Diy potting bench ideas

Old wooden pallets can be found easily. The heavier the pallet, the better it is. Disassemble the pallet. Square off the boards with a saw so they are every even. Assemble two legs with one each full board and two cut in half. The result should glance love a lowercase “h.”

Add a board to the front and backs of the upright legs. Measure and install side pieces and then fill in with boards on top to make the table. You can then select to add a lower shelf, a backdrop to hold tools and any other personal details.

The whole thing will be almost free, with the cost of screws negligible.

Make your own sleek potting table plus the best way to paint outdoor furniture fast

This potting table has been a endless time in the making.

A few years ago my husband and I spotted this cool workbench base at an estate sale. I ponder we paid about $30 for it. It sat in our storage area holding wood and cast offs forever, waiting for a make over. Just before we moved I decided to finally give it purpose and convert it into a sleek potting bench! Did yall know my husband is a landscape architect by degree and we LOVE to work in the yard? I probably dont share that enough with you, but this new home will own lots of chance.

This post is sponsored by Wagner and contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure for details. I cant wait to show you what a beautiful occupation my Wagner FLEXiO sprayer did and let you see a few other project options to assist you decide which sprayer would be best for you. I can promise if you desire a professional finish quick, a excellent paint sprayer is a must!

Ive always wanted an outdoor space to home every my gardening paraphernalia, so Im not certain what took me so endless to get this project done.

You could easily make a similar potting table by purchasing an ancient table or workbench at a garage sale and adapting it. I see precious potting benches every over Pinterest, but they glance so complicated to make. This one was a bit of a cheat in that I only had to created the top! Much easier and a grand thought for you to steal.

I bought new pressure treated wood to stand up to the outdoors and built a table top to fit my metal base.

You will need to brace your endless table top board in a manner that fits your base. Use wood screws and a drill for ease and stability. Next I trimmed the table top using some smaller boards and again, wood screws and a drill did the occupation. I lucked out and only had to make a few cuts on the wood because the table was endless enough to accept full 8 foot boards. If you know your measurements you can own the store cut the boards for you and that makes a really quick project for you!

Next came the enjoyment partpaint!

I decided to venture from the traditional chippy white I often go for and use a sleek black finish on the entire table. I busted out my new Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer (you can get more info here) and worked on painting multiple projects. (I even invited a girlfriend over for a mini paint party and we lined the driveway with projects) Seriously this sprayer is a beast. It was the perfect choice to paint this potting bench because it provided a smooth finish for the table and the power of the sprayer let the paint blow below into the cracks between the table top slats.

It seriously took longer for the paint to dry between coats than it did to spray the whole table. Be certain to clean the nozzle in between coats for the best outcome!
I also painted a grand card table I scored for free that I will show you soon and my girlfriend used it to spray an iron bed. The coverage and finish were amazing. The cool part is the options you own on spray speed and force, you dont typically own to thin paint with this sprayer and the settings are so flexible for just about any project you might encounter.We were both thoroughly impressed.

I own used my smaller Wagner Studio Home Décor sprayer a ton and it is grand, but for larger jobs love this I prefer the FLEXiO model for certain. You can knock out painting outdoor furniture quick with this tool. Even with changing paint color for diverse projects the process was super speedy.

A endless time ago I tried a large sprayer that had to be hooked up to a compressor. It was a nightmare. The finish was terrible, it was hard to clean and overall turned me off on paint sprayers. This is nothing love that. So simple to work with, a cinch to clean and the unit is lightweight in its own carry case for simple transport and storage.

The Wagner FLEXiO is super simple to run and can be used on a wide variety of projects. I will be using it to stain some fence, paint some bed frames and paint walls in the new home soon.

ok back to the benchIts best to secure the top portion to the bottom once you finish painting. I used u brackets to hug the top to the base. These pictures are from the ancient home, but I know exactly where it will be going in the new home once we get that fence built. ?

Of course adding a shelf made from scrap wood adds some charm. I am debating on painting the shelves toowhat do you think? Leave raw or paint black? I cant wait to fill pots for the patio and really just own a put to store my clippers and gloves so I can discover them!

Mine tend to stroll around, lol. Having a workspace lends itself to getting more work done and this spot will be much needed in the near future. To tell our landscape at the new home is lacking would be an understatement! We are chomping at the bit to get rolling on the yard transformation and at least my tools will be in order even if nothing else is correct now.

