backyard for potential buyers.

Diy patio and deck ideas


Patios are a sought-after amenity for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell a home quickly. On average, the cost of building a patio can be as high as $6,, depending on size and materials used. That said, its estimated that patios can recover up to $6, of the cost to build, which is an ROI of just over %.

A better option for most homeowners, however, would be to refinish or repair an existing patio, as repair estimates average around $1, This can provide an ROI of almost %.

Get the best return on your outdoor patio with these tips:

  1. DO: Add lighting to enjoy your outdoor living room in the evening and add patio furniture for more comfort.
  2. DONT: Take up too much backyard space.

    Numerous families covet large backyards, so leave enough space for kids and animals.

Remember, Other Factors Can Affect Resale Value

Its significant to be aware of other factors that come into frolic with the ROI of an outdoor living space. One major factor is where you live, as previously mentioned. Homeowners on the coast or in southern regions can see better worth since outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed, for the most part, year-round.

Homeowners should also take into account the current worth of the home, as it will assist determine how much worth can be added. For example, if you live in a $, home and you add $50, worth of outdoor living room projects to your backyard, its not a certain thing that youll be capable to sell for $,+.

Hold an eye on the genuine estate market trends before investing in major outdoor remodels.

Also, dont forget about your HOA and city ordinances.

Diy patio and deck ideas

Depending on your neighborhood or suburb, you might not be capable to build certain structures or add specific features to your home without permits and explicit permissions.

Before starting any project, always do research! Knowing what youre allowed to do, the values of the homes around you, and whats available for your budget will be the best way for you to truly maximize the ROI of your outdoor living space and improve your homes worth for years to come!

These decking ideas will own something suitable for every decking style, and for every season. Yes, autumn is here, but that’s no reason to stop enjoy your deck. We say: invest in a nice electric heater, throw on a couple of blankets, and carry on.

Autumn can also be a grand time to experiment with a new style: perhaps you’ll make your decking area glance more Scandi?

Or you might opt for a sumptuous and colourful glance with lots of cushions and Moroccan lanterns?

A grand looking deck is about so much more than just the wood itself. Take inspiration from our brilliant decking design ideas for making your deck glance just the business.

Need more practical advice? Discover out how to design a deck and how to install decking in our step by step guide.

Swimming Pools

Putting a swimming pool in a backyard can be a excellent addition to an existing outdoor living space, but it should be approached with caution. For homes that dont currently own a swimming pool installed, the average cost for building a new swimming pool is just over $22,—and that cost doesnt include regular maintenance needed throughout the year, which can vary drastically depending on where you live.

When it comes to earning money back, a swimming pool isnt as valuable as the other options.

At best, most estimates see homeowners recouping 50% of the costs when they go to sell, but the low finish sees some homeowners only recouping 7% of the costs. A lot of that is due to the upkeep pools require. Numerous potential buyers will cross homes with pools off their lists when they study about the associated costs.

Get the best return on your backyard swimming pool with these tips:

  1. DO: Add underwater lighting to make night swimming more enjoyable.
  2. DONT: Leave issues unattended.

    Little cracks or filtration issues should be addressed immediately to ensure potential buyers dont back out because of minor problems.


Diy patio and deck ideas