Diy radiator cover ideas

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A quick, low-cost way to disguise an ugly radiator is to paint it in the same colour as the wall behind it. Use a metal primer first, then cover with a solvent-based paint. Once it has been painted, permit it to fully dry before you turn the radiator back on.

Diy radiator cover ideas

Wilko sells a selection of specialist radiator paints.

Is It Possible To Mount TV Above Radiator?

If you’re interested in mounting your TV to a wall and the only viable put or the put you really desire to install it is above a radiator or another source of heat. Read on for some assist and advice on the subject with some tips and advice on the subject. I’m going to start with a disclaimer if for any reason you run into any trouble with your TV as a result of installing it above the radiator which you can read at the bottom of this blog.

Before you install a TV above a radiator position I would advise where possible to attempt and discover another position instead as with the heat rising you could potentially damage your TV.

It not something that I love doing but I own done it on the past. I actually own my own kitchen TV above a radiator, which is going to be moved at a later date but I wanted to provide some advice for this topic rather than just saying «don’t do it». I would however strongly propose taking some measures mentioned in this blog If you can’t discover an alternative position, love you could attempt and get a little creative with your TV wall bracket which allows the TV to be positioned away from the heat. Love a full motion wall bracket or a ceiling mount.

You can discover more information on our blog about diverse types of TV wall brackets & mounts.

Tips On Hanging TV’s Above Radiators

Install A Radiator Cover

You could attempt deflecting the heat away from the wall into the room so that much of the heat misses the TV position. I personally ponder radiator covers glance nice and these could be used to stop the heat rising tothe TV position.

Install A Floating Shelf Above The Radiator

You could install a floating shelf above the radiator to tryand deflect the rising heat as much as possible in a similar manner to theradiator cover suggestion.

A floating shelf would be perfect for this and itcould provide you somewhere to hold some ornaments and the TV remote itself.

Consider A Full Motion/ Movable TV Wall Bracket

You could always hang your TV above your radiator on a full motion wall bracket that can be pulled away from the wall to avoid the rising heat when the heating is on. When the heating is on you could just tug the bracket into the out position and when the heating is off you could fold back to the wall. I would give this some serious consideration if the radiator is going to be regularly on.

Check The Manufacturers Specifications

If you glance in the manufacturer literature, you will see that the TV itself will own a heating range that the TV can safely operate within.

Most TV’s will operate between to 50 degrees centigrade and you must not exceed this.

Diy radiator cover ideas

You can use this to determine roughly what the heat will be in the room. Just remember where the heat rises onto the TV the area will warm up far quicker than other parts of the room.

Turn Radiator Off

If the radiator you wish to mount your radiator is not so significant in the sense that the room is well heated without the radiator, love in kitchens. The best thing to do would be just the switch the radiator off so that no heat is rising from it. This is easily done by just adjusting the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV).

Install An RCD

If you’re still worried about installing your TV directly above a radiator, you could take some additional safety precautions love installing an RCD socket or a plug in RCD.

These are designed to journey out when there are anomalies with your electricity and most modern day fuse boards would be protected by a RCD/ MCB anyway, but if you own an ancient type it might be a excellent thought to install an RCD.

Install A Fan

I’m just brainstorming here! I haven’t actually ever done this myself with TV’s installed above radiators, but I own done this several times with AV equipment and network racks to hold the equipment cool. You could purchase a silent USB fan which could be powered by most TV’s themselves and use this to divert the heat and hold the TV cool.

Turn Radiator Down

If you can’t turn the radiator below, you could turn the radiator below as low as possible so that less heat is leaving it.

Move The Radiator

This may seem a bit drastic, but you could always consider moving the radiator.

Obviously you would need a plumber or a strong DIY skill set but this could be the answer to your problems. If you currently own a radiator on a wall It may beneficial to move it under a window anyway.

Install TV Higher Up Away From Radiator

I would propose that it would be a terrible thought to install a TV immediately above a radiator which is regularly on, instead you should install the TV higher up away from the radiator so that the heat has a chance to disperse in a diverse direction.

I own written a blog on how high TV’s should be installed on walls which propose a height around eye level to the centre on the screen in your viewing position. Obviously, you going to own to avoid this advice in this situation.

Diy radiator cover ideas

If you are interested in employing someone to mount your TV you numerous also be interested in how much TV wall mounting installations should cost.

I hoped that you liked this blog, bit of a short one for always if you own any questions LEAVE A COMMENT in the blog comments section under the blog and I will reply to you ASAP. If you’re not in our coverage area of East Sussex please DO NOT CALL OUR TELEPHONES. I appreciate that it may seem love I’m shouting there with it being in capital letters, but I really am not in the position to assist everyone with their problems. I’m a busy man who spends most my time on the tools or running the trade and can’t fit into my schedule telephone support.

