Diy pool table light ideas


A partial deck and fence is often the perfect solution besides an above ground to add an area to lounge without sacrificing budget. A put to sit and talk, get some sun, or simply provide privacy is easily built at any time after pool into hillsides so designs love this are ideal for backyard pools.


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Finally, I finish this project, I’m thinking pass the pool table to another jacket of paint to make it glance uniform in one color from the side, also I’m thinking to improve the pockets because my hands are helpful of to large for the pocket, I guess that will improve my game but need to figure it out an easier and faster way to retrieve the balls from the pockets.

The most significant thing about this project is not the money involved in the project, neither the time, it was about hold myself busy after my recent divorce, I’m feeling really productive, the final part of the project, make me ponder the remaining material could be use to build me a rear sunshade for my car, but I can’t figure it out how to make the retractable mechanism, but that will be another instructable LOL

Anyhow here are the latest pictures of the project, to finish the project I got me a set of saw horses to be the base of my table, I should said the table turn a little bit taller than a standard pool table, but since I’m almost 6″, I ponder is going to be ok don’t bend to much for a quick practice every now and then, perhaps I need to check the instructables and see how to implement some lets to this table to still hold it portable but extremely steady, but that would be another instructable also.

I hope you enjoy my instructable as much as I enjoy some numerous of the projects posted in this site.

Thanks to Instructables to build this amazing website and thanks for every the community who contribute and share your ideas.

Best Regards Dinooz.



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Complete the glance of the mediterranean in your backyard with the clean lines of white stucco, red tiled roofs, and natural hues of rocky cliffs surrounding clear blue waters.


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Decks truly are an extension of your living space, so why not make it into a relaxing escape by incorporating a pool into the design?

It’s love having the country club in your backyard!


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Sleek tile and LED lighting is used as part of this modern take on a lap pool to assist make it part of the overall architectural design and add further interest to the landscape.


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Another design that looks as if it was part of the natural landscape, this pool is designed with the surrounding vegetation in mind and incorporates both a wide rock patio wall, as well as deep planters for the continuation of greenery.


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Red tiles splash against the black and white of the surrounding architectural design.

This contemporary design is a stark contrast against the forested backdrop for a visually appealing put to relax.


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This tri-level home takes full advantage of it’s various flooring heights. A spacious walkout deck has room for both outdoor and indoor lounging areas, as well as a relaxing poolscape.


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Create a dual purpose design that serves as both a pool by day and lit landscaping fountain by night.

Tile is the perfect material to use for lighting purposes due to how it reflects the light for a contemporary look.


Even if your pool was an afterthought, you can still install it shut to your deck to provide an inground feel.

Diy pool table light ideas

With the proper plants and greenery on both your deck and yard, creating the proper put for relax and relaxation is a reality.


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Small urban backyards can glance bigger than what they are with proper architectural choices. Tall columns mimic the length of the trees and pool siding to draw the eye upwards, and finish the glance of your private oasis.


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Why not build a deck around your pool to provide both a put to lounge upon, as well as a more natural way to mix it into your surrounding yardscape?

Poolside patios and lighting can finish the glance for a perfect entertainment spot.


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When incorporating a deck to an above ground pool you don’t own to completely enclose it. A partial deck can provide both compete lounging privacy and simple pool access for both swimming and maintenance.


In-ground pool forms can be used in every sorts of ways, such as this pond and waterfall inspired pool built correct into the hillside leading up to an outdoor patio space.

Taking advantage of a hillside for above ground pool forms really is an innovative technique if you are willing to put a little bit of foresight into your landscaping design.


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Nothing is more refreshing than a body of cool, blue water in a dry, desert landscape.

This specific pool has the added interest of a plexiglass retaining wall to both mimic the architectural structure of the home in the background, and provide a better view of the surrounding desert colors.


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Certain climates just call for a cool body of water each summer. This simple pool has easily become part of the patio walkout with simple accessibility and welcoming cool waters.


