Diy room dividers ideas

This grand little chalkboard room divider is made from a repurposed trifold photo room divider. Instead of pictures, you add chalkboard paint.

Diy room dividers ideas

This is a grand thought for kids’ rooms as it gives them the privacy that they desire plus it adds the excitement of a chalkboard correct in their room. Paint both sides of each section with chalkboard paint and both room sharers will own their own chalkboards.

Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

Diy room dividers ideas

DIY Rolling Room Divider Shelf

This DIY cubby shelf is perfect for creating divided spaces without taking up too much room. It also gives you loads of storage space.

Diy room dividers ideas

This is grand for dividing up a single bedroom to give kids their own space or you could use it to petition off the living area from the dining area or any number of other spaces. It’s simple to build and it rolls, so you can move it from room to room with ease.

Tutorial: ana-white

DIY Upholstered Bulletin Board Divider

This DIY upholstered bulletin board is the perfect room divider for offices and other living spaces. It serves two purposes – it helps you to define your separate spaces and it gives you a grand bulletin board which is perfect for your home office.

Diy room dividers ideas

It’s also a grand DIY project to use up some of those scrap pieces of fabric and it doesn’t require any expensive materials or tools to build.

Tutorial: designsponge

IKEA Hack Bamboo Room Divider

This gorgeous bamboo room divider is made with an IKEA LACK TV bench.

Diy room dividers ideas

You add LED lighting, bamboo canes and white stones to give it an elegant glance. It’s perfect for behind the sofa and lets you separate your living area from the dining or kitchen areas. This one is super simple to put together and let’s face it, we every love excellent IKEA hacks for the home, lawn or garden.

Tutorial: ikeahackers

Diy room dividers ideas

DIY Hanging Canvas Room Divider

You can make this DIY canvas room divider for less than $ – even cheaper than that if you own a few of the needed materials on hand. It’s simple to build and it hangs from the ceiling and slides out of the way when you don’t need it. It’s grand for dividing off your living spaces or you could use it to better define bedroom spaces or anywhere that you need some separation.

Tutorial: freshcrush

DIY Rustic Barn Door Divider

If you are looking to add some farmhouse flair to your home, this DIY barn door room divider is perfect.

It’s beautiful simple to build and absolutely gorgeous when it is finished.

Diy room dividers ideas

You could use this one to divide your living and eating areas or to section off a portion of a room to give you privacy for an office or reading room. However you use it, this is definitely a rustic project that you are going to love.

Tutorial: babyrabies

DIY Columned Book Shelf Room Divider

This half height room divider is perfect for petitioning off your entryway from the living room. You can make this in a weekend and if you own any wood left over from previous projects, it’s a beautiful cheap build.

Diy room dividers ideas

It’s perfect for keeping books, knickknacks or even boots or shoes near the entry door and it is really simple to build.

Tutorial: thisoldhouse