I do regularly check the blog comments and I will answer any comments there. Also, by putting your question on the blog everyone reading gets the benefit of the question asked and the answer given.

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DISCLAIMER – Both myself and T Brilliant Technology Ltd t/A Brilliant Aerials accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your TV by installing your TV above your radiator. The blog has been written as a response to a question that we regularly get asked and I advise you not to install your TV above a radiator or any other source of heat.

How to purchase the best radiator cover for you

Image credit: Colin Poole

Radiator covers are generally fronted with a mesh of latticework.

This allows the heat radiated to circulate effectively. The design you select should complement the existing period and architectural details of the room for a cohesive glance – you dont desire your covers to stand out for every the incorrect reasons.

There are three main types of radiator to select from, covering every budgets:

Off-the-peg radiator covers

The most affordable option is to purchase ready-made covers from the likes of Argos or B&Q. As well as disguising a less-than-beautiful radiator, they also double up as useful shelving where you can display decorations or hold your keys or post to hand. They generally come in a choice of standard sizes, which will match up to newer panels.

How to measure for a radiator cover

Image credit: Colin Poole

First, measure the length of your radiator.

Dont just measure the panel – measure to the exterior edge of any pipes and valves, and then add two cms each side for clearance.

Next measure the height from the floor to the top of the panel, again then adding 25mms to permit for air circulation. Lastly, measure the depth from the front of your radiator to the wall behind and again add 25mm.

Bespoke radiator covers

For a bespoke model, with your own grille pattern, colour and finish, source a local carpenter or cabinet makers via Rated People or through a friends recommendation.

They are likely to use a lazer-cutting technique – this allows you to select to select your own design, whether its geometric, ornate or something utterly unique, love a bird theme. Expect to pay from £

Made-to-measure radiator covers

Take this option and you can select a design, which will then be built from scratch to accommodate your specific radiator. Its the way to go if you desire something reasonable standard, looks wise, but dont necessarily own a standard-sized radiator or space.

How to fit a radiator cover

Image credit: Colin Poole

Unpack the radiator cabinet (assuming its a flat-packed design) and lay out the pieces on the floor so you see what youre working with.

Follow the manufacturers assembly instructions, using a drill-driver to put it together.

The cabinet can be left freestanding but its much safer to repair it to the wall with the brackets provided. In fact its a must if you own children. Before you screw the brackets into the wall, use a detector to check for any wires or pipes.

If youre painting the cabinet, its easier to do this before fixing it properly to the wall. Use a little paintbrush to make certain you get into every nook and cranny of the cut-out fretwork and edges.

Can I use a radiator cover with a storage heater?

Image credit: Colin Poole

No, you should never use radiator cabinets with storage heaters – their high heat output makes them a fire hazard.

What heat loss can expect from a radiator cover?

As endless as your radiator cabinet is the correct size and positioned correctly, the heat loss experienced should be less than 10 per cent.

Design Hacks to Make Your Radiators Disappear

Radiators come in every shapes and sizes however, most moderns radiators tend to own a extremely generic glance that seldom enhances the overall aesthetics of a room.

At times they can be bulky, ugly and placed where they’re most inconvenient.

If this is you, then you’ll be encouraged by some beautiful ingenious tricks out there that can assist hide or enhance your radiators so they’re no longer seen as an eyesore and vanish or better still, become an integral part of your space.

Here’s 10 tricks to making your central heating system truly rad!

A Beautifully Crafted Radiator Cover.

Image credit: Pinterest

Take a Seat

Some homes own low-lying full-length radiators that take up an entire wall space and make the entire facia practically unusable.

Diy radiator cover ideas

One grand solution is to add a benching frame on top using some solid lengths of rustic varnished timber to make it glance love a piece of furniture, rather than a huge grand lump of metal.

Again, this makes for a warm seat every year circular and can then be used to entertain or for watching the world go by through the window.

A Desk Is a Grand Way to Hide an Ugly Radiator. Image credit: Ms.


Tuck It Away

In most cases, radiators are never too tall and most desks and tables are set above the height of the radiator. If you own an office set up or even a bedroom, a desk or dresser can easily conceal the unsightly radiator and take it out of the picture.

If nothing suits, you could easily own a joiner create a desk system that fits just above the radiator line and prevent it being unsightly any longer.

A Console Table Perfectly Hides a Hallway Radiator. Image credit: Pinterest

Reskin It

Perhaps your radiator is in the correct put but it just doesn’t glance excellent in the room? Much love a custom made cover, instead of hiding the rad, you could purpose to build a new cover that is more stylish and modern to give it a facelift.

So it still has the glance of a radiator of sorts, yet is far more appealing and suited to your interior design styling.

