Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

When youre going through the wedding rehearsal, own someone stroll with him below the aisle and guide him through what is expected, love smiling and walking at a excellent pace. Own him practice a few times, both with someone and by himself until you both feel comfortable that he is capable of his duties. Although this does not guarantee hell be capable to act out exactly the same on the day of, youll know that he is capable to do so at a level you approve of.

Remind him that he has an significant job

Young children love to know that they are performing an significant and grown up task.

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

Explain to your ring bearer that his role is extremely significant and that you are trusting him and only him with the occupation. By telling him that he is the only one you deemed special and trustworthy enough to handle something of this importance he will feel more grown up and responsible.

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

This will make him take the role more seriously and desire to do it right.

Bring in an older child

You may own chosen the kid that will glance cutest prancing below the aisle with the rings and pillow in hand, but perhaps you dont fully believe him to not tug any shenanigans on the actual day. If youre not totally comfortable trusting him with the full responsibility, why not bring in an older kid to accompany him below the aisle?

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

This way youll still own the effect of the young, cute ring bearer with the added assurance of an older, more responsible kid to mediate the situation. If that doesnt work, own an adult escort the ring bearer below the aisle.


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How To Hold Your Ring Bearer Calm And In Control


Having a ring bearer in your wedding ceremony is a tradition that is both functional and adorable.

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

Heres how to make certain they remain calm and in control.


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Fake it

If youre unsure that your ring bearer will be capable to make it below the aisle without dropping the pillow and potentially losing the rings, you can fake it by attaching symbolic rings to the pillow and having the best man hold the genuine rings instead. This will alleviate some of the pressure on this young kid and lower your wedding day stress level as you watch him come below the aisle.

Diy ring bearer pillow ideas

This is becoming a common trend at formal weddings that include ring bearers in the ceremony due to the quantity of responsibility that comes with holding the wedding rings.