Diy pillows ideas

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This simple throw cushion tutorial shows you exactly how to make super simple throw cushions out of additional fabric or material. This is a grand way to recycle ancient fabric that is just laying around or even creating something new from something ancient. This is also a nifty thought to hold in mind for the holidays.

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Throw Cushion Designs

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These throw cushions helpful of go the additional step because they feature some exciting textures, designs, and embellishments.

Diy pillows ideas

These throw cushion designs are every do-it-yourself and can get as fancy as you would love. These kinds of pillows would also make a really great housewarming gift or even for a birthday, as they are personal, too.

New Uses For Ancient Bed Pillows

Diy pillows ideas

Block Drafts

Use your ancient pillow to make a quick and simple draft-blocking device. Put it in front of your draftiest door and you’ll notice a large difference!

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Protect A Package

Use the stuffing from an ancient pillow as packing material the next time you ship a fragile package.

Diy pillows ideas

You could also stuff the whole pillow in the box if you want!

Double Up

To extend the lifespan of a pillow that’s gone every thin and lumpy, just use two of them! Grab your two thinnest pillows and put them in a pillowcase together. You’ll own a suitably firm pillow that should work nicely for at least a few more months!

Compost Your Feathers

If you’re retiring an ancient feather pillow, remove the feathers and add them to your compost pile instead.

Apparently they break below well in compost!

Make A Cushion

Use a few ancient pillows to make a comfy floor cushion! There’s a grand tutorial on how to make one at Dabbles and Babbles.

Pamper Your Hamster

Your hamster would love the stuffing from an ancient pillow in his cage. Use it to line the bottom of his cage, then replace it with unused stuffing once it gets soiled.

Road Journey Pillow

If your family takes a lot of road trips, use your ancient pillows to make the next journey super comfy!

Every you own to do is sew a couple of straight lines with your sewing machine. Check out the full tutorial on Dandylion Roots!

Make Rags

Open up your ancient pillow and remove the stuffing. Then cut up the remaining fabric into square pieces and use them as rags for cleaning projects!

Stuff Another Pillow

Have a pillow that could use a bit more stuffing? You can use stuffing from an ancient pillow that’s ready to be retired. Just remove the stuffing from the ancient pillow and put it into the other.

Moving Helper

Use ancient pillows to assist protect you’re stuff while you’re moving. Put them between bikes to hold them from getting scratched up.

Diy pillows ideas

If you own to lean other items against a piece of furniture in the truck, put a pillow there to hold it from scuffing or rubbing while in transit.

Donate Them

If you’re upgrading to a new pillow, your ancient one may still be in beautiful excellent shape. If that’s the case, consider donating your ancient pillow to your local homeless shelter or animal shelter. (Keep in mind that it’s a excellent thought to wash your pillows before donating them.)

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Knee Pad

Use an ancient pillow as a knee pad when gardening or doing yard work. Your knees will thank you, and you won’t own to spend any additional money on a knee pad.

Diy pillows ideas

Block Chimney Drafts

If you own a drafty chimney rather than a door, never fear! An ancient pillow can assist you here too. Just put your ancient pillow into a trash bag to protect it from the elements, and stuff it up your chimney. It’ll assist stop those chilly drafts from coming through into the house.

Insulate Everything

Old pillows make grand insulation in a pinch! You can use the stuffing (or the whole pillow) to add insulation to:

  1. Around your bathtub
  2. Your loft or attic
  3. Your boiling water tank
  4. Your pipes

Diy pillows ideas

Make A Pet Bed

Your dog or cat deserves a comfy put to sit! But you don’t own to spend a fortune on a fancy pet bed if you own an ancient pillow! Get the full tutorial on how to make a simple, no-sewing-required pet bed for your fur babies at the link below.

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You may not put a lot of thought into throw pillows, but they can really brighten up a room if you know how to use them.

Diy pillows ideas

They can add some really bright colors into space and make everything glance a bit more cheery and bright. Although these are considered a more decorative element to the room, that does not mean you need to spend buckets of money on them.In this article, we will show you some of the best DIY throw pillow ideas that are so simple to construct and are incredibly inexpensive.

Diy pillows ideas

Better yet, if you do make your own DIY throw pillows, you can easily construct new ones to go with every changing season or holiday. Take a glance at these designs and see what we mean!

Pillows with Character

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Unlike even the best standard pillows for sleeping, throws are meant to be more enjoyment and decorative. These incredibly cute cushions are so simple to make and own plenty of character! These self-made throw pillows require no sewing, so you will be capable to get them together in no time.

With DIY throw pillows no sew, you can easily make new throws in a flash and not worry about spending too much money on materials.

Tassel Pillows

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These pillows are exciting and quirky and would glance perfect on the front patio. If the patio is covered, you can use any helpful of material you would love, but if you are worried about sun or wind or rain damage, you can easily swap out the standard fabric for a more durable material that is more suitable for patio furniture like outdoor fabric.

Pillows with Pom Poms

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These throws are so cute and extremely customizable. The best part of anything do-it-yourself is that you can construct it entirely to your tastes. With these pillows, bright pom poms are highlighting the edges of these pillows, creating an exciting shape and an even more exciting color scheme.


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