Diy pool water feature ideas

Update your home landscape design with a large water feature!

Diy pool water feature ideas

Incorporating a pond, pool, or fountain into your landscaping will assist you create a backyard space youll enjoy for years to come. Create some privacy with a tall waterfall made of stacked rocks, or turn challenging yard terrain into a flowing stream.

Include a Water Feature Next to a Fire Pit

Want to hold warm and stay by the water?

Diy pool water feature ideas

Consider designing a water feature shut to a fire pit! Whether its a swimming pool or a simple water fountain, this creates a lovely entertaining spot in your backyard.

Combine an Outdoor Kitchen with a Water Feature

Do you love to host backyard barbecues? Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space by designing a pond, pool, or stream around an outdoor kitchen.

Diy pool water feature ideas

This is one grilling paradise youll never desire to leave!

Line Your Yard with a Little Stream

If youre not capable to include a large stream or pond throughout your yard, consider designing a shallow, more controlled stream to run along the edges of your backyard instead. Add a little waterfall between levels for detail, as well as smooth stones or pebbles for texture.

Design a Modern-Day Moat

Not only does a flowing backyard stream offer soothing sounds, but it also provides a sense of privacy and seclusion. Its love having your own moat!

Just be certain to include landscaping details love a bridge or stepping stones across your stream to join your home with the relax of your yard.

Build a Swimming Pool

Adding a water feature love a pool or a boiling tub in your backyard isnt just grand for family enjoyment.

Diy pool water feature ideas

It can also increase the value of your home. Design an underground pool with lights and bubblers, or set up an above-ground, deck-mounted pool. You can also seamlessly integrate this element with other landscaping details love waterfalls, fountains, and water walls.


Diy pool water feature ideas