Next I hope you will hop over and see a few more projects you can do with the line of Wagner sprayers and see which sprayer would be best for you.

You can also follow #WagnerSprayers for more project ideas. As always thanks for stopping by!

Painting a Windsor Bench with Robb Restyle | Patio Furniture Makeover with Atta Girl Says 

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Backyard Gardening Resources

Hello friends!! Today Im sharing ourDIY Potting Bench with a sink and lots ofbells-and-whistles! This post begins with an apology.

Im so sorry everyone. I promised I would post this tutorial a few months ago after I gave you a sneak peek at the finished results.

Diy potting bench ideas

and the summer just got away from me. But grand news! I own the full tutorial and photos finished so today Im sharing every the details on how you can make our gorgeous DIY Pallet Potting Bench! I hope you love it as much as we do!

Even though the weather is cooling here, its a grand time to make potting bench so that its every ready for spring planting and gardening.and for drop gardening if you still own your garden in fortunate you!

Thank you for Every of your compliments that you shared in my sneak peek poston the design and stain color! We LOVE that it came together just the way we wanted it to from my hubbys original design and especially love the fact that our potting bench isalmostcompletely built with upcycled and FREE materials!

This potting bench is an original design created by my hubby!

Thank you Shawn for your ingenuity and clever building skills! You are aROCKSTAR!

I’m also sharing with you the supply and materialslist, so that you can build your extremely own potting bench! We truly hopeyoull be inspired to make one of your own!

Heres our finished Potting Bench with pictures of every itsamazing bells-and-whistles and features!

1. Sink and faucetwith water drainage into flower garden:

2. Mounted Hose Reel with Gardening Hose connected to the water supply at the side of the house:

When I desire to water the plants on our deck and patio I just unroll the hose and water away!

I can also easily hoseoff the potting bench if I want!


Diy potting bench ideas

Bench cleanup holes for excess soil and a cleanup container:

Excess soil falls through the cleanup holes into the container under for quick and simple cleanup when potting plants!

4. Heres another fabulous feature that I added to our DIY potting bench see below! A cover for the benchcleanup holes: I stained an ancient cutting board with the same stain that I used for the potting bench and use it to cover the cleanup holes when we use the potting bench for entertaining and holding drinks and snacks ect!


We also added pegboard and hooks for organizing and storing gardening tools:

6. We also added this amazingly simple DIY twine dispenser! Just hang a funnel on a hook to hold and dispense twine: String the finish of the twine through the finish of the funneland tug the finish of the twine to dispense as much as you need!

This is such a handy storage and organization idea!

7. Upper and lower shelves for storing and organizing pots, gardening containers and soil:

Clickthe arrows under tosee the instructions and supply list to make this beautiful DIYpotting bench!

Build Your Own Potting Bench

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By Charlie Self

How to Set Up the Perfect Potting Bench for Backyard Gardening (Guide)

Long-time gardeners know that having the proper tools on hand is an essential part of being capable to finish gardening tasks as quickly and easily as possible.

These tools should be kept clean and functioning properly and, since some gardening tools can be dangerous, they should be securely stored out of reach and away from areas where children or pets frolic. Of course, to make your gardening tasks easier, your tools should also be readily available and simple to discover whenever you own a little additional time to spend in your garden.

While not every gardener has room for a dedicated potting space, numerous avid gardeners dream of the perfect gardening solution where they can store their supplies and easily plant or transplant flowers and plants without constantly stooping and bending.

For folks who are newer to the gardening scene, you will soon discover out that there is more to backyard gardening than simple shovels and rakes, and you will soon see that you are going to need some sort of storage solution to hold every of your tools and supplies secure and accessible.

Here are just some of the tools and supplies you will likely need when you start growing food plants or ornamental plants in your garden:

  1. Permanent marker
  2. Scissors/kitchen shears
  3. Pruning shears
  4. Journal and pen (to hold track of planting dates and garden layout for crop rotation)
  5. Potting soil
  6. Rake
  7. Seeds/seedlings
  8. Hoe
  9. Spade
  10. Shovel
  11. Plant markers
  12. Twine
  13. Flowerpots
  14. Trowel
  15. Garden hose
  16. Harvest basket
  17. Gloves
  18. Spray nozzle
  19. Wheelbarrow

There are, of course, numerous other tools you might consider adding to your inventory as you get further into gardening and start to consider things that may make backyard tasks more convenient or assist hold this hobby enjoyment.

