Diy patio deck ideas

Umbrellas are one of the fastest ways you can add shade to your outdoor living areas, so if you own a social gathering that is just days – or hours — away and you need more shade, umbrellas may be your best option.

Diy patio deck ideas

Of course, to discover the perfect umbrella, you may need to order it online or own it made, but you can purchase basic options in a variety of colors at garden centers, patio furniture stores and home improvement stores. You can even discover patio umbrellas for sale at grocery stores just before and during the summer entertaining season.

You can opt for simple umbrellas with a pole you insert in the hole found in the middle of most patio tables or standalone options. For standalone options, you can select conventional options that own a straight pole and provide shade in a circle around that pole, or you can select off-set umbrellas, which allows you to put the base more out of the way and direct the shade to your outdoor entertaining areas.

Off-set umbrellas are often more expensive, but this is not something that you desire to go too cheap on; inexpensive umbrellas or bases often do not function as well as their better-made counterparts, and you may finish up spending double when you own to replace them.

Because umbrellas shade limited areas at a time, this option is best when you own specific spots that need sun protection, such as a patio dining table.

Outdoor Decor with Artificial Grass

This thought for this Patio Redux was spontaneously thought of during our Style Challenge final year… The artificial grass was delivered for the bocce court we built, and my husband rolled it out on the top deck to see what the faux grass actually looked like.

He automatically said, “Man, I wish we could cover the deck in this stuff!!”

I laughed and said, “Let’s build a bocce court first!”

So when spring came around this year and the pollen had every fallen, I pulled out our pressure washer to clean the deck.

Apparently, I set it to destroy mode, because it took off about 90 percent of the stencil I had so painstakingly painted on the deck two years ago. You can see what the stenciled deck floor looked love in the photo under. It had been sealed after I completed it, but the pressure washer’s strength won out in the end.

I was throwing out the options of refinishing the deck, resurfacing the deck, but every of these ideas were going to be really time consuming and after completing a full kitchen remodel, I was done with large projects! So, I laughed and mentioned “What about artificial grass?!” and my husband automatically said “LET’S DO THIS!!”

Adding Artificial Grass to the Deck

I was capable to order the artificial turf in one giant piece, and own it delivered as a giant carpet.

It arrived 22 x 15… aka the world’s largest area carpet. And the sucker was heavy too. But once we got it up the stairs and every rolled out, I knew we made the correct decision.

I did own to trim a few areas around the doors and around a few of the deck posts, but that was easily accomplished with a sharp pair of scissors. And fortunately, the grass is heavy enough that it requires no method to attach it to the deck.

The weight of the artificial grass allows it to lay on the deck with no shifting.

DIY Console Table

The one DIY project I did tackle for this space was a new console table. We retired a cinder block planter almost a year ago and own been left with a vacant spot and a need for a serving space during parties.

All I needed to build this simple console table was two decorative deck posts that I cut below to the correct height and a 2-in x 12-in x 8-ft piece of lumber.

The associates at my Home Depot store are always so helpful when it comes to cutting below my lumber for me. I had them cut the piece in half to create the top and the bottom of the console.

After cutting off a few inches of the decorative posts, I decided to use the scraps as feet for the table as well.

Diy patio deck ideas

There was literally no waste when it came to this table! I love it when that happens on a project.

I stained the base and added a marine varnish to protect the wood. I also painted the top using an oil-based exterior paint in white.

A Foundation for the Grill

Besides entertaining and playing on the deck, we also grill out here every single night… rain or shine.

When it came time to position the grill on the faux grass, I decided to add some stone pavers beneath it to catch any spills that might happen.

I really love how it made the grill a designated area on the deck.

The Outdoor Furniture

As far as the furniture is concerned, most of the furniture from two years ago has remained the same. Our DIY Live Edge Table and chairs are still holding strong and our Beverly Sectional from Hampton Bay looks as excellent as it did the day we opened it. I did take out the corner section of the sectional providing just a little additional room for our four-year-old to run around.

Creating a endless sofa with the sectional seats left the need for a diverse coffee table.

I opted for three garden stools instead of one endless table so that guests can tug them up as needed. Plus, they can even act as additional seating when needed.

I also brought in some more striped pillows to assist the deck feel more cohesive with the black and white striped theme of my floating deck in the backyard. You can see the floating deck in the background of the photo below.

