Diy remodel kitchen ideas

‘If you can’t afford to fit out your whole kitchen with bespoke units, consider commissioning just a central feature, such as a statement kitchen island, and make up the relax of the kitchen using standard, basic-quality units to cut new kitchen costs,’ says experienced renovator Michael Holmes. ‘The same can apply to worktops – use granite or similar for the island and then cheaper timber or laminate elsewhere.’

How much is a new kitchen?

A kitchen renovation cost can be as low as £3, upwards; for that, you’ll need to store smartly at a DIY store or Ikea for excellent quality units.

This won’t, however, include the cost of kitchen worktops, which will be upwards of £, appliances and fitting.

Diy remodel kitchen ideas

Reuse materials to cut a new kitchen’s cost

‘Most kitchen renovations start with the ancient kitchen going in a skip, but if you desire to hold new kitchen costs to a minimum, ponder about what’s saveable,’ says experienced renovator Jason Orme.

‘In numerous cases the carcasses can be reused and, with a bit of work and new doors, will glance as excellent as new. Worktops – particularly if they are solid granite or quartz – can be recut, saving you hundreds of pounds. ’If you own too few units, you may be capable to purchase more, or opt to use them on just one wall. Alternatively, consider using ancient units if you are planning a utility room.

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Reduce structural alterations in a kitchen remodel

If you do not need to extend, then linking the ancient and new spaces so they flow seamlessly is not something to compromise on, but costs can often be reduced through worth engineering.

Diy remodel kitchen ideas

‘For instance, retaining part of the existing walls or introducing a steel or concrete column can shorten spans and reduce the size and cost of the steel beams required,’ says Michael. ‘And it’s better worth to add a square-shaped extension with a simple pitched roof, instead of adding complicated curves and angles.’

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Diy remodel kitchen ideas

Rethink existing kitchen space

Remodelling and reusing existing spacecan solve numerous of the frustrations you own with your inherited kitchen. ‘Modern requirements for utility rooms, drying rooms and even larders can often be satisfied by making use of what’s already there,’ says Jason.

‘The obvious merging of a dining and kitchen area by knocking through could easily add two metres of space for a walk-in larder or utility room, for instance.

Diy remodel kitchen ideas

This takes the pressure off the new kitchen when it comes to kitchen storage and usability, reducing new kitchen costs and minimising disruption.’

Reduce wastage to reduce kitchen remodel costs

Just because your ancient kitchen is no longer to your taste, doesn’t mean it is scrap. If you’re not reusing existing materials such as floorboards, doors, radiators and units, they can be sold.

Diy remodel kitchen ideas

Attempt Ebay, Gumtree or contact your local reclamation yard.

Reducing wastage will also reduce costs for skip hire and disposal. Bear in mind, too, that you can dispose of waste at your local council tip for free, whereas tradespeople will own to pay.