However, these are the basics that most home gardeners will need when they start gardening or extremely soon after.

13 Potting Bench Ideas

Now that any remaining doubts own left your mind and you are certain that you need a potting bench, let’s glance at some potting bench ideas to get you started.

1. Purchase a potting bench.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a potting bench for your backyard gardening needs is to simply order one online or discover one to purchase locally. This allows you to quickly employ a work space solution with extremely little effort.


Glance for free potting bench plans online.

There are lots of free potting bench plans online. This means that you can spend some time browsing designs to discover the size and style that work best for you before downloading plans to build you own potting bench. If you are somewhat handy and love the thought of a do-it-yourself project that allows you to customize your potting station to suit your needs, this might be the correct option for you.

There are even plans available that show you how to make a potting bench out of ancient, wood pallets.

3. Repurpose an ancient dresser.

Dressers that own seen better days can be refinished or left in their rustic state for use outdoors as potting stations. The drawers can be used to store seeds, tools and little supplies or can be removed and replaced with open shelves. The top of the dresser makes a grand work space for planting flowers and herbs.

4. Move an ancient work bench from the garage to your backyard.

If you own a work bench in your garage that you are not currently using, consider bringing it exterior to turn into a potting bench.


Use a vanity to beautify your garden.

Search garage sales and flea markets for a vanity in need of a new home. The little drawers that once held make-up and hair products are perfect for seed storage, and this option allows you to sit while you work.

6. Repurpose a sofa table.

Sofa tables are tall and thin, which makes them a excellent choice for gardeners with limited space. Sofa tables are an ideal height for filling flowerpots without stooping or bending, and the narrow depth allows you to tuck them into smaller spaces in side yards or in a corner near your garden.


Bring new life to your sideboard.

Sideboards make grand dining room storage, but they can be just as fashionable and functional in your yard. If you happen to own a sideboard that you no longer desire to use indoors, take it exterior to convert it into a grand solution to make backyard gardening easier. This option offers plenty of storage and may even own cabinets or drawers large enough to fit bags of potting soil and larger supplies.

8. Combine a table and bookshelf for tons of storage and space.

Transform a rectangular dining table or patio table into a potting station for plenty of space on which to work.

By adding a little bookshelf on top of or under the table, you can create plenty of storage as well. If you put the bookshelf on top of the table, be certain to secure it to avoid accidents that could injure you, your children or your pets.

9. Discover an ancient armoire or hutch that can be transformed into a potting station.

The best part about choosing an armoire for your backyard gardening station is that you can hide every of the dirt and clutter simply by closing the doors.

Diy potting bench ideas

This, alone, makes this a grand option for gardeners who also love to entertain and who need to create multi-functional outdoor living spaces that permit for both. An armoire or a hutch with upper shelves also provides a nice backing on which you can hang smaller tools.

Install a Murphy table to save space.

Folks who are working with particularly little areas can still enjoy the convenience of a potting station by installing a Murphy table. This type of work space hugs the wall and takes up extremely little room. It can then be opened by folding below the table to reveal both a work surface and interior shelves for storage.

Purchase a folding table.

If you desire a backyard gardening solution that you can simply fold up and put away in between gardening days, a folding table might be your best choice.

This is an option that you can bring out only when you need it and can be stored in a narrow space when not in use.

Discover a rolling table, cart or bar cart to convert into a portable potting bench.

Rolling tables, carts and bar carts take up little space, provide both storage and a work space and can be easily rolled away to be stored out of sight when not in use.

Save space with a deck box.

Deck boxes are handy for storing patio cushions, pool toys and board games, but they can also be used for potting stations.

One of the nice things about choosing a deck box is that you can store everything from shovels and bags of potting soil to hand trowels and seed packets in the box (depending on how large your deck box is). Another nice thing is that the top of the lid of your deck box provides a work surface. Just hold in mind that most deck boxes are lower than tables and potting benches, so you will be doing more bending.

Simple Potting Bench Ideas

If you are curious about how to make a potting bench, first take some time to discover what your specific requirements might be.