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You don’t own to own an acreage in order to take advantage of a pool of any size. This rooftop lap pool incorporates a simple waterfall design overlooking the city to provide a modern take on a rustic retreat.


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Yet another hillside experience, this pool is embraced by a patio walkway that blends effortlessly into the surrounding lawnscape.

Diy pool table light ideas

Rock gardens permit for vegetation to be incorporated into the overall design.

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Rustic pool placements becomes part of a rural setting through the use of local rock and placement symmetry. Curving patios mimic curving pools to provide a put to cool off after a endless day of chores.


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Just because you own a little outdoor area doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of that space.

Diy pool table light ideas

Pools come in every shapes and sizes, and a lap pool is the perfect size for this endless, but narrow backyard.


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No need to leave the space around your pool vacant. Elegant brick walkways with room for lounging easily incorporates your pool into your yard design. Add in a few oversized planters and bright flowers to finish the look.


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Swimming is a favorite, and low impact way, to stay in shape.

Lap pools are enjoyment to incorporate into your home gym, but are often awkward looking due to their rectangular shape, unless you decide to make it a part of your outdoor entertaining area, love this!


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Nothing is worse than tracking dirt and grass into the pool unless you are the one who has to clean it every out. A deck only provides so much protection, but rock walkways can protect both your pool and wet feet, from picking up even more debris traveling to and from the water.

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If you’ve always wanted a deck off your home, but own lacked the proper design for a doorway, consider creating a free floating deck within your backyard to incorporate your pool.


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Narrow yards should be embraced as this home does with an open patio and narrow pool for year circular enjoyment.

Decorating to fit the contemporary glance completes this simple landscaping to utilize the entire space.


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Blend existing natural hues in with your pool design to create a rustic glance.

Diy pool table light ideas

These private pools glance as if they rose from the surrounding landscape to provide relief from summer heat.


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Take advantage of those smaller backyard spaces by claiming them for both a cooling, and visual experience. Material mixing and lighting provides a enjoyment ambiance to enjoy at any time of day.


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Right angles and clear glass create a day and night ambiance to take full advantage of this lap pool. Open floorplans extend to home and yard living areas for year circular enjoyment.


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Rectangular boiling tub designs are perfect for little yards since they utilize a lot less space up against an angular wall.

This specific design uses the yard wall as a way to double it as a disappearing waterfall.


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Yet another nature inspired design, this pool form is incorporated into rock walls and landscaping for backyard bliss. Use the pool in a way that it becomes a part of the landscape design and serve more than one function.


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Pools are a favorite additional along the oceanfront to provide further depth to the infinity of the water filled horizon, as well as provide a salt free, cooling experience.


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Sloping lawns truly are an above ground pool’s best friend.

You get the best of both worlds through simple access, enjoyment pool siding materials, and the enjoyment of cool waters.


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The lack of color in architectural design is used for a excellent reason, especially if shadows such as these are cast against such a vibrant, existing background. Pools can come in every shapes and sizes and often can provide the pop of color needed to finish the glance of an outdoor living space.


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If a lap pool seems love a excellent thought, why not make it a part of your yard boundary as an extension of your privacy wall?

This concrete design allows for a continuation of the property line, every while providing a private put to workout and relax.


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Natural looking pools are every the rage lately, but making your pool glance love a natural pond comes with a hefty price tag.

Diy pool table light ideas

Natural rock, neutral colors, and elegantly placed fountains can do the trick for you, however, such as what has been used with this exercise lap pool.


Incorporate an above ground into your raised deck to provide an inground feel without the installation cost. This can be done with numerous existing deck heights and pool styles and gives you plenty of space to sit back and enjoy.


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A hillside is utilized to provide an inground/above ground pool and visiting area with a dramatic waterfall backdrop.

This traditional patio area makes bold statement with bold designs and contrasting colors and materials.


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A traditional above ground is easily incorporated into this lengthy backyard and provides a walkup deck from a shady veranda. In-ground designs are often hard to incorporate into hillsides so designs love this are ideal for backyard pools.