A Low Maintenance Deck Floor

We hold it clean by simply using a leaf blower for any stray leaves that drop. If anything spills (or if the dog has an accident… can you really blame her?!) it can be hosed off. The artificial grass carpet also has excellent drainage and doesn’t leave pools of water lingering after a heavy downpour.

We every love being out on the deck now (barefoot of course!!!).

Diy patio deck ideas

This fake grass feels amazing! And I am shocked at how much cooler the deck seems now without the dark stain of the deck. Plus, I don’t own to worry about splinters anymore!

We own started having movie nights out here as well! I’ll be sharing more details about that on my site extremely soon. The grand thing is, the kids can watch their movies on the top deck and the adults can relax on the lower deck, with everyone still in sight. The two spaces merge together so nicely now and I can’t wait to spend the summer enjoying our green “grass!”

Artificial grass turned out to be the solution when Kristin Jackson unexpectedly needed to refinish her deck.

Diy patio deck ideas

Not only did it turn out to be an simple, low maintenance way to cover the deck floor, but it also turned out to be a lush, green, barefoot-friendly way to enhance her outdoor decor.

Of course, as the talent behind the extremely favorite DIY and decor blog The Hunted Interior, Kristin knows a thing or two about outdoor decor. She was one of the first participants in our Patio Style Challenge series with her amazing deck makeover.

Diy patio deck ideas

After a minor incident that erased some of the work she did on the deck, she’s back for a bit of a refresh. It’s what we’re calling a Patio Style Challenge Redux.

2. Add a gazebo.

Adding even a little gazebo to your backyard or front yard creates a covered seating area where you can read, relax or visit with friends. Installing a gazebo instantly adds an outdoor room that comes with its own shade and protection from the elements, so this is a grand option for homeowners who own the space and budget for this home improvement project.

As an added bonus, diverse areas around the gazebo will also be shaded as the sun moves through the sky, which can provide a protected space in which your children or dogs can frolic or relax outside.

1 Ways to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Living Areas

Spending time outdoors is one of the most sought-after benefits of living in Southern California and one of the main reasons so numerous folks select to call this area home.

Diy patio deck ideas

While our comfortable climate allows us to enjoy backyard barbecues and alfresco dinner parties throughout the year, there are some steps we own to take to ensure that our family and friends can enjoy the great climate in comfort.

After every, the reason we can spend so much time outdoors here is that most days are warm or boiling and the vast majority of days are sunny. This warm, sunny weather also means that we need to make certain our yards own lots of shade to assist hold our guests cool and provide protection from the sun for our children and pets.

To make certain your patio, swimming pool area or other entertaining spaces are comfortable and usable throughout the year, here are 21 functional, stylish ways you can add shade to your outdoor living areas.


Plant trees.

Shade trees are an obvious choice and an eco-friendly, inexpensive way to add shade to outdoor living areas. You will, of course, need to select varieties that grow in a manner that will provide shade, but you can easily discover plenty of options at your local nursery or by working with a landscape designer. Numerous shade trees are deciduous, but folks who live in Southern California can use their outdoor entertaining spaces through drop and winter as well, so you may desire to opt for evergreens for year-round shade.

The issue with this option is that it will take numerous years for a young tree to grow large enough to provide a significant quantity of shade.

However, the finish result is definitely worth the wait. Some homeowners even create full outdoor rooms under the canopy of a single shade tree, which creates a space that is functional, beautiful and integrated with nature.

Also hold in mind that strategically planted shade trees can lower the cost and use of energy when heating and cooling your home.

4. Stash a pop-up canopy.

If you only need some additional shade extremely once in a while, it is likely not worth the expense to install a permanent shade structure.

Diy patio deck ideas

If this is the case, you can simply purchase one or more pop-up canopies to provide temporary shade anywhere you might need it. Benefits of this option include the ability to move your shade as needed and the ability to store your canopy out of sight when not in use. While you can certainly spend more on a higher-quality or more-stylish product, another benefit is that you can pick up these temporary canopies rather inexpensively almost anywhere.

This is another instant option that you can purchase, set up and use within an hour or so, so this is a grand option to quickly add shade and sun protection to your yard.

Because it is temporary and can be moved, this also might be a excellent option to use while you are waiting for the above-mentioned shade trees to mature.