A Cosy Window Seat Radiator Cover. Image credit: Pinterest

Build a Moulded Cover

Not to be confused with some of the cheap MDF-based radiator covers on the market, a custom built radiator cover using moulds can assist to disguise it and mix it with the details of the existing space. Whether your room is traditional or contemporary, a excellent joiner could easily create a beautiful cover that can be painted to match and mix the radiator into the surrounding walls and interior styling, making it practically invisible.

Make a Window Seat

Radiators are often mounted under a window line and this creates the chance to build a cover that doubles up as a window seat.

This solution offers two huge advantages as it instantly makes the window a cosy useable nook for reading that is warm and comfortable to use every year circular. It’s a win-win.

Make It Pop

Some vintage radiators just own to be put on show and there’s no greater example than the older cast iron decorative radiators. If you already own a Victorian, Princess or Duchess radiator then why not make it the centrepiece? These beautifully crafted heaters own some stunning decorative features that really make a statement.

They give the room a genuine sense of grandeur and return your home back to it’s period roots. Numerous companies offer professional radiator refurbishment where they can remove any corrosion, paint and discolouration to make an ancient rad glance absolutely incredible!

If your radiator is a little more modern, they add a splash of colour to make it pop.

A Sofa is the Quickest Way to Hide a Radiator.

Image credit: Corinne Melanie

Make a Console Table

Radiators in hallways make for unmovable obstacles that can limit furnishing options, yet a custom built console table can easily wrap around the radiator hiding it away, offering you the ideal hallway centrepiece to display flowers or little display items

By keeping it open on every sides, the heat is still capable to circulate and ensure your rooms stays warm yet make the radiator practically disappear.

It’s Simple to Hide a Radiator with Matching Paint. Image credit: Lushome

Shelve Over It

Sometimes rads can really get in the way, especially when they’re located on walls that create an obstacle.

One solution to this is to create a shelf or slimline counter above the radiator line, thus creating a little but useable bar height breakfast or coffee bar that will hold you nice and warm as you sip below your frothy latte.

Alternatively, you can use it as an area to put decorative items love warmth loving plants or keepsakes, just to draw your attention from the radiator tucked away beneath.

Camouflage It

Sometimes every it takes is a lick of paint!

Diy radiator cover ideas

If your radiators do not impose themselves on the room too much yet the colour doesn’t work, then a couple of coats of matt or eggshell paint to match your walls will assist it mix in a become less obvious. If budgets are tight, this is the most cost-effective way of making that ugly rad vanish from sight a little.

Move the Sofa!

If you’re simply out of options and budgets are tight, the single easiest and quickest way to hide a nuisance radiator is to put furniture in front of it.

Remember however, that a large object will block its heating capabilities so attempt not to put anything too large in front of it. A excellent sized sofa that sits around the same height is ideal as the heat can still circulate whilst the radiator is conveniently hidden from view.

Homeowners often consider their radiator covers as simple utilitarian goods that are better left hidden in the corner or behind a sofa. Some designers hope to change your mind about the lowly radiator cover, with new and custom-built covers that purpose to turn it from an eyesore into something to embrace.

There’s no simple way of getting rid of them, after all.

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Hidden Kitchen Radiator Cover

You’d never know there was a radiator in this kitchen if it wasn’t for the valve body you can see coming out of the floor. Square Footage Custom Kitchens designed this radiator cover to mix into the kitchen design and make it functional by adding a butcher block countertop just love the relax of the kitchen.

Steel Radiator Cover

This steel radiator cover from Eisner Design doubles as a built-in bookshelf and display area.

The vent holes on the top are the only indication that there is actually a radiator hidden underneath.

Bamboo Radiator Cover

These bamboo plywood radiator covers were designed by Neuhaus Design Architecture, and compliment the open shelves and wood grain of the baby crib. Unlike steel, these covers will warm up but won’t get too boiling for little fingers.

Oak Radiator Cover

This quarter sawn oak radiator cover is designed by Cheryl D and stands alone as a gorgeous piece of woodworking. It would work well in a craftsman home alongside Stickley furniture.

Decorative Radiator Cover

This decorative radiator cover comes in a variety of colors and is made in the USA from gauge steel.

It’s an inexpensive solution for covering your radiator and looks grand in any home.

Laser Cut Radiator Covers

Radiant Wraps specializes in made-to-order radiator covers and can laser cut designs of your choice into covers of every sizes and colors.

Marble Radiator Cover

This marble radiator cover is simply a radiator top. The homeowner likes the glance of the exposed radiator in the bathroom but added a little slab of marble to elevate the design and create a useful put to display candles and towels.

Radiator Bench with Storage

While radiators serve a highly practical purpose, they can often present a design challenge.

