Diy room ideas for guys

Moving further down the list of 30 masculine bedroom ideas, we discover this urban bachelor heaven evoking an eclectic field of interests. The masculine vibe is reinforced with a leather and metal armchair and an inspiring stir of geometric patterns. Hexagonal mirrors and the bike artwork from Urban Barn suggest an adventurous spirit living here. The space above is a basement bedroom imagined by Madison Taylor Design; the grey floor (Like Minded by Flor) creates a bold statement.

Neutral Elegance Borders Masculinity

Spicing things up with a contrasting atmosphere, the bedroom above instills a peaceful, neutral atmosphere perfect for a relaxed lifestyle.

Diy room ideas for guys

Stylish in every (minimalist) detail, this bedrooms borders masculinity thanks to a clever mix of materials and lighting. Imagined for a flourishing young family, this modern Kiev apartment designed by Ivan Yurima Architects is a grand example of finding common design ground within a family.

For Love of Mystery

Mirroring a museum-like design seen throughout this stylish dark-toned home in Istanbul designed by Tanju Özelgin, this luxurious, modern master bedroom reveals a neutral palette.

The details in this large masculine bedroom make it uniquely attractive; rock wall panels and dim lighting create a mysterious impression that enhances this bedrooms appeal.

Simplicity in Textures

How much time does a man spend in his bedroom?

Diy room ideas for guys

Enough to enjoy his favorite things. The bedroom above seems to ooze a trendy masculine style.

Diy room ideas for guys

Neutral colors bathed in natural light from large windows overlooking Ukraine’s fourth-largest city create a sense of calm. This remarkable apartment embellished with luminous vertical gardens might hold the key to inspiring your manly bedroom with a stir of wooden floors, concrete walls and abundant natural light.

Unapologetically Simple Functionality

Weve seen contemporary design including the owners hobbies. Black and white bedrooms: thats an thought that cant go incorrect, right?

Diy room ideas for guys

At least not in the hands of Polish studio Kasia Orwat, who took this apartment in Poland and turned it into a raw and masculine crib with an unapologetically simple bedroom design.

Function Reigns Supreme

When it comes to masculine bedrooms, the first thing that comes to mind is simplicity. This bachelor vs. bachelorette apartment infographic introduces us to bachelor must-haves; one of them is a simple bed in neutral colors, but subtly spiced up with a bold accent.

Diy room ideas for guys

The bedroom above presents a sleek, simple and sophisticated interior design where function reigns supreme.

Lighting Restyles Dark Bedrooms

A cozy apartment exhibiting diverse textures in Kiev has a bedroom that catches your attention immediately. Designed by Igor Sirotov, this light-flooded space showcases a use of dark textures, creating a sophisticated feel.

Diy room ideas for guys

Illuminated by tall windows with a endless, alluring window seat on one side and artificial lighting defining architectural lines on the other, this robust bedroom design supports the use of dark hues. Everything falls into put when you know how to achieve grand lighting in dark-colored interiors.


Diy room ideas for guys