Diy primitive bathroom ideas

I love things that you can make from ancient pallets and this coffee cup holder also satisfies that farmhouse kitchen vibe. You just use strips of wood from an ancient pallet, paint as you wish, and then add the hooks. This is a beautiful way to display your coffee cups and hold them shut at hand.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

And, did I mention how simple this project is?

Instructions: onelittlebirdblog

Farmhouse Rustic Wood Frame

If you’re looking to get that grand farmhouse glance every over the home, this DIY farmhouse rustic wood frame is perfect.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

I love this framed chalkboard glance for the kitchen. You can use it for messages or really dress it up with any number of things that add to your farmhouse charm. It’s a really simple project, too and one that won’t take much more than an hour to complete.

Instructions: knickoftime

Farmhouse Message Board

This DIY farmhouse message board is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

Plus, it’s really simple to make. Made from pallet wood and chicken wire, it’s certain to add a bit of farmhouse country chic to your home. You can add whatever clips you desire, although I ponder clothespins would be the perfect choice. This is a really cheap and simple project that you can finish in just a couple of hours.

Instructions: seekinglavenderlane

Farmhouse Accent Table

I absolutely adore this little accent table!

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

It would make the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom and it’s got such grand farmhouse appeal. Using paint and stencils (or you can freehand if you’re that creative) you make the top which really resembles a sign you would see in an ancient general store.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

The table itself can start out as any table you own on hand. Just paint white and distress.

Instructions: missflibbertigibbet

Gallery Entry Wall

This gorgeous gallery entry wall may be the easiest project you’ve ever done. If you’re looking to really get that farmhouse glance throughout your home, you own to start at the beginning and the entry is that beginning. A few strategically hung pictures and some rustic wood signs or ancient frames instantly convert the entryway.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

You can pick up ancient signs and pictures at a flea market, or create them yourself.

Instructions: lillianhopedesigns

DIY Barn Wood Shelves

Want an simple way to bring a bit of farmhouse charm into your home? These barn wood shelves are so simple and you can own them hanging in any room…or every of them if you desire. Wooden brackets that you can pick up at any home improvement store can be painted and distressed to add to the glance. Then you just add a strip of ancient wood to give it that grand barn wood look.

Instructions: vintagemellie

DIY Arrow Art

This little quick and simple art project will be perfect for the dining room…or maybe even the bathroom or laundry.

Diy primitive bathroom ideas

You can use pieces of an ancient pallet and then you just draw the arrows in with a white paint marker. This is really such a grand project that will take you probably half an hour to finish.

Instructions: akadesign


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