Check these options for making your heating glance hot

Are unsightly radiators bringing your decorating scheme down? Because, lets be honest, panel radiators are rarely beautiful pieces of contemporary design. Nor do they own the charm of traditional cast-iron radiators. However, when disguised with one of our pick of the best radiator covers, this essential feature of the modern home can mix in with the relax of your decorating scheme at treat.

Keep warm this winter: This ONE thing can assist you save hundreds on your heating bill!

Radiator covers can be extremely practical, too. They hide intrusive, unsightly radiators and protect children from burning their little fingers.

Some even provide additional storage in the form of an above-radiator shelf for everything from tealights to keys..

There’s a radiator cover to suit every style – select a sleek and simple design to complement a contemporary living room, or make a statement with an ornate shabby-chic radiator cover that features intricate carvings. A white panelled radiator cabinet would glance grand in a coastal-inspired hallway or bathroom.

Best radiator covers

Diy radiator cover ideas

Amazon Adam – best on-trend radiator cover

Radiators covers are often seem as traditional, but there are plenty of contemporary options if you know where to glance. Take this cabinet from Amazon – its sultry black finish will work well if youve gone for an of-the-moment dark blue, green or grey on your walls.

Fits radiators up to: Wmm External dimensions: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm

Buy now: Adam large radiator cover, £99, Amazon

Jason Muteham oak radiator cover – best designer radiator cover

This made-to-measure option can warm up a room even when the heatings turned off.

It comes in a range of timbers, including oak (shown), American cherry and ash. Or for something a little more out there, pick one of the laminate versions available in bright colours love sunshine yellow or lime green.

We know what youre thinking – wont the wood warp? But no, Jasons extremely stable laminate construction means your cover will glance its best for years.

Enquire online: Oak radiator cover, from £ per m, Jason Muteham at Cool Radiators Covered

B&Q Mayfair – best adjustable radiator cover

Measuring up shouldnt be an issue if you follow our tips under.

But if youre in a tizzy and worried you might get it incorrect, this cabinet is worth buying. It adjusts in width to provide a custom-made fit and clips together in minutes, so you dont need to be dead on to get a grand fit.

If the design isnt per cent to your taste, B&Q does own other adjustable options, but we love this one for its clean, classic lines and unfussy fretwork.

Fits radiators up to: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm External dimensions: Hmm x Wmm x Dm

Buy now: Mayfair adjustable medium/large white-painted radiator cover, £, B&Q

Wayfair Homcom Horizontal Column – best budget radiator cover

This petite radiator cover is the perfect fit for smaller rooms and radiators.

The unused painted white wood and clean lined design make an amicable addititon to modern coastal schemes.

Fits radiators up to: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm External dimensions: Hmm x Wmm x Dm

Buy now: Homcom Horizontal Column Radiator Cover, £, Wayfair

Screwfix Contemporary Suffolk – best paintable radiator cover

Plain MDF radiator covers such as this design can be grand budget options. You will need to prime and paint this radiator cabinet, but this is still more likely to work out cheaper than buying an equivalent ready-finished version.

This one has a brilliant double-panelled grille.

Fits radiators up to: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm External dimensions: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm

Buy now: Contemporary Suffolk radiator cabinet, £, Screwfix

CASA Morocco – best statement radiator cover

This modern Moroccan-style radiator manages to be both contemporary and classic and will fill any living space with eastern promise.

The intricate pattern is laser cut out of premium zinc metal and finished with white satin specialised paint.

Fits radiators from: Wmm (sizes up to Wmm available)

Buy now: CASA Morocco Drop white radiator covers, from £, Couture Cases

Argos Home Winterfold – best radiator cover for quick delivery

Need to cover up, fast? This beauty can be ordered for same-day delivery (at a cost of £).

Apparently, the shelf on the top makes a excellent cat perch, as well as protection for the kids and a put to leave your keys.

Fits radiators up to: Hmm x Wmm x Dmm External dimensions: Hmm x Wmm x Dm

Buy now: Argos Home Winterfold Large Radiator Cover – White, £, Argos

New England Classic – best made-to-measure radiator cover

This made-to-measure cover can be personalised in various ways to make it unique to you. Aside from the fit, you can pick from diverse shelf profiles and grille options. There are nine in entire, including hearts, a four-leaf clover and this delicate Renaissance design.

Enquire online: New England Classic radiator cabinet, £POA, Kingston Cabinets

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An unaesthetic radiator is a problem of numerous, otherwise excellent looking, apartments.

Despite the existence of decorative radiators, most of available heating devices are not particularly beautiful objects. If it is also your problem, a radiator cover might be a excellent thought. It hides the ugly device, keeping its functionality. What type of radiator cover is the best?