What is a potting bench supposed to glance like? The simplest potting table info describes a table at least waist high. You can then add a shelf, hooks, cubbies, and even a watering station of some sort. The point is to make the process of tending your plants easier and less back breaking. Using a potting bench should reduce back pain and hold you from having to track below every your tools and containers.

If you own an ancient card table and a put to set it up where you dont mind a bit of dirt and moisture, you own a potting bench. While this is an oversimplified thought of the furniture, you can take it numerous steps further.

A found chest of drawers is a enjoyment potting table.

Diy potting bench ideas

Use the drawers to store hand tools, bags of soil and bark, smaller containers, plant food and other needs.

Another simple potting table thought is to use found wooden posts or ancient sawhorses and some 1-inch ( cm.) plywood, or even an ancient door, to cobble together a table. Add some paint and a shelf under the table and, voila, you own a perfectly useful gardening bench.

Shabby chic and urban elegant are part of the potting table info that is available. Whether you are purchasing a table or making your own, your bench can reflect your personality and enhance the garden while still providing a practical space.

Paint is a large part of spicing up the potting area. Whitewashing, bold colors or just a natural wood finish puts the stamp of your personality on your new piece of furniture.

Add whimsical touches such as garden signs, hooks and bins, or even a chalk board to chart future garden tasks or plant start times.

How to Create Storage and Workspace for Backyard Gardening

In an ideal world, we would every own the space and budget for a potting shed, which would provide a separate, dedicated space for storing tools and supplies, planting and transplanting, starting seedlings, hanging herbs to dry, and organizing our seeds.

There would be plenty of room for our larger tools, love our shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows, as well as convenient storage for our smaller tools and supplies, such as hand trowels and twine.

Alas, not everyone has room for this luxury, but most folks can discover at least a little spot somewhere in their yard that they can dedicate to a potting bench, potting table or some other form of potting station. And, of course, if you are capable to own a full shed dedicated to gardening, you can be certain you will desire a potting bench inside it, so this guide will prove useful to you either way.

First, let’s take a quick glance at some of the reasons anyone doing more than occasional gardening needs a potting bench:

  1. Properly storing your gardening tools reduces the risk of a kid or pet being injured by them.
  2. Having a work space that does not require stooping or bending is better for your back and can assist you enjoy gardening with as little pain as possible.
  3. Using a potting bench to store your tools and supplies keeps every of the things you need shut at hand and near your work space.
  4. Having a dedicated spot for tools and supplies helps hold them organized and helps you avoid cluttering your patio or yard with gardening implements and planters.
  5. A potting table or bench provides a dedicated work space for gardening tasks, which keeps other surfaces in your outdoor living areas cleaner and free of clutter.
  6. Potting soil, flowerpots and other heavy supplies can be stored on lower shelves to ensure that they are at your work space and do not own to be carried to your garden from your shed or garage.
  7. A potting station simply makes completing gardening tasks easier and makes gardening more enjoyable.

Customizing Your Potting Bench

Once you own purchased, built or repurposed your piece, it is time to customize your new potting station to make it work for you.

Diy potting bench ideas

After every, the point is to own a work space that makes your backyard gardening tasks easier, so this is more than just a spot to stash your soil amendments and seeds.

The first step is to stock your station with the basics. This will largely consist of the gardening tools and supplies listed above, but you may need to add a few things to the list that are specific to your needs. For example, if you plan on starting a lot of seeds indoors before the growing season, you will desire to stock up on seed starter trays or pots.

Or, if you are planning on working with orchids, you might instead need plant stakes and straight-nosed snips.

You may discover that you go through a lot of plant markers, particularly if you are starting seeds early in the season, so hold in mind that you can use every sorts of things as plant markers, such as ancient spoons, popsicle sticks, unused paint stirrers and rocks.

Get creative with your storage options to hold things organized and out of sight.

Baskets work well for this and can make your potting station more attractive when not in use. You might desire to consider mason jars for storing seed packets, since this well hold them dry and hold out critters who might desire to eat your seeds. For garden tools, you could hold them in a little pail, hang them on hooks from the shelves or add a towel bar on the side with hooks to save space.

You will see that there are some commercial options that come with wet or dry sinks. You can also build a sink into a repurposed piece of furniture or a DIY potting bench.

However, it is often easier and less expensive to just make certain you own simple access to a garden hose nearby.